Map of Forthcoming Orienteering Races
     this week,      next week,      week after, etc
by Ollie O'Brien
Map data by OpenStreetMap contributors
Last updated: 13 Feb 2016 00:06
DateDistanceLevelClubEventAreaLocation Maps
TODAY156 kmLevel DWSXNight League Upton Country ParkGoogle / Bing
TODAY535 kmLevel DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansCorstorphine HillGoogle / Bing
TODAYLevel DPOTOCPOTOC Leisure and Training EventApedale C. P.
TODAY269 kmLevel CMDOCNorthern Night ChampsPhilips Park Google / Bing
TODAY68 kmLevel DSOSO SOG S1, Parham Wood, StorringtonParham WoodsGoogle / Bing
TODAYLevel DNATOWinter LOP 3Prudhoe East
Tomorrow182 kmLevel CNOCEast Midlands League (NOC)Bestwood Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Tomorrow59 kmLevel CTVOCTVOC Regional Event, SCOA League and YBT roundChristmas CommonGoogle / Bing
Tomorrow79 kmLevel CSAXSAX District EventBlean WoodGoogle / Bing
Tomorrow131 kmLevel CWSXWessex GaloppenBisterne CloseGoogle / Bing
TomorrowLevel CDEVONDevon League Event No.3Hound Tor
Tomorrow182 kmLevel CHOCHOC Event - WMOA League 4Longdon, Wyre ForestGoogle / Bing
Tomorrow34 kmLevel DCHIGCHIG SWELL EventHarlow Town ParkGoogle / Bing
Tomorrow332 kmLevel CCLOKCLOK Regional eventHutton Mulgrave & SkelderGoogle / Bing
TomorrowLevel DSBOCSBOC Local Event (Winter League 5)Hardings Down, Gower
Tomorrow131 kmLevel CSUFFOCSUFFOC Colour Coded and EAOA ChampionshipsTunstall ForestGoogle / Bing
Tomorrow606 kmLevel DTAYTAY Local Event Craig a' Barns Craig a'BarnsGoogle / Bing
Tomorrow427 kmLevel DWCOCWinter Sunday Morning - MawbrayMawbrayGoogle / Bing
Tomorrow646 kmLevel CGRAMPTyrebagger Level CTyrebaggerGoogle / Bing
Tomorrow643 kmLevel DECKOEckO Spring Series 3FearnochGoogle / Bing
Tue 16 Feb 2016Level DMVMole Valley Orienteering SeriesEwell
Tue 16 Feb 2016Level DDEEDEE Night Street Event Gateacre Brow, L25 3PA
Tue 16 Feb 2016Level DHALOPub League 2: Victoria Dock & VillageThe Goldcrest (Public House)
Wed 17 Feb 2016198 kmLevel DSWOCStreet Event 5NewportGoogle / Bing
Wed 17 Feb 2016144 kmLevel DLEILEI Winter League 8 West Leicester ParksWestern ParkGoogle / Bing
Wed 17 Feb 2016Level DTVOCOxford Street-O Series
Wed 17 Feb 2016Level DLOCLOC Night TerrainBirkrigg
Wed 17 Feb 201647 kmLevel DSOSSOS Mid-Week Winter Series 4ChelmsfordGoogle / Bing
Wed 17 Feb 2016Level DCLAROWinter Blues No 4Starbeck Baths Car Park, Starbeck, Harrogate HG2 7JF
Wed 17 Feb 2016Level DFVOFVO Night Gallamuir WoodGallamuir Wood, Cowie
Wed 17 Feb 2016646 kmLevel DMAROCTorphantrick DNCDinnetGoogle / Bing
Thu 18 Feb 2016Level DSTAGSTAG Dark Park 9 Queen's Park
Thu 18 Feb 2016Level DSAXSAX Kent Night CupWalderslade
Thu 18 Feb 2016Level DEUOCFwtN #8
Thu 18 Feb 2016237 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC Night Street league (8)Macclesfield streetsGoogle / Bing
Thu 18 Feb 2016405 kmLevel DWCOCNight Series - Owsen FellOwsen FellGoogle / Bing
Thu 18 Feb 2016Level DNATONight Owl 9Newcastle University
Sat 20 Feb 2016InternationalInterland 20-21 Feb
Sat 20 Feb 201641 kmLevel DBKOBKO Winter Saturday Series (Swinley East)Swinley EastGoogle / Bing
Sat 20 Feb 2016102 kmLevel DNWONWO Four Colour (YOGB)Copse Wood Google / Bing
Sat 20 Feb 2016Level DDVONational Trust Challenge EventLongshaw
Sat 20 Feb 2016168 kmLevel DBOKBOK Western Night LeagueMoseley GreenGoogle / Bing
Sat 20 Feb 2016168 kmLevel CUBOCBUCS Individual ChampionshipsMoseley GreenGoogle / Bing
Sat 20 Feb 2016216 kmLevel DSWOC Winter Series 4 & CoachingParc PenulltaGoogle / Bing
Sat 20 Feb 2016Level DSROCSROC spring seriesHealy Nab
Sat 20 Feb 2016Level CFERMONI Score ChampionshipsGortin
Sat 20 Feb 2016Level CFERMONI Night ChampionshipsGortin
Sat 20 Feb 201666 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series Waddesdon ManorWaddesdon Manor National TrustGoogle / Bing
Sat 20 Feb 201643 kmLevel DSOSO SOG S2. 100 Acre Wood, west of Crawley Down & Turners Hill100 Acre WoodGoogle / Bing
Sat 20 Feb 2016142 kmLevel DODOD Local Night Event - Rough Close Rough Close Scout Camp, Berkswell, CoventryGoogle / Bing
Sat 20 Feb 2016227 kmLevel DSYOLocal and schools eventBotanical GardensGoogle / Bing
Sat 20 Feb 2016299 kmLevel DEBOREBOR Spring SeriesBoroughbridgeGoogle / Bing
Sat 20 Feb 2016484 kmLevel DRRRR Local Event 2Bowhill EstateGoogle / Bing
Sat 20 Feb 2016285 kmLevel DAIREAire Airedale Spring OliteGilstead Edge & Prince of Wales ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 21 Feb 201646 kmLevel BHHHH SE League event & SE Long ChampionshipsAshridge NorthGoogle / Bing
Sun 21 Feb 2016317 kmLevel CEBORRegional EventCawthorne and KeldyGoogle / Bing
Sun 21 Feb 2016373 kmLevel CKERNOForest League 6Perran Sands Holiday ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 21 Feb 2016199 kmLevel CWRELizard Hill WMOA League 5Lizard Hill Google / Bing
Sun 21 Feb 2016361 kmLevel CLOCLOC Cumbrian GaloppenHaverthwaite HeightsGoogle / Bing
Sun 21 Feb 2016Level CUBOCBUCS Relay ChampionshipsCooper's Hill
