Map of Forthcoming Orienteering Races
     this week,      next week,      week after, etc
by Ollie O'Brien. * Location calculated from postcode, low accuracy in rural areas.
Map data by OpenStreetMap contributors
Last updated: 25 Jul 2016 01:06
DateDistanceLevelClubEventAreaLocation Maps
TODAY290 kmLevel BCroeso 2016 Day 2 (UKOL)Kenfig BurrowsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Tomorrow288 kmLevel BCroeso 2016 Day 3Margam Forest North Google / Ordnance Survey
Tomorrow46 kmLevel DHHHH Street-OThe Green on Harmer Green LaneGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Wed 27 Jul 2016Level DSWOCSummer Park Series 6Llandaff Fields
Wed 27 Jul 2016526 kmLevel DINTSprINTelope 6Regent RoadGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Wed 27 Jul 201635 kmLevel DSOSSOS Summer Series 5HighwoodsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Wed 27 Jul 2016390 kmLevel DNATOSummer LOP 1Tyne Riverside ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Thu 28 Jul 2016257 kmLevel BCroeso 2016 Day 4LlangynidrGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Thu 28 Jul 2016175 kmLevel DLOGLincs Urban LeagueWashingboroughGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Thu 28 Jul 2016162 kmLevel DLEILEI Summer League 14Loughborough UniversityGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Thu 28 Jul 2016403 kmLevel DWCOCSummer Series - Whinlatter FellWhinlatter FellGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Fri 29 Jul 2016287 kmLevel BCroeso 2016 Day 5 (the final day)Craig Fawr, Margam Park Google / Ordnance Survey
Sat 30 Jul 2016InternationalWorld University Orienteering Championships 30 Jul to 5 AugMiskolc
Sat 30 Jul 2016Level DWAOCSummer seriesCambourne
Sat 30 Jul 2016Level DINTPurple Thistle Day 1Balmacara
Sat 30 Jul 2016171 kmLevel DLOGWolds Mini MarathonTetfordGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sat 30 Jul 2016Level DINTPurple Thistle eveningThe Plock
Sun 31 Jul 201644 kmLevel DLOKLOK GLOSS EventAlexander PalaceGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 31 Jul 2016Level DINTPurple Thistle Day 2Balmacara
Tue 2 Aug 2016229 kmLevel DWREWrekin Summer Series 13Ludlow Town CentreGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Tue 2 Aug 201646 kmLevel DHHHH Street-OThe Green on Harmer Green LaneGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Wed 3 Aug 2016155 kmLevel DODOD Local Summer Evening EventRough Close Scout Camp, Tile Hill CoventryGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Wed 3 Aug 2016147 kmLevel DLEILEI Summer League 15Fosse MeadowsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Wed 3 Aug 2016649 kmLevel DGRAMPSummer Series - Back O BennachieBack O BennachieGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Wed 3 Aug 2016Level DLVOWEE 10Antrim Castle
Wed 3 Aug 2016385 kmLevel DNATOSummer LOP 3Richardson Dees ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Fri 5 Aug 2016InternationalWorld Masters Orienteering Championships 5-14 Aug
Sat 6 Aug 201690 kmLevel DBKOBKO Summer Saturday Series 2016 Lily Hill ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 7 Aug 2016Level DKERNOSummer Series 4Davidstow Moor
Sun 7 Aug 2016152 kmLevel DLEILEI Summer League 16 Score CupGlenfield VillageGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Mon 8 Aug 2016382 kmLevel DNATOGibside Week of Sport incorporating Summer LOP 4Gibside NT Google / Ordnance Survey
Tue 9 Aug 2016242 kmLevel DWREWrekin Summer Series 14Cardingmill Valley Google / Ordnance Survey
Tue 9 Aug 2016Level DMVMV Summer Evening SeriesNonsuch Park
Tue 9 Aug 201653 kmLevel DHHHH Street-OCar park in East LaneGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Tue 9 Aug 2016382 kmLevel DNATOGibside Week of Sport incorporating Summer LOP 4Gibside NT Google / Ordnance Survey
Wed 10 Aug 2016171 kmLevel DODOD Local Summer Evening EventHillfield ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Wed 10 Aug 2016622 kmLevel DGRAMPSummer Series - FoggietonFoggietonGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Wed 10 Aug 2016Level DLVOWEE 11Sir Thomas & Lady Dixon Park
Wed 10 Aug 2016Level DSBOCSBOC Local Event (Summer League 8)Kilvey Hill (South)
Wed 10 Aug 2016382 kmLevel DNATOGibside Week of Sport incorporating Summer LOP 4Gibside NT Google / Ordnance Survey
Wed 10 Aug 2016385 kmLevel DNATOSummer LOP 5Northumberland ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Wed 10 Aug 2016522 kmLevel DINTSprINTelope 7BuckstoneGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Thu 11 Aug 2016532 kmLevel DSTAGSTAG's Pure Dead Brilliant Series No.1Greenhead MossGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Thu 11 Aug 2016391 kmLevel DWCOCSummer Series - Armboth FellArmboth FellGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Thu 11 Aug 2016382 kmLevel DNATOGibside Week of Sport incorporating Summer LOP 4Gibside NT Google / Ordnance Survey
Fri 12 Aug 2016382 kmLevel DNATOGibside Week of Sport incorporating Summer LOP 4Gibside NT Google / Ordnance Survey
Sun 14 Aug 2016179 kmLevel CLOGEMUL LeagueLincoln CityGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 14 Aug 2016188 kmLevel CNGOCNGOC League 6Gloucester City CentreGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 14 Aug 2016Level DPOTOCScore, BBQ and PresentationBrough Park Leek
Sun 14 Aug 201686 kmLevel DSMOCSMOC Keyne-O Caldecotte LakeGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 14 Aug 2016Level DKERNOSummer Series 5Truro
Tue 16 Aug 2016242 kmLevel DWREWrekin Summer Series 15Plush Hill Google / Ordnance Survey
Tue 16 Aug 2016148 kmLevel DLEILEI Summer League 17Melton Mowbray Country ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Tue 16 Aug 201653 kmLevel DHHHH Street-OHeartwood Forest car parkGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Wed 17 Aug 2016140 kmLevel DODOD Local Summer Evening EventCawston GrangeGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Wed 17 Aug 2016246 kmLevel DSWOCPwll Ddu Evening Event Pwll DduGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Wed 17 Aug 2016615 kmLevel DGRAMPSummer Series - MullochMullochGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Wed 17 Aug 2016Level DLVOWEE 12Botanic Gardens & Queen's University Campus
Wed 17 Aug 2016Level DSBOCSBOC Local Event (Summer League 9Oxwich Burrows
Wed 17 Aug 2016390 kmLevel DNATOSummer LOP 6Killingworth LakeGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Thu 18 Aug 201646 kmLevel DSAXSummer SeriesTrosley CPGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Thu 18 Aug 2016Level DSTAGSTAG's Pure Dead Brilliant Series No.2 - DUO Springburn Park
