CASA Smart Cities

[Updated x2] Just a note to say that I will be presenting some of my work, at the CASA Smart Cities free one-day conference. Over 200 tickets have already gone, but there are, at the time of writing, a few left.

There will be an exhibition at the conference, some people in the department have been building some very cool things which will be unveiled there. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to talk about the very coolest one of all, but I have been allowed to post the above graphic which has got something to do with it…

(If you want to have a guess at what it is, leave a comment!)

[Update 3/4 – Tickets are sold out, however I think an extra batch will be available soon.]
[Update 13/4 – A few more tickets now available.]

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2 thoughts on “CASA Smart Cities

  1. Yellow: wave arms to warm up
    Green: flap arms faster
    Red: flight achieved, aim forwards


    Blue: read about doing this on your phone

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