Sun 21 Feb 2016124 kmLevel CWIMWIM RegionalTurf Hill & Millersford, New ForestGoogle / Bing
Sun 21 Feb 2016553 kmLevel DFVOFVO CAT Event - Callendar ParkCallendar ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 21 Feb 2016710 kmLevel CMORMOR - Darnaway Level C DarnawayGoogle / Bing
Sun 21 Feb 2016515 kmLevel CAYROC AYROC SoSOL 3 Kames,Muirkirk,East AyrshireKamesGoogle / Bing
Tue 23 Feb 2016Level DSLOWSLOW Night-O SeriesWimbledon Common
Wed 24 Feb 2016Level DSROCSROC night street league event 9Lytham
Wed 24 Feb 2016Level DSBOCSBOC Local Night Event (Night League 5)Penmaen Burrows
Wed 24 Feb 2016Level DCOBOCCOBOC Night Sevens
Wed 24 Feb 2016Level DLOCLOC Night UrbanWindermere
Thu 25 Feb 2016549 kmLevel DSTAGSTAG Dark Park 10 Drumpellier Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 25 Feb 201679 kmLevel DSAXSAX Kent Night CupBleanGoogle / Bing
Thu 25 Feb 2016172 kmLevel DHOCHOC Night Street LeagueStourbridgeGoogle / Bing
Thu 25 Feb 2016401 kmLevel DWCOCNight Series - Noble KnottNoble Knott (Whinlatter)Google / Bing
Thu 25 Feb 2016265 kmLevel DDEEDEE Night Street EventLondon Bridge pub,163 London Rd, Appleton, WarringtonGoogle / Bing
Sat 27 Feb 2016162 kmLevel ALEIBritish Night Championships (UKOL)Cademan & Thringstone WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sat 27 Feb 201652 kmLevel DSNSN - Saturday Series 7Witley CommonGoogle / Bing
Sat 27 Feb 2016293 kmLevel DDEVONDevon&Cornwall Night EventNorsworthy Bridge , BurratorGoogle / Bing
Sat 27 Feb 2016173 kmLevel DBOKBOK Saturday Winter SeriesBlaise CastleGoogle / Bing
Sat 27 Feb 2016257 kmLevel DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League Event 5 and Come and Try it.Delamere EastGoogle / Bing
Sat 27 Feb 201634 kmLevel CHHHH Saturday League & Youth LeagueSherrards Park WoodGoogle / Bing
Sat 27 Feb 2016271 kmLevel DSELOCSaturday Series 01-16 - Springfield Country Park.Springfield ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 27 Feb 201682 kmLevel DSOSO SOG S3, Friston Forest (west), SeafordFriston Forest (west)Google / Bing
Sat 27 Feb 2016Level DSOLWAYSolway Orienteers - Winter SeriesHeathhall Woods
Sat 27 Feb 2016548 kmLevel DKFOTry Orienteering Beveridge ParkBeveridge ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 27 Feb 2016312 kmLevel DEBOREBOR Spring SeriesKirkbymoorsideGoogle / Bing
Sat 27 Feb 2016Level DNATOWinter LOP 4Weetslade Country Park
Sat 27 Feb 2016283 kmLevel DAIREAire Airedale Spring OliteHirst WoodGoogle / Bing
Sat 27 Feb 2016Level DLVOClub ScoreCrawfordsburn Country Park
Sun 28 Feb 2016Level ANOCMidlands Championships (UKOL)Sherwood Forest
Sun 28 Feb 201637 kmLevel CSAXSAX District EventIghthamGoogle / Bing
Sun 28 Feb 2016220 kmLevel CQOQO GaloppenSt AudriesGoogle / Bing
Sun 28 Feb 2016126 kmLevel CSOCSOC Level C & SCOA LeagueBratleyGoogle / Bing
Sun 28 Feb 2016518 kmLevel CELOSoSOL 4Lothian EdgeGoogle / Bing
Sun 28 Feb 2016645 kmLevel DECKOEckO Spring Series 4Creag MhicGoogle / Bing
Mon 29 Feb 2016156 kmLevel DWSXNight League and Club NightBrownsea IslandGoogle / Bing
Wed 2 Mar 2016Level DCLAROWinter Blues No 5Cold Bath Road/Duchy Area, Harrogate
Wed 2 Mar 2016Level DFVOFVO Night BarrwoodBarrwood
Thu 3 Mar 2016178 kmLevel DHOCHOC Winter Evening Event (WEE) Kinver EdgeGoogle / Bing
Thu 3 Mar 2016Level DEUOCFwtN #9
Thu 3 Mar 2016263 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC Night Street league (9)Urmston streetsGoogle / Bing
Thu 3 Mar 2016Level DSOSONiC 5 / KNC- Rivers Wood, Haywards HeathRivers Wood
Sat 5 Mar 2016184 kmLevel CSWOCWales Middle Championships and 2016 Welsh League EventGoogle / Bing
Sat 5 Mar 2016341 kmLevel DCLOKNorth East Night ChampsHutton LowcrossGoogle / Bing
Sat 5 Mar 2016410 kmLevel DBLAughertreeNr CaldbeckGoogle / Bing
Sat 5 Mar 2016104 kmLevel DSOCSOC Wessex Night League EventSouthsea Sea FrontGoogle / Bing
Sat 5 Mar 2016212 kmLevel DPOTOCPOTOC Leisure and Training EventConsall Scout camp siteGoogle / Bing
Sat 5 Mar 2016254 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC Park+Urban eventReddish Vale, Tiviot Dale and urban linkGoogle / Bing
Sat 5 Mar 2016Level CNWOCNI Colour Series 1 Drum Manor
Sat 5 Mar 201625 kmLevel DHAVOCHAVOC Colour CodedBedfords ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 5 Mar 201674 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series Wittenham ClumpsWittenham ClumpsGoogle / Bing
Sat 5 Mar 201655 kmLevel DSOSO SOG S4, Great Walstead School & Henfield Wood, LindfieldGreat Walstead School & Henfield Wood, LindfieldGoogle / Bing
Sat 5 Mar 2016552 kmLevel DKFOTry Orienteering Pittencrieff ParkPittencrieff ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 5 Mar 2016Level DEBOREBOR Spring SeriesPickering and Newbridge Park
Sat 5 Mar 2016283 kmLevel DAIREAire Airedale Spring Olite Shipley GlenGoogle / Bing
Sun 6 Mar 2016202 kmLevel BSWOCWelsh ChampionshipsSugar Loaf Google / Bing
Sun 6 Mar 2016494 kmLevel BRRScottish Orienteering League 1ElibankGoogle / Bing