Thu 18 Aug 2016407 kmLevel DWCOCSummer Series - CockupCockupGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 20 Aug 2016InternationalWorld Orienteering Championships 20-28 Aug / World Cup Rd 3
Sat 20 Aug 2016181 kmLevel DDVOForemark Reservoir Infromal Event - S DerbyshireForemark ReservoirGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sat 20 Aug 2016189 kmLevel DWIMMoors Valley Country Park Try OrienteeringMoors Valley Country ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sat 20 Aug 2016386 kmLevel DNATOPark SprintLeazes ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 20 Aug 201685 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series Wycombe AbbeyWycombe Abbey SchoolGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 20 Aug 2016158 kmLevel DSOCSOC Summer Series 9Southampton Sports CentreGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 21 Aug 201648 kmLevel CLOKLOK - SE Sprint ChampsBloomsburyGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 21 Aug 2016Level CNATOUKUL, North East Urban League (NEUL) and Orienteering League (NEOL) eventNewcastle
Sun 21 Aug 2016173 kmLevel DODOD Local Sunday EventPooley Country ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 21 Aug 2016Level DKERNOSummer Series 6National Trust Trelissick
Sun 21 Aug 2016Level CGRAMPGlen Dye Level CGlen Dye
Sun 21 Aug 2016515 kmLevel CAYROCAYROC SOSOLMuirkirkGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Tue 23 Aug 2016244 kmLevel DWREWrekin Summer Series 16Pole Cottage Google / Ordnance Survey
Tue 23 Aug 201640 kmLevel DHHHH Street-OPanshanger Park, Thieves Lane entranceGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Tue 23 Aug 2016223 kmLevel DSYOEvening Score EventBlacka MoorGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Wed 24 Aug 2016Level DDVODVO Try Orienteering Event - LongshawLongshaw Estate
Wed 24 Aug 2016175 kmLevel DLEILEI Summer League 18Donisthorpe country parkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Wed 24 Aug 2016617 kmLevel DGRAMPSummer Series - Templars ParkTemplars ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Wed 24 Aug 2016Level DLVOWEE 13Craigavon Lakes
Wed 24 Aug 2016Level DSBOCSBOC Local Event (Summer League 10)Ogof Fynnon Ddu
Wed 24 Aug 2016523 kmLevel DINTSprINTelope 8The SteilsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Wed 24 Aug 2016388 kmLevel DNATOSummer LOP 7Nuns MoorGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Thu 25 Aug 2016546 kmLevel DSTAGSTAG's Pure Dead Brilliant Series No.3Drumpellier Country ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Thu 25 Aug 2016403 kmLevel DWCOCSummer Series - WhinlatterWhinlatter Visitors CentreGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 27 Aug 2016Level BEBORWhite Rose WeekendDalby Forest
Sat 27 Aug 2016198 kmLevel DWSXSummer Series Slades FarmGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 27 Aug 2016201 kmLevel DNGOCChairman's Challenge and Social EventElton Maize MazeGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 27 Aug 2016510 kmLevel DELOELO Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansSaltoun ForestGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 28 Aug 2016Level BEBORWhite Rose Weekend & YHOA SuperleagueDalby Forest
Sun 28 Aug 2016Level CMVMV Urban EventLeatherhead
Sun 28 Aug 2016706 kmLevel DINVOCINVOC Nairn East Beach (D)Nairn East BeachGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sun 28 Aug 2016Level DTINTO2017 World Schools' Select Selection Races
Mon 29 Aug 2016Level CEBORWhite Rose Weekend RelaysDalby Forest
Mon 29 Aug 2016131 kmLevel CTVOCTVOC Urban EventGroveGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Tue 30 Aug 201640 kmLevel DHHHH Street-OPanshanger Park, Thieves Lane entranceGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Wed 31 Aug 2016138 kmLevel DODOD Local Summer Evening EventBurton Dassett Country ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Wed 31 Aug 2016212 kmLevel DDVODVO Try Orienteering Event - IlamIlamGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Wed 31 Aug 2016Level DGRAMPUrban Sprint - WesthillWesthill
Wed 31 Aug 2016Level DLVOWEE 14Crawfordsburn Park
Wed 31 Aug 2016390 kmLevel DNATOSummer LOP 8Whitley Bay LinksGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Thu 1 Sep 2016Level DSTAGSTAG's Pure Dead Brilliant Series No.4Kelvingrove Park - TRIO
Sat 3 Sep 2016Level BLVOVeteran Home InternationalsCassy Water
Sat 3 Sep 2016314 kmLevel BDEEThe Liverpool Big WeekendAinsdaleGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 3 Sep 2016200 kmLevel CBOKBOK Blast Sprint Orienteering including SWOA ChampionshipsYateGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 3 Sep 2016Level CLVONI Long Distance ChampionshipsCassy Water
Sat 3 Sep 201654 kmLevel DHHHH Saturday LeagueHeartwoodGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 3 Sep 2016191 kmLevel DHOCHOC Summer Saturday Series Clent HillsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 4 Sep 2016Level BLVOVeteran Home InternationalsHillsborough Forest
Sun 4 Sep 2016299 kmLevel BSELOCThe Liverpool Big WeekendLiverpool City CentreGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 4 Sep 2016224 kmLevel CBOKBOK Blast - UK Urban Orienteering League WellsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 4 Sep 2016Level CCLOKCLOK Regional eventSouth Gare
Sun 4 Sep 2016524 kmLevel DESOCESOC UltrasprintFiggate ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 4 Sep 201682 kmLevel DSAXSummer SeriesBetteshangerGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 4 Sep 2016Level CMAROCCarlogie UNKNPC
Sun 4 Sep 2016Level DLVOAutumn Trophy 1Hillsborough Forest
Sun 4 Sep 2016Level DSOSO Fun day 2Priory Park
Tue 6 Sep 201652 kmLevel DHHHH Street-OSouth car park in Oakland CollegeGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Wed 7 Sep 2016Level DGRAMPUrban Sprint - BalgownieBalgownie
Thu 8 Sep 2016Level DSTAGSTAG's Pure Dead Brilliant Series No.5Pollok Country Park
Fri 9 Sep 2016Level CDFOKDFOK District EventCrystal Palace
Fri 9 Sep 2016Level DDFOKDFOK Evening Park RaceCrystal Palace
Sat 10 Sep 2016Level BSLOWLondon City RaceCity of London
Sat 10 Sep 2016397 kmLevel DBLEycott HillEycott Hill, Nr BerrierGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 10 Sep 2016Level DSROCSROC autumn series 1
Sat 10 Sep 2016661 kmLevel CBASOCWOLF - Glen Gynack, Middle DistanceGlen GynackGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sat 10 Sep 2016661 kmLevel CBASOCWOLF - Kingussie, Sprint, SOUL 8KingussieGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sat 10 Sep 201634 kmLevel DSOSJunior Mini Series 5Castle ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 10 Sep 2016Level DQOQO Club ChampionshipsCombe Hill and Copley Wood