Sun 6 Mar 2016348 kmLevel CKERNOForest League 7Hustyn WoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 6 Mar 2016222 kmLevel BDVODVO Level B - LongshawLongshawGoogle / Bing
Sun 6 Mar 201649 kmLevel BDFOKDFOK SELeague event and Yvette Baker Trophy SE heatChelwoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 6 Mar 2016Level CCLOKNorth East Orienteering League (NEOL) eventHutton Lowcross
Sun 6 Mar 201673 kmLevel DSMOCSMOC Keyne-O Shenley WoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 6 Mar 2016128 kmLevel CNORNOR Colour Coded & Yevete Baker EliminatorHockham ForestGoogle / Bing
Sun 6 Mar 2016291 kmLevel CPFOBrun Valley ForestBrun Valley ForestGoogle / Bing
Tue 8 Mar 2016Level DLOKLOK Street-OHampstead
Wed 9 Mar 2016Level DSROCSROC night street league event 10Horwich
Wed 9 Mar 2016Level DSBOCSBOC Local Night Event (Night League 6)Oxwich Burrows
Thu 10 Mar 201659 kmLevel DSAXSAX Kent Night CupScotney Castle EstateGoogle / Bing
Thu 10 Mar 2016Level DHOCHOC Night Street League Birmingham City & Aston University
Thu 10 Mar 2016Level DNATONight Owl 12Havannah
Thu 10 Mar 2016Level DDEEDEE Night Street EventUpton By Chester Streets
Sat 12 Mar 2016137 kmLevel DODOD Local Event Memorial ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 12 Mar 2016Level DKERNODevon & Cornwall Night League Mount Edgcumbe Country Park
Sat 12 Mar 201669 kmLevel DSOSO SOG S5, Coates Common, Fittleworth, Pulborough Coates CommonGoogle / Bing
Sat 12 Mar 2016242 kmLevel DMDOCNational Trust Challenge eventLymeGoogle / Bing
Sat 12 Mar 2016227 kmLevel DSYOLocal and schools eventForge Dam & Porter ValleyGoogle / Bing
Sat 12 Mar 2016Level DNATOWinter LOP 5South Beach
Sat 12 Mar 2016Level DDFOKDFOK North West Kent Series 1Shorne Woods
Sat 12 Mar 2016306 kmLevel DEBOREBOR Spring SeriesThornton DaleGoogle / Bing
Sun 13 Mar 2016572 kmLevel BFVOCompassSport Cup HeatDumyatGoogle / Bing
Sun 13 Mar 2016Level BCLAROCompassSport Cup HeatTimble
Sun 13 Mar 2016169 kmLevel BBOKCompassSport Cup HeatCannop PondsGoogle / Bing
Sun 13 Mar 2016124 kmLevel BSOCCompass Sport Cup and Trophy HeatHollands WoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 13 Mar 2016248 kmLevel BDEECompassSport Cup HeatBickerton HillGoogle / Bing
Sun 13 Mar 201670 kmLevel CSOSSOS Colour Coded & ESSOLThe BroaksGoogle / Bing
Sun 13 Mar 2016191 kmLevel BWCHCompassSport Cup HeatAbraham's ValleyGoogle / Bing
Tue 15 Mar 2016Level DMVMole Valley Street Orienteering SeriesChessington
Tue 15 Mar 2016228 kmLevel DSYOKelham Island UrbanKelham IslandGoogle / Bing
Wed 16 Mar 2016Level DSROCSROC night street league event 11Blackburn
Wed 16 Mar 2016Level DSWOCStreet Event 6Penarth
Wed 16 Mar 2016Level DSOSSOS Mid-Week Winter Series 5
Wed 16 Mar 2016Level DCLAROWinter Blues No 6North Central Harrogate
Wed 16 Mar 2016Level DDVODVO Military League Event - HardwickHardwick
Wed 16 Mar 2016Level DFVOFVO Night DumyatDumyat
Thu 17 Mar 2016Level DHOCHOC Night Street League Worcester Central
Thu 17 Mar 2016Level DPOTOCStaffordshire and Stoke on Trent School ChampionshipsCentral Forest Park
Thu 17 Mar 2016Level DEUOCFwtN #10
Thu 17 Mar 2016Level DDFOKDFOK Kent Night CupBrasted Chart
Sat 19 Mar 2016Level DSNSN - Saturday Series 8Frensham Heights
Sat 19 Mar 2016Level DDVODVO Informal Event - Darley ParkDarley Park
Sat 19 Mar 2016282 kmLevel DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League Event 5(including primary schools champ) and come and Try it.Sefton ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 19 Mar 201640 kmLevel DDFOKDFOK Kent Orienteering LeagueWhitehorse WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sat 19 Mar 2016Level DNGOCNGOC League 3Standish
Sat 19 Mar 2016Level DSROCSROC spring series 2Duxbury Park
Sat 19 Mar 2016153 kmLevel DWIMWIM Coaching and InformalBadbury Rings, Kingston Lacy EstateGoogle / Bing
Sat 19 Mar 2016Level DHHHH Saturday League & Youth LeagueFrithsden East
Sat 19 Mar 2016535 kmLevel DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansMary Erskine School and Ravelston WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sat 19 Mar 2016276 kmLevel DSELOCSaturday Series 02-16 - Burrs Country Park.Burrs Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 19 Mar 2016163 kmLevel DHOCHOC - Western Night League (WNL) Wyche RidgeGoogle / Bing
Sat 19 Mar 2016251 kmLevel DDEENorth West Night League Little Budworth CommonLittle Budworth Common Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 19 Mar 2016Level CLVONI Colour Series 2Slievenagore - Silent Valley
Sat 19 Mar 201649 kmLevel DSOSO SOG S6, Broadstone Warren, Forest RowBroadstone WarrenGoogle / Bing
Sat 19 Mar 2016455 kmLevel DSOLWAYSolway Orienteers - Winter SeriesMabie ForestGoogle / Bing
Sat 19 Mar 2016174 kmLevel DNOCNOC Winter SeriesColwick WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sat 19 Mar 2016Level DMORMOR Saturday & Schools League - MillbuiesMillbuies
Sat 19 Mar 2016203 kmLevel DQOQO Bridgwater Urban Event (Part of SEOUL) including JOGBrewery FieldGoogle / Bing
Sat 19 Mar 2016285 kmLevel DAIREAire Airedale Spring Olite Bingley St IvesGoogle / Bing
Sun 20 Mar 2016Level CSARUMSarum SaunterGrovely East
Sun 20 Mar 2016145 kmLevel CLOGEM LeagueGrimsthorpe CastleGoogle / Bing
Sun 20 Mar 2016Level CCHIGCHIG 50th Anniversary SprintChigwell School
Sun 20 Mar 2016Level CDEVONDevon League Event No.4River Dart Country Park
Sun 20 Mar 2016Level CNATONATO Regional eventRay Demesne
Sun 20 Mar 2016403 kmLevel CWCOCCumbrian Galoppen - Leaps BeckLeaps BeckGoogle / Bing
Sun 20 Mar 2016559 kmLevel DFVOFVO CAT Event - ColziumColziumGoogle / Bing
Sun 20 Mar 201694 kmLevel CSMOCSMOC Brackmills EA LeagueBrackmillsGoogle / Bing
Sun 20 Mar 2016Level DINVOCINVOC LittlemillLittlemill
Sun 20 Mar 2016Level DECKOEckO Spring Series 5Inveraray
Sun 20 Mar 2016Level CMAROCTorphantrickDinnet
Tue 22 Mar 201634 kmLevel DSAXSAX Kent Night CupMillbankGoogle / Bing
Tue 22 Mar 2016Level DSLOWSLOW Night-O SeriesRichmond Park
Tue 22 Mar 2016Level DTVOCOxford Street-O Series
Fri 25 Mar 2016274 kmLevel AJan Kjellstrom Orienteering Festival - Sprint (WRE & UKOL)Leeds UniversityGoogle / Bing
Fri 25 Mar 2016273 kmLevel BJan Kjellstrom Orienteering Festival - Temp OLeeds UniversityGoogle / Bing
Sat 26 Mar 2016309 kmLevel AJan Kjellstrom Orienteering Festival Individual 1 (UKOL)Wass ForestGoogle / Bing
Sat 26 Mar 2016306 kmLevel BJan Kjellstrom Orienteering Festival - Pre OAmpleforth CollegeGoogle / Bing
Sun 27 Mar 2016316 kmLevel AJan Kjellstrom Orienteering Festival Individual 2 (WRE & UKOL)KilnseyGoogle / Bing
Sun 27 Mar 2016581 kmLevel DTAYTAY Local Event Moncrieffe HillMoncrieffe HillGoogle / Bing
Mon 28 Mar 2016256 kmLevel AJan Kjellstrom Orienteering Festival RelaysStorthes HallGoogle / Bing
Wed 30 Mar 2016Level DCOBOCCOBOC Twilight Sevens
Thu 31 Mar 2016Level DSTAGSTAG Spring Evening 1Cambusnethan & Carbarns Wood
Thu 31 Mar 2016161 kmLevel DLOGSpring SeriesBelton woodsGoogle / Bing
Sat 2 Apr 2016Level BLOCLOC weekend - Middle DistanceTarn Hows
Sat 2 Apr 2016171 kmLevel DBOKBOK Saturday Winter SeriesDurdham DownsGoogle / Bing
Sat 2 Apr 2016Level DHHHH Saturday LeagueChipperfield
Sat 2 Apr 2016Level DELOELO Local Events in Edinburgh and the Lothianstbc
Sat 2 Apr 2016220 kmLevel DWREHaughmond Hill Haughmond HillGoogle / Bing
Sat 2 Apr 2016551 kmLevel DKFOTry Orienteering Dunnikier ParkDunnikier ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 2 Apr 2016471 kmLevel DRRRR Local Event 3Lanton WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sat 2 Apr 2016Level DLVOSpring Cup 1Woodburn Forest
Sun 3 Apr 2016Level BLOCLOC weekend - Long DistanceHolme Fell
Sun 3 Apr 2016Level CMVMole Valley 50th anniversary District eventNorbury Park
Sun 3 Apr 2016Level CNOCEast Midlands League (NOC)Sherwood Pines
Sun 3 Apr 2016Level DNATOMorpeth GatheringCarlisle Park
Sun 3 Apr 2016219 kmLevel DSWOC Parc Cwm DarrenParc Cwm DarrenGoogle / Bing
Wed 6 Apr 2016Level DSWOCStreet Event 7Pontprennau
Wed 6 Apr 2016368 kmLevel DLOCLOC Tech RaceDevil's GallopGoogle / Bing
Thu 7 Apr 2016181 kmLevel DLOGSpring SeriesRevesbyGoogle / Bing
Sat 9 Apr 2016538 kmLevel CINTSOUL DeansGoogle / Bing
Sat 9 Apr 2016Level DSOCSOC Solent Summer Series 1Fleming Park
Sat 9 Apr 2016Level CFERMONI Colour Series 3Spring Grove
Sat 9 Apr 2016Level DSOSO SOG S7, Pashley & The Warren, EastbournePashley & The Warren
Sat 9 Apr 2016Level DDFOKDFOK North West Kent Series 2Danson Park
Sat 9 Apr 2016294 kmLevel DEBOREBOR Spring SeriesNorton on DerwentGoogle / Bing
Sat 9 Apr 2016Level DNATOSpring LOP 1TBA
Sun 10 Apr 2016Level BHALOYHOA Championships and SuperleagueLondesborough Park
Sun 10 Apr 2016Level BINTScottish Orienteering League 2Culteuchar & Dron
Sun 10 Apr 2016Level CNGOCGaloppenDanby Lodge
Sun 10 Apr 2016168 kmLevel CLEIEM League & Regional YBT Heat Spring CottageGoogle / Bing
Sun 10 Apr 2016Level DDEVONDevon League Event No.5Wheathill Plantation
Sun 10 Apr 2016Level DCHIGCHIG SWELL EventWanstead Park/Flats
Sun 10 Apr 2016114 kmLevel CODOD Event - WMOA League 6Shuckburgh ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 10 Apr 2016384 kmLevel CBLWatermillock - Cumbrian GaloppenWatermillock CommonGoogle / Bing
Sun 10 Apr 2016Level DMWOCMWOC League Event - 3Allt Fedw
Mon 11 Apr 2016Level DWIMWIM/WSX Monthly Evening event - FordingbridgeFordingbridge
Tue 12 Apr 2016Level DSLOWNight Street O Series Race 8Feltham
Wed 13 Apr 201671 kmLevel DSOSSOS Mid-Week Winter Series 6HalsteadGoogle / Bing
Wed 13 Apr 2016Level DRRRR Sprint 1Traquair House
Wed 13 Apr 2016374 kmLevel DLOCLOC Tech RaceTarn HowsGoogle / Bing
Wed 13 Apr 2016Level DPOTOCclub activitycongleton
Thu 14 Apr 2016Level DSTAGSTAG & USOC Spring Evening 3Pollok Country Park
Thu 14 Apr 2016182 kmLevel DLOGSpring SeriesOstlers PlantationGoogle / Bing
Sat 16 Apr 2016332 kmLevel BCLOKNorthern Champs Weekend (UKOL, UKEOL, UKUL, NEUL) urbanWhitbyGoogle / Bing
Sat 16 Apr 2016107 kmLevel DNWONWO Four Colour (YOGB)Savernake Forest (TBC)Google / Bing
Sat 16 Apr 2016183 kmLevel DDVODVO Informal Event - BroomfieldBroomfieldGoogle / Bing
Sat 16 Apr 201650 kmLevel DSAXSAX KOLHargateGoogle / Bing