Sat 10 Sep 2016225 kmLevel DSYOLocal and schools eventEndcliffe parkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 11 Sep 2016155 kmLevel BLEIPeter Palmer Junior Team RelayRatby WoodlandsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 11 Sep 2016Level BBASOCWOLF - Uath Lochans, SOL5Uath Lochans
Sun 11 Sep 2016236 kmLevel CSYORegional EventWombwellGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 11 Sep 2016243 kmLevel DWREJohn Bennison Long OLong Mynd Google / Ordnance Survey
Sun 11 Sep 2016Level CNNNorth East Orienteering League (NEOL) eventThe Cragg Estate
Sun 11 Sep 2016Level DSLOWLondon City weekend race 3Soho
Sun 11 Sep 201689 kmLevel DSMOCSMOC Keyne-O WillenGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 11 Sep 201682 kmLevel DSAXSummer SeriesBetteshangerGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Mon 12 Sep 2016189 kmLevel DWIMFurrow Hoppers Relay EventPotterne Park, VerwoodGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Tue 13 Sep 201653 kmLevel DHHHH Street-OThe Quadrant car park, MarshallswickGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Wed 14 Sep 2016621 kmLevel DGRAMPUrban Sprint - Duthie ParkDuthie ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Wed 14 Sep 2016276 kmLevel DMWOCNPTC, Newtown Campus (3)Gregynog Hall EstateGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Thu 15 Sep 2016Level DSTAGSTAG's Pure Dead Brilliant Series No.6Summerston Estate
Sat 17 Sep 2016280 kmLevel BPFOPFO HotPot Weekend - Todmorden Urban (UKOL)TodmordenGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 17 Sep 2016173 kmLevel DSOCSOC Level D - Salisbury TrenchSalisbury TrenchGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 17 Sep 2016523 kmLevel DESOCESOC Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansCovenanters WoodGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 17 Sep 201675 kmLevel DWAOCWAOC Ampthill Park Colour CodedAmpthill ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 17 Sep 2016704 kmLevel DMORMOR Saturday & Schools LeagueRoseisleGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sat 17 Sep 2016198 kmLevel DWSXSummer Series Bournemouth UniversityGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 17 Sep 2016Level DSOSO SOG A1Southwick Hill
Sat 17 Sep 2016217 kmLevel DBOKBOK & ASO Score OrienteeringAshton CourtGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 17 Sep 2016264 kmLevel DSWOCMerthyr Common SouthMerthyr Common SouthGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 17 Sep 2016280 kmLevel DAIREAire Wharfedale Autumn Olite The ChevinGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 17 Sep 2016115 kmLevel DBKOBKO Winter Saturday Series (Benyons Enclosure)Benyons EnclosureGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 17 Sep 201614 kmLevel DSOSJunior Mini Series 6Maldon Promenade ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 17 Sep 2016Level DSAXSAX KOLKings Wood Challock
Sun 18 Sep 2016288 kmLevel BPFOPFO HotPot Weekend - Long Distance (UKOL)HurstwoodGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 18 Sep 2016Level DDEVONDevon Club ChampionshipsFire Beacon
Sun 18 Sep 2016Level DNATONATO Local eventDoctor Pit
Sun 18 Sep 201690 kmLevel CGOGO Guildford City RaceBurphamGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 18 Sep 2016Level DPOTOCPOTOC Leisure and Training EventStone Common Plot
Sun 18 Sep 2016111 kmLevel DNORNOR Colour CodedUEA & Earlham ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 18 Sep 2016176 kmLevel CWIMWIM GaloppenGodshill Wood, New ForestGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 18 Sep 2016171 kmLevel CODTony Haw Score ChampionshipsElmdon ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 18 Sep 2016Level DMWOCMWOC League Event - 6Gilwern Hill
Sun 18 Sep 2016671 kmLevel CINVOCINVOC ANAGACH (level C)AnagachGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Tue 20 Sep 201646 kmLevel DHHHH Street-OS car park at the junction of Peartree Ln and Mill Green RdGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Wed 21 Sep 2016529 kmLevel DGRAMPUrban Sprint - Westburn ParkWestburn ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 24 Sep 2016633 kmLevel BMAROCJunior Inter Regional Championships Individual Cambus O MayGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sat 24 Sep 2016184 kmLevel DNGOCNGOC League 7Minchinhampton CommonGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 24 Sep 2016Level DSOLWAYSolway Orienteers - Autumn Seriestbc
Sat 24 Sep 2016Level DWIMWimborne Try OrienteeringWimborne
Sat 24 Sep 2016Level DSOSO SOG A2Lancing Ring
Sat 24 Sep 2016286 kmLevel DPFO(1/3) Autumn Series Marl PitsMarl PitsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 24 Sep 2016516 kmLevel DELOELO Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansBinning WoodGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 24 Sep 2016187 kmLevel DHOCHOC Summer Saturday Series Red House ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 24 Sep 201689 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series BradenhamBradenhamGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 24 Sep 2016Level DRRRR Local Event 1
Sat 24 Sep 2016148 kmLevel DODOD Local Saturday Morning Event Ryton Pools Country ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 24 Sep 2016Level DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League 1 and Come and try it Birkenhead ParkBirkenhead Park
Sat 24 Sep 2016288 kmLevel DAIREAire Wharfedale Autumn Olite Middleton WoodsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 25 Sep 2016Level BGRAMPJunior Inter Regional Championships RelaysForvie
Sun 25 Sep 2016284 kmLevel CCLAROYHOA SuperleagueHarlow Carr & HillGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sun 25 Sep 2016244 kmLevel BDVODVO Level B - Chinley ChurnChinley ChurnGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 25 Sep 201655 kmLevel CSUFFOCSUFFOC Colour CodedIckworth NorthGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 25 Sep 2016165 kmLevel CNWONWO Urban EventRoyal Wootton Bassett Google / Ordnance Survey
Sun 25 Sep 2016Level DKERNOForest league 1Poly Joke
Sun 25 Sep 2016Level CSLOWOK Nuts Trophy (middle distance)Glovers Wood
Sun 25 Sep 2016Level DQOQO QOFL1Triscombe (Will's Neck area)
Sun 25 Sep 2016575 kmLevel DTAYTAY Local event - St Magdalene's Hill, PerthSt Magdalene's HillGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Tue 27 Sep 201645 kmLevel DHHHH Street-OMoors Walk Shops car parkGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Wed 28 Sep 2016625 kmLevel DGRAMPUrban Sprint - Aberdeen UniAbereeen UniGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Thu 29 Sep 2016Level DCHIGCentral line StreetO seies.
Fri 30 Sep 2016InternationalJunior European Championships - Sprint
Sat 1 Oct 2016207 kmLevel BWSXCaddihoe Chase Day 1 (UKOL)Agglestone HeathGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 1 Oct 2016InternationalJunior European Championships - Relays
Sat 1 Oct 2016Level CLEIEM Urban League Dishley Grange
Sat 1 Oct 2016Level CNWOCNI Colour Series 4TBC
Sat 1 Oct 2016699 kmLevel DMORMOR Saturday & Schools LeaguePhorp/NewtyleGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sat 1 Oct 201656 kmLevel DHHHH Saturday League & Youth LeagueVerulamiumGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 1 Oct 2016Level DSROCSROC autumn series 2
Sat 1 Oct 2016300 kmLevel DPFO(2/3) Autumn Series - Dean CloughDean Clough - south sideGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 1 Oct 2016Level DEBOREBOR Autumn Series
Sun 2 Oct 2016586 kmLevel BCLYDEClyde Scottish Orienteering League 6 including JEC Spectator Race 3Fairy Knowe and Doon HillGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 2 Oct 2016210 kmLevel BWSXCaddihoe Chase Day 2 (UKOL)Agglestone HeathGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 2 Oct 2016InternationalJunior European Championships - Individual
Sun 2 Oct 2016Level CHALORegional Event
Sun 2 Oct 2016Level CCLOKNorth East Urban League (NEUL) eventGuisbrough
Sun 2 Oct 2016Level CWCHWMOA West Midland RelaysShoal Hill
Sun 2 Oct 201692 kmLevel DSMOCSMOC Keyne-O Linford WoodGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 2 Oct 2016Level CHAVOCHAVOC Epping Forest SW and EAL
Sun 2 Oct 2016Level CLOCLOC Cumbrian GaloppenBirkett Common
Tue 4 Oct 2016Level DSOSO SONIC 1tbc
Thu 6 Oct 2016Level DDFOKDFOK Kent Night Cup 3tbc
Sat 8 Oct 2016Level BNATOOctober Odyssey Day 1 incl. JHI, North East ChampsSimonside
Sat 8 Oct 2016159 kmLevel BLEIBritish Schools Score ChampionshipsBagworth Common and WoodsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 8 Oct 2016International25manna 8/9 Oct
Sat 8 Oct 2016173 kmLevel DSOCSOC Level D - OcknellOcknellGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 8 Oct 2016Level CWAOCWAOC Ely City Urban RaceEly
Sat 8 Oct 2016248 kmLevel DWREBury DitchesBury Ditches Hill Fort Google / Ordnance Survey
Sat 8 Oct 2016328 kmLevel DDEVONDevon&Quantock Long-O Day 1Belstone Google / Ordnance Survey
Sat 8 Oct 2016222 kmLevel DBOKBOK Saturday LeagueTyntesfieldGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 8 Oct 2016254 kmLevel DSWOCLlangattockLlangattockGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 8 Oct 2016Level DEBOREBOR Autumn Series
Sat 8 Oct 2016288 kmLevel DAIREAire Wharfedale Autumn Olite Hebers GhyllGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 9 Oct 2016Level BNATOOctober Odyssey Day 2 (Middle) incl. JHI Relay, and North East Orienteering LeagueSlaley Hall estate
Sun 9 Oct 2016Level CSOSSOS Colour Coded & ESSOLWivenhoe Park & Woods
Sun 9 Oct 2016Level CODOD WMOA Urban League 4Warwick
Sun 9 Oct 2016Level CSARUMSARUM Galoppen & SCOA LeagueCollingbourne Woods/Everleigh?
Sun 9 Oct 2016328 kmLevel DDEVONDevon&Quantock Long-O Day 2BelstoneGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 9 Oct 2016Level CSOSE score event, Devils Dyke (north of Brighton & Hove)Devils Dyke
Sun 9 Oct 2016301 kmLevel CPFO(3/3) Nick O'Pendle Level CNick O'PendleGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Mon 10 Oct 2016195 kmLevel DWSXWessex Club Night & Night LeagueKings Park Google / Ordnance Survey
Fri 14 Oct 2016InternationalWorld Cup Round 4 14-16 Oct
Sat 15 Oct 2016209 kmLevel DNGOCNGOC League 8Parkend WalkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 15 Oct 2016524 kmLevel DESOCESOC Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansHolyrood ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 15 Oct 2016383 kmLevel DBLAskham FellAskham Fell, Helton, Nr PenrithGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 15 Oct 2016Level CFERMONI Colour Series 5TBC
Sat 15 Oct 2016Level CEPOCEPOC Regional Event
Sat 15 Oct 2016Level DEBOREBOR Autumn Series
Sat 15 Oct 201692 kmLevel DBKOBKO Winter Saturday Series (Upper Star Posts)Upper Star PostsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 15 Oct 2016Level DDFOKDFOK Kent Orienteering League 2Hucking
Sun 16 Oct 2016Level ASYOCompassSport Cup FinalTankersley
Sun 16 Oct 201690 kmLevel DGOGO Come and Try ItFarley HeathGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 16 Oct 2016Level DMWOCMWOC League Event - 7Bwlch y Garreg
Sun 16 Oct 2016Level DQOQO QOFL2Blackborough South
Sat 22 Oct 2016Level BERYRISenior Home Internationals & Welsh League Event 2016Newborough Warren & Forest
Sat 22 Oct 2016179 kmLevel CDVOGrange Top Wood EM LeagueGrange Top WoodGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 22 Oct 2016Level CEBORYHOA Urban LeaguePeaseholme Park
Sat 22 Oct 2016196 kmLevel CHOCHOC WMOA Urban League 5 (Malvern Area)MalvernGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 22 Oct 2016Level DPOTOCPOTOC Leisure and Training EventBiddulph Grange C.P.
Sat 22 Oct 2016150 kmLevel DNWONWO Four ColourHens Wood Google / Ordnance Survey
Sat 22 Oct 2016Level DSOSO SOG A3Gt Walstead/Henfield Wood
Sat 22 Oct 201682 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series Kings WoodKings WoodGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 22 Oct 2016Level DRRRR Local Event 2
Sat 22 Oct 2016278 kmLevel DAIREAire Wharfedale Autumn Olite Esholt WoodsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 23 Oct 2016Level BERYRISenior Home Internationals & Welsh League Event 2016Newborough Forest
Sun 23 Oct 2016Level CEBORRegional EventRaincliffe Woods
Sun 23 Oct 2016Level CLOGEMUL LeagueBourne Town
Sun 23 Oct 2016196 kmLevel CHOCHOC Event - WMOA League 9Castlemorton CommonGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 23 Oct 2016390 kmLevel CWCOCCumbrian Galoppen - High BrowHigh BrowGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 23 Oct 2016102 kmLevel CNORNOR Colour CodedShouldham Warren & The SincksGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 23 Oct 2016Level CDEVONDevon League Event No.1Holne Moor
Sun 23 Oct 2016Level CSAXSAX District Eventtbc
Sun 23 Oct 2016620 kmLevel CGRAMPScolty Level CScoltyGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Thu 27 Oct 2016Level DCHIGCentral line StreetO seies.