Sat 16 Apr 2016525 kmLevel DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansCastlelawGoogle / Bing
Sat 16 Apr 2016525 kmLevel DESOCESOC Long-OSouth Pentland HillsGoogle / Bing
Sat 16 Apr 2016Level DSBOCSBOC Local Event (Winter League 6)Rhossili Down, Gower
Sat 16 Apr 2016Level DWAOCWAOC Summer SeriesHinchingbrooke
Sat 16 Apr 201677 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series ShotoverShotover WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sun 17 Apr 2016334 kmLevel ACLOKNorthern Champs (UKOL, UKEOL and WRE)Mulgrave WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sun 17 Apr 2016331 kmLevel CKERNOForest League 8Hardhead Downs Google / Bing
Sun 17 Apr 2016Level CSOSO Angmering Park (east) Level C, part of SO 2016 championship (event 1 of 6)Angmering East
Sun 17 Apr 2016Level CSBOCWelsh League Event 2016Broughton Burrows
Sun 17 Apr 2016188 kmLevel CWCHWMOA League 7Mainstay WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sun 17 Apr 2016183 kmLevel CBOKBOK & ASO Orienteering hosting Yvette Baker QualifierBlack DownGoogle / Bing
Sun 17 Apr 2016Level CSARUMWarminster Urban RaceWarminster Town
Sun 17 Apr 2016182 kmLevel CNORNOR Colour CodedPretty CornerGoogle / Bing
Sun 17 Apr 201670 kmLevel DSMOCSMOC Keyne-O Ouzel ValleyGoogle / Bing
Sun 17 Apr 2016Level CMORMOR - Roseisle Level C plus Moray and Highland Junior ChampsRoseisle
Sun 17 Apr 2016484 kmLevel CSOLWAYSoSOL 5 Drumlanrig WoodsGoogle / Bing
Tue 19 Apr 2016Level DMVMole Valley Street Orienteering SeriesDorking
Wed 20 Apr 2016Level DRRRR Sprint 2Hirsel Estate
Wed 20 Apr 2016Level DMAROCSluie Forest sprintSluie
Wed 20 Apr 2016375 kmLevel DLOCLOC Tech Race Stickle EastGoogle / Bing
Thu 21 Apr 2016Level DLOGSpring SeriesSouth Common
Fri 22 Apr 2016Level DDVODVO Informal Event - ReptonRepton School
Fri 22 Apr 2016Level DAROSDark ThistleTBC
Sat 23 Apr 201628 kmLevel DBKOBKO Winter Saturday Series (Langley Park)Langley ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 23 Apr 2016Level CLEIEM LeagueHanging Hill
Sat 23 Apr 2016Level DSOSO SOG S8, venue TBC - Mid SussexTBA - mid Sussex
Sat 23 Apr 2016280 kmLevel DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League RelaysCalderstones ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 23 Apr 2016Level DNGOCNGOC League 4Highmeadow Woods
Sat 23 Apr 201690 kmLevel DSOCSOC Solent Summer Series 2Staunton Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 23 Apr 2016Level DSROCSROC spring series 3Worden Park
Sat 23 Apr 2016Level DPOTOCSummer Park League 1Central Forest Park
Sat 23 Apr 2016626 kmLevel CINTJOK Chasing SprintFaskallyGoogle / Bing
Sat 23 Apr 2016293 kmLevel DCLAROHarrogate Schools Orienteering League 2015 -16 No 5Conyngham Hall GardensGoogle / Bing
Sat 23 Apr 2016Level DLVOSpring Cup 2Divis and Blackmountain
Sat 23 Apr 2016293 kmLevel DEBOREBOR Spring SeriesSherriff HuttonGoogle / Bing
Sun 24 Apr 201650 kmLevel BTVOCTVOC Chiltern ChallengeWendover WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sun 24 Apr 201659 kmLevel CSAXSAX District EventScotney Castle EstateGoogle / Bing
Sun 24 Apr 2016Level CEBORYHOA SuperleagueWhite Horse
Sun 24 Apr 2016Level CDVOEM League Event - Calke AbbeyCalke Park
Sun 24 Apr 2016225 kmLevel DQOQO QOFL5Culm DavyGoogle / Bing
Sun 24 Apr 2016626 kmLevel CFVOScottish Spring Middle Distance (WRE)Bonskeid EstateGoogle / Bing
Sun 24 Apr 2016202 kmLevel CWREWMOA Sprint Champs - Madeley Court Madeley Court Google / Bing
Sun 24 Apr 2016635 kmLevel CGRAMPCrathes Level CCrathes CastleGoogle / Bing
Sun 24 Apr 2016453 kmLevel DNATONATO Local eventBeanleyGoogle / Bing
Tue 26 Apr 2016144 kmLevel DLEIBritish Schools Score Practice Event. Abbey ParkAbbey ParkGoogle / Bing
Wed 27 Apr 2016Level DELOSprintELOpetbc
Wed 27 Apr 2016Level DRRRR Sprint 3Bowmont Forest
Wed 27 Apr 2016369 kmLevel DLOCLOC Tech Race Claife SouthGoogle / Bing
Wed 27 Apr 2016Level DPOTOCclub activity
Thu 28 Apr 2016Level DSTAGSTAG Spring Evening 5Victoria Park
Thu 28 Apr 2016195 kmLevel DLOGSpring SeriesGreetwell HollowGoogle / Bing
Thu 28 Apr 2016165 kmLevel DLEILEI Summer League 1Willesley WoodlandsGoogle / Bing
Thu 28 Apr 2016235 kmLevel CMDOCMDOC Summer Evening Event (1)Teggs Nose Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 30 Apr 2016Level ABritish Long Distance Orienteering Championships (UKOL)Brown Clee Hill
Sat 30 Apr 2016InternationalWorld Cup Round 1 30 Apr - 2 MayWroclaw
Sat 30 Apr 2016285 kmLevel DSELOCSaturday Series 03-16 - Clifton Country Park. Clifton ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 30 Apr 2016Level DELOELO Local Events in Edinburgh and the Lothianstbc
Sat 30 Apr 2016Level DNATOSpring LOP 2TBA
Sun 1 May 2016Level ABritish Relay ChampionshipsBrown Clee Hill
Mon 2 May 2016164 kmLevel CWCHWMOA Urban League 1TamworthGoogle / Bing
Tue 3 May 2016236 kmLevel DWREWrekin Summer Series 1NesscliffeGoogle / Bing
Tue 3 May 2016242 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC Introductory Event (1)Lyme Google / Bing