Sat 29 Oct 2016279 kmLevel DSELOCSaturday Series 05-16 - Moses Gate Moses GateGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 29 Oct 2016706 kmLevel CMORMOR - Culbin Middle Distance Level CCulbin ForestGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sat 29 Oct 2016Level DSOLWAYSolway Orienteers - Autumn Seriestbc
Sat 29 Oct 2016Level DSOSO SOG A4Stanmer Park
Sat 29 Oct 2016205 kmLevel DBOKBOK Saturday LeagueWarmleyGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 29 Oct 2016205 kmLevel DBOKBOK Western Night LeagueWarmleyGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 29 Oct 2016168 kmLevel DLEILEI Club ChampionshipsBagworth Woods and CommonGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 29 Oct 2016127 kmLevel CBKOBKO/BADO joint Night event (Greenham Common)Greenham CommonGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 29 Oct 2016172 kmLevel DNGOCNGOC League 9Cleeve HillGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 29 Oct 2016516 kmLevel DELOELO Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansButterdean WoodGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 29 Oct 2016Level CEBORYork Indoor Orienteering CupMillthorpe School
Sat 29 Oct 2016157 kmLevel DODOD Local Saturday Morning EventWarwick University CampusGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 29 Oct 2016349 kmLevel DSROCSROC spook OEaves WoodGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 29 Oct 2016151 kmLevel DLOGRace the Parks Belton WoodsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 30 Oct 2016706 kmLevel BMORScottish Orienteering League 7CulbinGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sun 30 Oct 2016Level CAIREYHOA Urban LeagueSaltaire and Shipley
Sun 30 Oct 2016Level DNNNorth East Score ChampsBishop Auckland Park (tbc)
Sun 30 Oct 2016Level CWCHMiddle Race WMOA League 10Gentles haw
Sun 30 Oct 2016107 kmLevel CSMOCSMOC Colour Coded, Stowe ParkStowe ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 30 Oct 2016Level CKERNOKerno Galoppen & Forest League 2Craddock Moor
Sun 30 Oct 2016Level CHHHH Urban Event
Sun 30 Oct 2016127 kmLevel CBADOBADO Colour coded & SCOA League eventGreenham CommonGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Wed 2 Nov 2016Level DSBOCSBOC Local Night Event (Night League 1)Clyne Gadens
Thu 3 Nov 2016Level DSOSO SONIC 2/KNCKidbrooke Park
Sat 5 Nov 2016173 kmLevel BSARUMSalisbury City Urban Salisbury City Google / Ordnance Survey *
Sat 5 Nov 2016Level CLVONI Colour Series 6TBC
Sat 5 Nov 2016Level DSOSO SOG A5 (level C)Slindon Woods
Sat 5 Nov 2016Level CMDOCMDOC Urban eventBirchwood
Sat 5 Nov 2016259 kmLevel DSWOCCoed y Gedrys Gwaelod y Garth near CardiffGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 5 Nov 2016Level DSROCSROC autumn series 3
Sat 5 Nov 2016Level DESOCESOC Penicuik Weekend - Sprint/Urban RacePenicuik
Sat 5 Nov 2016Level DEBOREBOR Autumn Series
Sat 5 Nov 2016151 kmLevel DLOGRace the ParksLondonthorpe WoodsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 6 Nov 2016173 kmLevel ASOCSOC November Classic & Southern ChampionshipsFritham / Islands ThornGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 6 Nov 2016Level CSYOYHOA SuperleagueBurbage
Sun 6 Nov 2016229 kmLevel CWREThe Ercall WMOA League 11The Ercall Google / Ordnance Survey
Sun 6 Nov 2016Level CCLOKO-Cross and North East Orienteering League (NEOL) eventNewton Hanzard
Sun 6 Nov 2016378 kmLevel CBLBurnbanks - Cumbrian GaloppenAskham Fell, Pooley BridgeGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 6 Nov 2016Level CWAOCWAOC Colour CodedMildenhall
Sun 6 Nov 2016515 kmLevel CESOCESOC Penicuik Weekend - SoSOL 7Penicuik EstateGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 6 Nov 2016633 kmLevel CMAROCDinnetGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sun 6 Nov 2016696 kmLevel CINVOCINVOC Keppernach (levelC)KeppernachGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Mon 7 Nov 2016Level DSARUMWessex Night LeagueAmesbury Town
Mon 7 Nov 2016Level DWIMWIM/WSX Monthly Evening eventSturminster Newton
Wed 9 Nov 2016Level DEBOREBOR Autumn Series
Thu 10 Nov 2016155 kmLevel DSOCSOC Wessex Night League EventKnightwood and Valley ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 12 Nov 2016Level BLOCLOC/SROC Weekend (UKOL)Sandscale Haws
Sat 12 Nov 2016Level DDVODVO Informal Event, Allestree (tbc)
Sat 12 Nov 2016186 kmLevel DNGOCWestern Night League StandishGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 12 Nov 2016Level DMVSouth East Night ChampionshipsNorbury Park
Sat 12 Nov 201648 kmLevel DHHHH Saturday League & Youth LeagueStanborough ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 12 Nov 2016Level DGRAMPGrampian Mountain Challenge Day 1Morven
Sat 12 Nov 2016Level CTINTOTinto Twin Night EventCarmichael Estate
Sat 12 Nov 2016Level DWIM Informal StoneBarrow Hill NT, Charmouth
Sat 12 Nov 2016148 kmLevel DODOD Local Saturday Morning EventCoombe Abbey Country ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 12 Nov 2016Level DSAXSAX KOLHargate
Sat 12 Nov 2016Level DCLOKAutumn Sprint No1 StaithesStaithes Town
Sat 12 Nov 2016Level DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League 2 and Come and try it ErddigErddig
Sat 12 Nov 2016Level DLOGRace the ParksGrantham Town
Sun 13 Nov 2016Level BSROCLOC/SROC Weekend (UKOL)Torver High Common
Sun 13 Nov 2016157 kmLevel CLEIEM LeagueBradgate & SwithlandGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 13 Nov 2016Level CMWOCWelsh League Event 2016Foel Goch
Sun 13 Nov 2016Level DWCOCCopeland Chase 2016TBA
Sun 13 Nov 2016Level CDEVONGaloppen and Devon League event No.2Fernworthy Reservoir
Sun 13 Nov 201667 kmLevel CSUFFOCSUFFOC Colour CodedKing's Forest WestGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 13 Nov 2016144 kmLevel DNWONWO Four ColourAshdown (TBC)Google / Ordnance Survey
Sun 13 Nov 2016Level DGRAMPGrampian Mountain Challenge Day 2Morven
Sun 13 Nov 2016Level CCHIGCHIG District eventEpping Highams Park
Sun 13 Nov 2016Level CTINTOTinto Twin Day EventLanark Town Centre
Sun 13 Nov 2016Level CGOGO Level C eventNorbury Park
Wed 16 Nov 2016Level DEBOREBOR Autumn Series
Thu 17 Nov 2016Level DDFOKDFOK Kent Night Cup 9tbc
Sat 19 Nov 2016Level CCLAROYHOA Night LeagueHookstone Woods
Sat 19 Nov 2016119 kmLevel COUOCOxford City RaceOxford City CentreGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 19 Nov 2016207 kmLevel DNGOCNGOC League 10KidnallsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 19 Nov 2016530 kmLevel DESOCESOC Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansRoyal High School and Davidson's Mains ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 19 Nov 2016Level DSOLWAYSolway Orienteers - Autumn Seriestbc
Sat 19 Nov 2016Level DMORMOR Saturday & Schools LeagueTBN
Sat 19 Nov 2016129 kmLevel CNORDouble Dumpling County EventNT Blickling EstateGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 19 Nov 2016Level DRRRR Local Event 3
Sat 19 Nov 2016Level DCLOKAutumn Sprint No2 South Park DarlingtonSouth Park
Sat 19 Nov 2016148 kmLevel DLOGRace the ParksHarlaxton UniGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 20 Nov 2016Level BODBritish Schools Orienteering ChampionshipsSutton Park
Sun 20 Nov 2016Level CTVOCTVOC Regional Event & SCOA LeagueShotover Country Park
Sun 20 Nov 2016Level CEBORRegional EventBrayton Barff
Sun 20 Nov 2016Level CNATONorth East Urban League (NEUL) eventKillingworth
Sun 20 Nov 2016Level CNORDouble Dumpling City EventNorwich City Urban
Sun 20 Nov 2016Level DKERNOForest League 3Hayle Towans
Sun 20 Nov 2016Level CSOSO District EventBroadstone Warren
Sun 20 Nov 2016Level CDVOEast Midlands Urban League - WirksworthWirksworth
Wed 23 Nov 2016Level DEBOREBOR Autumn Series
Thu 24 Nov 2016Level DCHIGCentral line StreetO seies.
Sat 26 Nov 2016262 kmLevel BQOSouthern Night ChampionshipsRamscombeGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 26 Nov 2016Level DPOTOCPOTOC Leisure and Training EventDowns Banks
Sat 26 Nov 2016210 kmLevel DBOKBOK Saturday LeagueStoke Park EstateGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 26 Nov 2016509 kmLevel DELOELO Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansPressmennanGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 26 Nov 2016Level DSROC50th Anniversary Street League eventPreston
Sat 26 Nov 201674 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series Black Park (TBC)Black ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 26 Nov 2016297 kmLevel DSROCSROC night eventWhite CopppiceGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 27 Nov 2016118 kmLevel BLEIEast Midlands Championships at WakerleyWakerley Great WoodGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 27 Nov 2016289 kmLevel CCLARORegional EventDob ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sun 27 Nov 2016262 kmLevel CQOQO GaloppenRamscombeGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 27 Nov 2016Level CSOSSOS Colour Coded & EA LeagueBrandon
Sun 27 Nov 2016396 kmLevel CWCOCCumbrian Galoppen - Hawse EndHawse EndGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 27 Nov 2016Level CSELOCAlkrington, North Manchester 'C' EventAlkrington
Sun 27 Nov 2016549 kmLevel CAYROCScottish Score ChampionshipsPalacerigg Country ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 27 Nov 2016Level CSAXSAX District Eventtbc
Wed 30 Nov 2016Level DEBOREBOR Autumn Series
Sat 3 Dec 2016294 kmLevel DPFOPFO Accrington Night Event (NWNL)Hameldon Hill & WoodsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 3 Dec 2016215 kmLevel DNGOCNGOC League 11Knockalls InclosureGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 3 Dec 2016382 kmLevel DBLHackthorpe New WoodHackthorpe New Wood Car ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 3 Dec 2016Level DHHHH Saturday League & Youth LeagueCassiobury Park
Sat 3 Dec 201689 kmLevel CSOSO SOG A6Borde HillGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 3 Dec 2016217 kmLevel DBOKBOK Western Night LeagueLeigh WoodsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 3 Dec 2016119 kmLevel DBKOBKO Winter Saturday Series (Bucklebury Common)Bucklebury CommonGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 3 Dec 2016Level DCLOKAutumn Sprint No3 Wynyard Woodland ParkWynyard Woodland Park
Sat 3 Dec 2016Level DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League 3 and Come and try it RivacreRivacre Country Park
Sat 3 Dec 2016Level DDFOKDFOK Kent Orienteering League 4Ranscombe
Sun 4 Dec 2016294 kmLevel CPFOPFO Accrington Day EventHameldon Hill & WoodsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 4 Dec 2016Level CAIRERegional EventNorthcliffe Park & Heaton Royds
Sun 4 Dec 2016Level CNOCEast Midlands LeagueByron's Walk
Sun 4 Dec 2016203 kmLevel CHOCHOC Event - WMOA League & Champs 12Dymock ForestGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 4 Dec 2016160 kmLevel CSOCSOC Level C & SCOA LeagueAshurst wood / MatleyGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sun 4 Dec 2016Level CNATONATO Local eventDipton
Sun 4 Dec 2016Level CWAOCWAOC Colour CodedMaulden Woods
Sun 4 Dec 2016285 kmLevel DDEVONDevon League Event No.3Mutter's MoorGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 4 Dec 2016727 kmLevel DINVOCINVOC Evanton (Level D)EvantonGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sun 4 Dec 2016217 kmLevel CBOKBOK Club and ASO OrienteeringLeigh WoodsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 4 Dec 2016Level DRRRR Local Event 4
Sun 4 Dec 2016Level DSTAG18th Glasgow Parks Championships - Race 1
Sun 4 Dec 2016Level DSTAG18th Glasgow Parks Championships - Race 2
Sun 4 Dec 2016Level DSTAG18th Glasgow Parks Championships - Race 3
Mon 5 Dec 2016196 kmLevel DWSXWessex Club Night & Night LeagueBoscombe Chine and GardensGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Thu 8 Dec 2016Level DDFOKDFOK Kent Night Cup 12tbc
Sat 10 Dec 2016Level CHALOYHOA Night League
Sat 10 Dec 2016Level DNGOCWestern Night League
Sat 10 Dec 201688 kmLevel DGOGO Come and Try It & Xmas PartyNewland's CornerGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 10 Dec 2016455 kmLevel DSOLWAYSolway 'Pits & Bumps' Score Event - tbcBarhill PlantationGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 10 Dec 2016Level DMORMOR Saturday & Schools LeagueTBN
Sat 10 Dec 2016259 kmLevel DSWOCWenallt WoodsGwaelod y Garth near CardiffGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 10 Dec 2016Level DWIMInformal Avon Heath Country Park
Sat 10 Dec 2016Level DDEVONDevon & Cornwall Night League
Sun 11 Dec 2016Level CHALORegional Event
Sun 11 Dec 2016Level CCLOKCLOK Regional eventFylingdales
Sun 11 Dec 2016204 kmLevel DHOCHOC Club Champs Highgate CommonGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 11 Dec 201621 kmLevel CNORNOR Colour CodedSandringham EstateGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 11 Dec 2016Level DTAYTAY Christmas ScorePerthshire TBC
Sun 11 Dec 2016161 kmLevel DNWONWO Four ColourFyfield TBCGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 11 Dec 2016142 kmLevel DODOD Club ChampionshipsItchington HoltGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 11 Dec 2016101 kmLevel BSNSN Trophy eventLong Valley NorthGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 11 Dec 2016Level DKERNOForest League 4Dunmere
Sun 11 Dec 2016225 kmLevel CDVOEast Midlands LeagueEyam MoorGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 11 Dec 2016Level DQOQO QOFL3Croydon Hill
Wed 14 Dec 2016Level DINVOCNorthern Night League - INVOC
Sat 17 Dec 2016Level CEPOCYHOA Night LeagueStorthes Hall
Sat 17 Dec 2016Level CSOSO Night City RaceBrighton
Sat 17 Dec 2016Level DCLOKAutumn Sprint No4 Yarm SchoolYarm School
Sun 18 Dec 2016Level CEPOCYHOA SuperleagueStorthes Hall
Sun 18 Dec 2016193 kmLevel CNOCEast Midlands LeagueWalesby ForestGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 18 Dec 2016257 kmLevel DWREWrekin Club Champs - Boreatton Park Boreatton Park Google / Ordnance Survey
Sun 18 Dec 2016Level DNATONATO Festive FrolicsPlessey Woods