Wed 4 May 2016133 kmLevel DODOD Local Event - Coombe Abbey Country ParkCoombe Abbey Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Wed 4 May 2016172 kmLevel DBOKBOK Urban & Park OrienteeringUniversity Halls, Downs, Elm LeaGoogle / Bing
Wed 4 May 2016Level DRRRR Sprint 4Jedburgh Town
Wed 4 May 2016125 kmLevel DLEILEI Summer League 2Foxton LocksGoogle / Bing
Wed 4 May 2016Level DMAROCTillyfourie Forest SprintTillyfourie
Wed 4 May 2016Level DDEEDEE Summer Evening Event - Delamere NorthDelamere Forest North
Thu 5 May 2016172 kmLevel DLOGSpring SeriesCranwell Google / Bing
Sat 7 May 2016Level DDFOKDFOK Kent Orienteering LeagueLesnes Abbey Woods
Sat 7 May 2016Level DNGOCNGOC League 5Mallards Pike North
Sat 7 May 2016110 kmLevel DSOCSOC Solent Summer Series 3West Wood, NetleyGoogle / Bing
Sat 7 May 2016Level DHHHH Saturday LeagueCroxley Moor
Sat 7 May 2016Level DCOBOCWest Midlands Schools ChampionshipsKingfisher Country Park
Sat 7 May 2016Level CWAOCScience City Double Urban Sprint RacesCambridge Science Park and North Cambridge
Sat 7 May 2016Level DDVOSwadlincote Woodlands Informal Event - S DerbyshireSwadlincote Woods
Sat 7 May 2016Level CNWOCNI Sprint ChampionshipsMid Ulster Sports Arena
Sat 7 May 2016Level CNWOCNI Middle Distance ChampionshipsMid Ulster Sports Arena
Sat 7 May 201684 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series Cutteslowe ParkCutteslowe ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 7 May 2016Level DSOSO SOG S9, TBA - West SussexTBA - West Sussex
Sat 7 May 2016Level DWIMAvon Heath Try Orienteering Avon Heath Country Park
Sat 7 May 2016683 kmLevel DBASOCDulnain WoodDulnain WoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 8 May 2016Level BCompassSport Cup HeatHatfield Forest
Sun 8 May 2016Level BINVOCScottish Orienteering League 3Affric
Sun 8 May 2016Level CAIREYHOA Middle Distance Championships & SuperleagueHarden Moor
Sun 8 May 2016Level CMWOCWales League Event 2016, Yvette Baker Trophy Qualifier & Cwpan Y Ddraig Competition Aberedw
Sun 8 May 2016183 kmLevel CNOCEast Midlands Urban League (NOC)SouthwellGoogle / Bing
Sun 8 May 2016Level CNNNorth East Orienteering League (NEOL) eventBewick Moor South
Sun 8 May 2016Level DQOQO QOFL6Castle Neroche
Sun 8 May 2016384 kmLevel CWCOCCumbrian Galoppen - Muncaster FellMuncaster FellGoogle / Bing
Sun 8 May 201633 kmLevel CHAVOCHAVOC Thorndon Country Park NorthThorndon Country Park North and Harts WoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 8 May 201685 kmLevel DBADOBADO Level D EventPen WoodGoogle / Bing
Mon 9 May 2016Level DWSXWessex Club Night
Tue 10 May 2016Level DSLOWNight Street O Series Race 9Notting Hill
Tue 10 May 2016204 kmLevel DWREWrekin Summer Series 2LilleshallGoogle / Bing
Tue 10 May 2016149 kmLevel DLEILEI Summer League 3Ratby WoodlandsGoogle / Bing
Tue 10 May 2016242 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC Introductory Event (2)Lyme Google / Bing
Wed 11 May 2016527 kmLevel DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansHillendGoogle / Bing
Wed 11 May 2016136 kmLevel DODOD Local Event - Abbey Fields & Kenilworth Town urbanAbbey Fields & Kenilworth TownGoogle / Bing
Wed 11 May 2016Level DEBOREBOR Summer LeagueHollicars
Wed 11 May 2016Level DRRRR Sprint 5Hawick Hill
Wed 11 May 2016174 kmLevel DBOKBOK Urban & Park OrienteeringPenpole and Lawrence WestonGoogle / Bing
Wed 11 May 2016553 kmLevel DSTAGSTAG's World Orienteering Day EventPollok CPGoogle / Bing
Wed 11 May 2016156 kmLevel DLEIBritish Schools Score Practice Event. The OutwoodsThe OutwoodsGoogle / Bing
Wed 11 May 2016Level DPOTOCclub activityclayton
Thu 12 May 2016Level DGOGO Come and Try ItChantries
Thu 12 May 2016Level DSTAGSTAG Spring Evening 7Drumpellier Country Park
Thu 12 May 201637 kmLevel DSAXSummer SeriesIghthamGoogle / Bing
Thu 12 May 2016Level DDEEDEE Summer Evening Event - NorthopNorthop
Sat 14 May 2016InternationalTio Mila 14-15 May
Sat 14 May 201682 kmLevel BSOSouthdowns Weekend event 1/3. Friston Forest (north). SE Middle Champs, SE League, SO champs (2of6) Friston ForestGoogle / Bing
Sat 14 May 201683 kmLevel CSOSouthdowns Weekend event 2 / 3, Evening Sprint RaceHampden Park, EastbourneGoogle / Bing
Sat 14 May 2016417 kmLevel DBLTalkin TarnTalkin Tarn, Nr BramptonGoogle / Bing
Sat 14 May 2016Level DPOTOCSummer Park League 2Florence and Queens Park
Sat 14 May 2016252 kmLevel DCLAROHarrogate Schools Orienteering League 2015 -16 No 6Valley GardensGoogle / Bing
Sat 14 May 2016Level CWIMDorset Sprint Championships VerwoodPotterne Park, Verwood
Sat 14 May 2016572 kmLevel DKFOTry Orienteering Tentsmuir ForestTentsmuir ForestGoogle / Bing
Sat 14 May 2016Level DSROCSROC club picnicWhitewell
Sat 14 May 2016Level DLVOSpring Cup 3Slieve Croob
Sat 14 May 2016Level DNATOSpring LOP 3TBA
Sun 15 May 2016Level CSYORegional Event & Yvette Baker Trophy HeatSandall Beat
Sun 15 May 2016238 kmLevel CWREWhitchurch WMOA Urban League 2Whitchurch TownGoogle / Bing