Sun 18 Dec 2016Level DMWOCMWOC League Event - 8 Ynyslas
Sun 18 Dec 2016Level CMVMV SE Families & Veterans ChampsWhite Downs/West Ranmore
Mon 26 Dec 2016Level DNNNN Charity Score eventHoughall Woods
Mon 26 Dec 2016Level DWCHBoxing day Score Event
Mon 26 Dec 2016Level CLOKLOK/HH Boxing Day Score EventTrent Park
Mon 26 Dec 2016Level DWIMWIM CanterRingwood North Forest
Tue 27 Dec 2016Level CEBORRegional Event
Tue 27 Dec 2016Level DNATONATO Hogmanay HooeyBolam Lake
Tue 27 Dec 2016Level DSOSO Xmas ScoreTilgate
Tue 27 Dec 2016255 kmLevel DSWOCXmas ScorePontcanna ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Tue 27 Dec 2016160 kmLevel DODOD Christmas RelaysRough Close Scout Camp (tbc)Google / Ordnance Survey
Fri 30 Dec 2016Level DDEVONDevon Christmas NoveltyExeter University
Sat 31 Dec 2016Level CLEIEast Midlands LeagueRatby Woodlands & Martinshaw Woods
Sat 31 Dec 2016Level DELOFestive Frolic - ELO Local Events in Edinburgh and the Lothianstbc
Sat 31 Dec 2016103 kmLevel DBKOBKO Winter Saturday Series (Whiteknights)WhiteknightsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 1 Jan 2017Level CPOTOCLaurie Bradley New Years Day Score EventBathpool
Sun 1 Jan 2017Level DNGOCNew Years Day Score
Sun 1 Jan 201768 kmLevel DSAXNew Year Score Dunorlan ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 1 Jan 2017Level DSTAGSTAG Score 1Pollok Country Park
Sun 1 Jan 2017Level DSARUMSarum New Year's Day Score eventCopehill Down Village & Salisbury Plain
Sun 1 Jan 2017Level DQOQO QOFL4 (NewYear's Day)
Sun 1 Jan 2017Level DSROCSROC New Year CrackerEggerslack Woods
Mon 2 Jan 2017194 kmLevel CDVOEast Midlands Urban LeagueBelperGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Mon 2 Jan 2017Level CTVOCTVOC Level C Urban EventDidcot Ladygrove
Thu 5 Jan 2017Level DSOSO Kent Night Cup 15tbc
Sat 7 Jan 2017160 kmLevel DNWONWO Night EventWest Woods TBCGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 7 Jan 2017174 kmLevel DODOD Local Saturday Morning Event Kingsbury Water ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 7 Jan 2017Level DHHHH Saturday League & Youth LeagueEllenbrook
Sun 8 Jan 2017Level BCHIGCHIG Mitre SE League eventEpping East
Sun 8 Jan 2017199 kmLevel BNOCRobin Hood TrophyClumber ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 8 Jan 2017Level CAIRERegional EventBuck Wood
Sun 8 Jan 2017160 kmLevel DNWONWO Four Colour EventWest Woods TBCGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 8 Jan 2017Level DSTAGSTAG Score 2Strathclyde Country Park
Sun 8 Jan 2017Level DCLOKNew Year team scoreHardwick Park
Sun 8 Jan 2017Level DKERNOForest League 5Lanhydrock
Wed 11 Jan 2017Level DINVOCNorthern Night League - INVOC
Thu 12 Jan 2017160 kmLevel DSOCSOC Wessex Night League EventRomseyGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Thu 12 Jan 2017Level DDFOKDFOK Kent Night Cup 16tbc
Sat 14 Jan 2017Level CAIREYHOA Night LeagueBingley St Ives
Sat 14 Jan 2017530 kmLevel DESOCESOC Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansCammo EstateGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 14 Jan 201773 kmLevel DBKOBKO Winter Saturday Series (Langley Park)Langley ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 15 Jan 2017Level BDFOKDFOK South East League Regional EventWesterham
Sun 15 Jan 2017208 kmLevel CBOKBOK SWOA GaloppenCannop PondsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 15 Jan 2017Level CEPOCRegional Event
Sun 15 Jan 2017Level DSTAGSTAG Score 3Dalzell Country Park
Sun 15 Jan 2017Level CLEIEast Midlands LeagueBagworth Common and Woods
Sun 15 Jan 2017209 kmLevel DHOCHOC -WM League EventPostensplainGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 15 Jan 2017Level CNATOCramlington urbanCramlington South
Sat 21 Jan 2017Level CEUOCEUOC Big Weekend
Sat 21 Jan 2017Level CEBORYHOA Night LeagueHazlewood Castle
Sat 21 Jan 2017228 kmLevel DBOKBOK Saturday LeagueDolebury WarrenGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 21 Jan 2017228 kmLevel DBOKBOK Western Night LeagueDolebury WarrenGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 21 Jan 2017Level DWREWrekin Winter Night Event Not yet decided
Sat 21 Jan 2017Level DWIM Informal Ringwood North
Sat 21 Jan 2017Level DSAXSAX KOLPerry Wood
Sat 21 Jan 2017344 kmLevel DSROCSROC club handicapDalton CragsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 22 Jan 2017Level CEUOCEUOC Big Weekend
Sun 22 Jan 2017160 kmLevel CSOCSOC Level C & SCOA LeagueDennyGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sun 22 Jan 2017Level BGOGO SE League eventWoolbeding
Sun 22 Jan 2017Level CSYORegional EventBig Moor
Sun 22 Jan 2017148 kmLevel DODOD WMOA League Event - Brandon Wood Brandon Wood (tbc)Google / Ordnance Survey
Sun 22 Jan 2017290 kmLevel DDEVONDevon League Event No.4Ashclyst ForestGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Thu 26 Jan 201776 kmLevel DMVKent Night CupNorbury ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sat 28 Jan 2017159 kmLevel DNWONWO Night EventShaw Forest ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 29 Jan 2017100 kmLevel BBKOBKO Concorde ChaseHawley and HornleyGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 29 Jan 2017Level BDVODVO Level B - Shining CliffShining Cliff
Sun 29 Jan 2017Level BDEEDEE Middle DistanceThurstaton
Sun 29 Jan 2017Level DSTAGSTAG Score 4Faskally Woods
Sun 29 Jan 2017Level DNNLocal eventWatergate Park
Sun 29 Jan 2017Level DINVOCINVOC Nairn urbanNairn East Beach
Thu 2 Feb 2017151 kmLevel DSOCSOC Wessex Night League EventStoke Park Wood and FairoakGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 4 Feb 2017Level BCUOCIcenian 2017
Sat 4 Feb 2017Level CSYOYHOA Night League
Sat 4 Feb 2017210 kmLevel DBOKBOK Western Night LeagueNew Beechenhurst EastGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 4 Feb 2017Level DNATONorth East night champsBroomley & Stocksfield
Sat 4 Feb 2017126 kmLevel DODOD Local Saturday Morning EventDaventry Country ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 4 Feb 2017Level DHHHH Saturday League & Youth LeagueFairlands
Sat 4 Feb 2017Level DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League 4 and Come and try it Eastham Country ParkEastham Country Park
Sun 5 Feb 2017Level CSARUMSARUM SCOA League eventStonedown Woods
Sun 5 Feb 2017Level BMVMV SE League eventSouth Ashdown
Sun 5 Feb 2017Level CESOCESOC Sprint-O
Sun 5 Feb 2017206 kmLevel CBOKBOK Club and ASO OrienteeringNew Beechenhurst EastGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 5 Feb 2017Level CLOGEast Midlands LeagueStapleford Woods
Sun 5 Feb 2017Level DNATOLocal eventBroomley & Stocksfield
Sun 5 Feb 2017Level DKERNOForest League 6TBA
Mon 6 Feb 2017Level DWIMWIM/WSX Monthly Evening eventDorchester
Thu 9 Feb 2017Level DDFOKDFOK Kent Night Cup 20tbc
Sat 11 Feb 2017Level BMDOCTwin PeakTorver Back Common
Sat 11 Feb 2017Level CSTAG1st STAG Open Night Sprint ChampionshipsLochview Golf Course & Drumpellier Country Park UNKNPC
Sat 11 Feb 2017538 kmLevel DESOCESOC Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansHopetoun HouseGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 12 Feb 2017160 kmLevel CSOCSOC Level C & SCOA LeagueQueen Elizabeth Country ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sun 12 Feb 2017Level BMDOCTwin PeakBleathwaite and Banishead
Sun 12 Feb 2017Level CWSXWessex Galoppen
Sun 12 Feb 2017Level CCLOKRegional eventHutton Mulgrave & Skelder
Sun 12 Feb 2017188 kmLevel CNOCEast Midlands LeagueHarlow WoodGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 18 Feb 2017Level CHALONorthern Night ChampionshipsKnapton
Sat 18 Feb 2017149 kmLevel DNWONWO Four Colour EventCopse Wood TBCGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 18 Feb 2017Level CMORScottish Night Championships
Sat 18 Feb 2017216 kmLevel DBOKBOK Saturday LeagueBlaise CastleGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 18 Feb 2017140 kmLevel DODOD Night Event - Hartshill Hayes Country ParkHartshill Hayes Country Park (tbc)Google / Ordnance Survey
Sat 18 Feb 201790 kmLevel DBKOBKO Winter Saturday Series (Swinley East)Swinley EastGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 18 Feb 2017Level DDFOKDFOK Kent Orienteering League 6Downe
Sat 18 Feb 2017Level DDEVONDevon & Cornwall Night League
Sun 19 Feb 2017Level BHHHH SE League eventNorthaw Great Wood
Sun 19 Feb 2017Level CEBOREBOR Regional EventWheldrake Woods
Sun 19 Feb 2017Level CMORScottish Sprint Championships
Sun 19 Feb 2017251 kmLevel DWREEastridge WoodsEastridge WoodsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 19 Feb 2017Level DWIMWIM Winter WarmerNew Forest
Sun 19 Feb 2017Level CLEIEast Midlands LeagueBeacon Hill
Sun 19 Feb 2017Level DSROCTim Watkiins Trophy
Sun 19 Feb 2017Level CMWOCWelsh League Event 2017Nash Woods (TBC)
Sun 19 Feb 2017Level DQOQO QOFL5
Sat 25 Feb 2017Level ALOCBritish Night Championships (UKOL)Great Tower
Sat 25 Feb 2017Level DINVOCINVOC Littlemill (level D)
Sun 26 Feb 2017Level ALOCNorthern Championships (UKOL)Bigland
Sun 26 Feb 2017Level CMVMV District eventPolesden and Norbury Park
Sun 26 Feb 2017Level CDVOEast Midlands LeagueLindop Wood
Sun 26 Feb 2017102 kmLevel CTVOCTVOC Level C Regional EventNettlebed WoodsGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sun 26 Feb 2017Level CDEVONDevon League Event No.5Whitchurch Common
Wed 1 Mar 2017210 kmLevel DDVODovedale-Thorpe Pastures - Military League EventDovedale - Thorpe PasturesGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Thu 2 Mar 2017Level DSOSO Kent Night Cup 23tbc
Sat 4 Mar 2017171 kmLevel DSOCSOC Wessex Night League EventLyndhurstGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 4 Mar 2017Level DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League 5 and Come and try it Marbury Country ParkMarbury Country Park
Sun 5 Mar 2017Level BSBOCWelsh ChampionshipsMerthyr Mawr
Sun 5 Mar 2017Level BSARUMSarum SaunterFonthill
Sun 5 Mar 2017Level CDFOKDFOK District eventBrasted Chart
Sun 5 Mar 2017Level BCLYDEScottish Orienteering League 1Mugdock
Sun 5 Mar 2017Level CAIREYHOA SuperleagueIlkley and Burley Moors
Sun 5 Mar 2017209 kmLevel CWCHcolour codedChillington HallGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sun 5 Mar 2017Level DNNLocal event
Sun 5 Mar 2017Level CNOCEast Midlands LeagueTBC
Sat 11 Mar 2017152 kmLevel DODOD Local Saturday Morning EventMemorial Park (tbc)Google / Ordnance Survey
Sun 12 Mar 2017Level BBKOCompassSport Cup HeatCold Ash
Sun 12 Mar 2017Level BCLOKCompassSport Cup HeatCringle Moor
Sun 12 Mar 2017Level BHHCompassSport Cup HeatAshridge
Sun 12 Mar 2017178 kmLevel BWIMCompassSport Cup HeatMoors Valley Country Park Google / Ordnance Survey
Sun 12 Mar 2017Level BSROCCompassSport Cup HeatSimpson Ground
Sun 12 Mar 2017Level BPOTOCCompass Sport Cup Heat Park Hall country park
Sun 12 Mar 2017Level BKFOCompass Sport Cup HeatTentsmuir Forest
Sun 12 Mar 2017178 kmLevel BLOGCompassSport Cup HeatBurwell & HaughamGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 12 Mar 2017Level BSWOCCompassSport Cup HeatCwm Lickey
Thu 16 Mar 2017Level DDFOKDFOK Kent Night Cup 25tbc
Sat 18 Mar 2017160 kmLevel DSOCSOC Level D - Hasley HillHasley HillGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sat 18 Mar 2017Level DESOCESOC Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansDreghorn
Sat 18 Mar 2017Level DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League RelaysArrowe Park
Sun 19 Mar 2017Level BSAXSAX SE League EventMillbank
Sun 19 Mar 2017Level BSYOYHOA Middle Distance Championships & SuperleagueHugset
Sun 19 Mar 2017Level CSTAGSTAG SoSOLCathkin Braes Country Park
Sun 19 Mar 2017Level CSMOCRushmere EAOA Championships and EA LeagueRushmere
Sun 19 Mar 2017Level CBOKSilk Wood
Sun 19 Mar 2017199 kmLevel DHOCWM Yvette Baker Round 1Baggeridge Country ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 19 Mar 2017147 kmLevel CBADOBADO Colour Coded & SCOA League EventHarewood ForestGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 19 Mar 2017Level CBLCumbrian Galoppen Faulds BrowFaulds Brow, Nr Caldbeck
Sun 19 Mar 2017Level CNATORegional event & YBT roundSlayley
Sun 19 Mar 2017Level DKERNOForest League 7Hustyn Woods
Sat 25 Mar 2017Level BODMidlands Champs Weekend Urban (UKOL)Rugby
Sat 25 Mar 2017Level DSAXSAX KOLBedgebury
Sun 26 Mar 2017Level AODMidlands Championships (UKOL)Bentley Wood
Sun 26 Mar 2017Level CCLAROYHOA SuperleagueGuisecliff
Sun 26 Mar 2017326 kmLevel DDEVONDevon League Event No.6River Dart Country ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 26 Mar 2017Level CRRRR SoSOL