Sun 15 May 201682 kmLevel CSOSouthdowns Weekend 3/3. Friston Forest (central / north). SE Score ChampsFriston ForestGoogle / Bing
Sun 15 May 2016Level CCLOKNorth East Orienteering League (NEOL) and YBT roundSilton
Sun 15 May 2016186 kmLevel CBOKASO Championship & BOK OrienteeringSandford & Lyncombe HillGoogle / Bing
Sun 15 May 2016533 kmLevel CINTSoSOL6Calder WoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 15 May 2016201 kmLevel DSWOCPontypool ParkPontypool ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 15 May 2016291 kmLevel CPFOPFO Regional Event & Yvette Baker Trophy NW HeatPeel Park & the CoppiceGoogle / Bing
Sun 15 May 2016666 kmLevel DBASOCAn t' Aonach (Cairngorm) ScoreAn t' AonachGoogle / Bing
Tue 17 May 2016232 kmLevel DWREWrekin Summer Series 3TwemlowsGoogle / Bing
Tue 17 May 2016Level DMVMV Summer Evening SeriesThe Nower
Tue 17 May 2016Level DDEEDEE Summer Evening Event - Delamere EastDelamere East
Wed 18 May 2016158 kmLevel DODOD Local Event - Kingsbury Water ParkKingsbury Water ParkGoogle / Bing
Wed 18 May 2016Level DEBOREBOR Summer LeagueClifton Backies
Wed 18 May 2016Level DRRRR Sprint 6Melrose Town
Wed 18 May 2016181 kmLevel DBOKBOK Urban & Park OrienteeringNailsea EastGoogle / Bing
Wed 18 May 2016Level DMAROCTilquhillie Forest SprintTilquhillie
Thu 19 May 2016Level DNGOCSummer Street Challenge Stonehouse
Thu 19 May 2016167 kmLevel DLEILEI Summer League 4Feanedock and Hanging HillGoogle / Bing
Thu 19 May 2016242 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC Introductory Event (3)Lyme Google / Bing
Sat 21 May 2016Level AMAROCScottish Championships Individual (UKOL)Balmoral
Sat 21 May 2016InternationalEuropean Orienteering Championships 21-28 May / World Cup Rd 2
Sat 21 May 2016102 kmLevel DSOCSOC Summer Series 4Stoke Park WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sat 21 May 2016285 kmLevel DSELOCSaturday Series 04-16 - Dukes Drive Country Park. Dukes Drive ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 21 May 2016Level DPOTOCSummer Park League 3Festival Park
Sat 21 May 2016Level DDFOKDFOK North West Kent Series 3Jeskyns
Sun 22 May 2016Level BGRAMPScottish Championships RelaysBalmoral
Sun 22 May 2016Level CBKOBKO Level C and SCOA league event Bloom Wood
Sun 22 May 201635 kmLevel CSAXSE relaysKnole ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 22 May 2016Level CHALOUK Urban LeagueFreshney & Willows
Sun 22 May 2016Level DNATONATO Chasing sprintExhibition Park
Sun 22 May 2016186 kmLevel CWCHWMOA RelaysHendesford CampGoogle / Bing
Sun 22 May 2016Level DNORNOR Colour Coed
Sun 22 May 201675 kmLevel DSMOCSMOC Keyne-O Loughton Valley ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 22 May 2016Level DSWOCSummer Park Series 1Roath Pleasure Gardens
Tue 24 May 2016235 kmLevel DWREWrekin Summer Series 4Brown MossGoogle / Bing
Tue 24 May 2016Level DSROCSROC sprint seriesCottam
Tue 24 May 2016Level DDFOKDFOK Park Race SeriesGreenwich Park
Wed 25 May 2016Level DELOSprintELOpetbc
Wed 25 May 2016124 kmLevel DODOD Local Event - Hartshill Hayes Country ParkHartshill Hayes Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Wed 25 May 2016Level DEBOREBOR Summer LeagueAllerthorpe Common
Wed 25 May 2016166 kmLevel DBOKBOK Urban & Park OrienteeringStoke GiffordGoogle / Bing
Wed 25 May 2016141 kmLevel DLEILEI Summer League 5Huncote Leisure CentreGoogle / Bing
Thu 26 May 2016Level DSTAGSTAG Spring Evening 9Strathaven Urban & John Hastie Park
Thu 26 May 2016242 kmLevel CMDOCMDOC Summer Evening Event (2)Lyme Google / Bing
Sat 28 May 2016Level CDEVONTamar Triple Day 1Plymouth
Sat 28 May 2016Level DELOELO Local Events in Edinburgh and the Lothianstbc
Sat 28 May 2016Level DMORMOR Saturday & Schools LeagueFindhorn
Sat 28 May 2016144 kmLevel DWSXSummer SeriesLittledown Leisure CentreGoogle / Bing
Sat 28 May 2016Level DNATOSpring LOP 4TBA
Sun 29 May 2016Level CCLAROYHOA Urban LeagueRipon
Sun 29 May 2016Level CDEVONTamar Triple Day 2Bodmin Moor
Mon 30 May 2016Level CEBORYHOA Urban LeagueYork
Mon 30 May 2016Level CKERNOTamar Triple Day 3Mount Edgcumbe
Tue 31 May 2016194 kmLevel DWREWrekin Summer Series 5Bridgnorth Town CentreGoogle / Bing
Tue 31 May 2016155 kmLevel DLEILEI Summer League 6Loughborough BeaconGoogle / Bing
Wed 1 Jun 2016119 kmLevel DODOD Local Event - Itchington HoltItchington HoltGoogle / Bing
Wed 1 Jun 2016Level DBOKBOK Urban & Park OrienteeringButcombe
Wed 1 Jun 2016Level DSWOCSummer Park Series 2Victoria Park
Wed 1 Jun 2016Level DDEE Summer Evening Event - Bryn AlynBryn Alyn
Wed 1 Jun 2016Level DDEEDEE Summer Evening Event - Bryn AlynBryn Alyn
Thu 2 Jun 2016Level DNGOCSummer Street Challenge Newent
Sat 4 Jun 2016Level DNGOCNGOC League 6Kidnalls
Sat 4 Jun 2016103 kmLevel DSOCSOC Summer Series 5IBM HursleyGoogle / Bing
Sat 4 Jun 2016Level DPOTOCSummer Park League 4Burslem and Tunstall
Sat 4 Jun 2016Level DSOSO SOG S10 / AGM handicap event. Southwick Hill, Mile Oak, PortsladeSouthwick Hill
Sat 4 Jun 2016Level DWIMSteamer Point, Highcliffe Try OrienteeringSteamer Point, Highcliffe, Christchurch
Sat 4 Jun 2016Level CWSXPoole Town RacePoole Town Centre
Sat 4 Jun 2016Level DDFOKDFOK North West Kent Series 4Shooters Hill
Sun 5 Jun 2016160 kmLevel CODOD Yvette Baker Trophy (round 1)Pooley Country Park, PolesworthGoogle / Bing
Sun 5 Jun 2016Level BESOCScottish Orienteering League 4Baluain
Sun 5 Jun 2016Level CSYOYHOA Urban SprintAttercliffe/Don Valley
Sun 5 Jun 2016Level CTVOCTVOC Regional Event & SCOA LeagueKings Wood
Sun 5 Jun 2016366 kmLevel CLOCLOC Cumbrian GaloppenHaveriggGoogle / Bing
Sun 5 Jun 2016Level DNORNOR Summer Series
Sun 5 Jun 2016Level DMWOCMWOC League Event - 4 (Long O)Llyn Conach
Sun 5 Jun 201653 kmLevel DSAXSummer SeriesMote ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 5 Jun 2016176 kmLevel DBOKBOK Klub Orienteering ChampionshipsStockhillGoogle / Bing
Sun 5 Jun 2016141 kmLevel DLEILEI Summer League 7Burrough HillGoogle / Bing
Sun 5 Jun 2016398 kmLevel DNATONATO Local eventJesmond ValeGoogle / Bing
Mon 6 Jun 2016Level DWIMWIM/WSX Monthly Evening event StonebarrowStoneBarrow Hill NT, Charmouth
Tue 7 Jun 2016191 kmLevel DWREWrekin Summer Series 6Stanmore Country Park Google / Bing
Tue 7 Jun 2016Level DSROCSROC sprint seriesWilliamson Park
Wed 8 Jun 2016Level DELOSprintELOpetbc
Wed 8 Jun 2016138 kmLevel DODOD Local Event - Warwick UniversityWarwick UniversityGoogle / Bing
Wed 8 Jun 2016Level DEBOREBOR Summer LeagueBishop Wood South
Wed 8 Jun 2016Level DBOKBOK Urban & Park OrienteeringWorle
Wed 8 Jun 2016Level DDVOMatlock Summer Series, The ArcThe Arc
Wed 8 Jun 2016284 kmLevel DPFO(1/4) June ScoreMarl PitsGoogle / Bing
Thu 9 Jun 2016Level DSTAGSTAG Spring Evening 11Calderglen CP & St.Leonard's Estate
Thu 9 Jun 201653 kmLevel DSAXSummer SeriesMote ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 9 Jun 2016137 kmLevel DLEIBritish Schools Score Practice Event. Brocks HillBrocks Hill Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 9 Jun 2016Level DDEE Summer Evening Event - Little BudworthLittle Budworth Common
Thu 9 Jun 2016Level DDEEDEE Summer Evening Event - Little BudworthLittle Budworth Common
Sat 11 Jun 2016Level ABritish Sprint Championships (UKOL)Olympic Park
Sat 11 Jun 2016Level DDVOStaunton Harold Informal EventStaunton Harold
Sat 11 Jun 2016147 kmLevel DWSXSummer Series Boscombe Chine and GardensGoogle / Bing
Sat 11 Jun 2016Level DNATOSpring LOP 5TBA
Sun 12 Jun 2016Level ABritish Middle Championships (UKOL)Leith Hill
Sun 12 Jun 2016Level DNORNOR Summer Series
Sun 12 Jun 2016Level DKERNOSummer series 1Truro
Tue 14 Jun 2016185 kmLevel DWREWrekin Summer Series 7Severn Valley Country Park Google / Bing
Tue 14 Jun 2016Level DMVMole Park RaceMitcham Cricket Green
Tue 14 Jun 2016232 kmLevel CMDOCMDOC Summer Evening Event (3)Macclesfield ForestGoogle / Bing
Wed 15 Jun 2016152 kmLevel DODOD Local Summer Evening EventElmdon ParkGoogle / Bing
Wed 15 Jun 2016Level DEBOREBOR Summer LeaguePocklington
Wed 15 Jun 2016Level DBOKBOK Urban & Park OrienteeringKeynsham
Wed 15 Jun 2016Level DDVOMatlock Summer Series, Cambridge WoodsCambridge Woods
Wed 15 Jun 2016235 kmLevel DSWOCStorey Arms Evening EventStorey ArmsGoogle / Bing
Wed 15 Jun 2016280 kmLevel DPFO(2/4) June ScoreLee Quarry & StubbyleeGoogle / Bing
Thu 16 Jun 2016Level DNGOCSummer Street Challenge Ross on Wye
Thu 16 Jun 2016146 kmLevel DLEILEI Summer League 8Watermead ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 18 Jun 2016InternationalJukola Relay 18 - 19 June
Sat 18 Jun 2016Level CEBOREBOR Relays
Sat 18 Jun 2016Level CDVOEM League Event - CarsingtonCarsington
Sat 18 Jun 2016Level DSAXSAX KOLHaysden country park
Sat 18 Jun 2016104 kmLevel DSOCSOC Summer Series 6LakesideGoogle / Bing
Sat 18 Jun 2016Level DBLGelt Woods EastGelt Woods, Nr Brampton
Sat 18 Jun 2016529 kmLevel DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansBonalyGoogle / Bing
Sat 18 Jun 2016Level DWAOCWimpole Hall WAOC Summer SeriesWimpole Hall
Sat 18 Jun 201682 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series Oxford University ParksUniversity ParksGoogle / Bing
Sat 18 Jun 2016Level DNATOSpring LOP 6 - & BBQRising Sun Country Park
Sun 19 Jun 2016Level CEBOREBOR Club Championships
Sun 19 Jun 2016Level CSOSO District event Level CCapite Wood
Sun 19 Jun 2016Level CSOSSOS Colour Coded & ESSOLDanbury Park&Lakes
Sun 19 Jun 2016Level DNWONWO RelayShaw Ridge
Sun 19 Jun 2016Level CDEVONDevon League Event No.6Braunton Sands
Sun 19 Jun 2016Level CESOCJamie Stevenson Trophy 2016
Sun 19 Jun 2016284 kmLevel CSELOCHorwich Sprint EventLever Park and Horwich Town CentreGoogle / Bing
Sun 19 Jun 2016Level DHOCHOC Event Sandwell Valley
Sun 19 Jun 2016Level DNORNOR Summer Series
Sun 19 Jun 2016Level DSWOCSummer Park Series 3Bute Park
Tue 21 Jun 2016204 kmLevel DWREWrekin Summer Series 8Telford Town Park Google / Bing
Tue 21 Jun 2016Level DSROCSROC sprint seriesWorden Park
Tue 21 Jun 2016Level DMVMV Summer Evening Series / Park RaceMitcham Cricket Ground
Tue 21 Jun 2016Level DDEE Summer Evening Event - Edge Hill campusEdge Hill Campus
Tue 21 Jun 2016Level DDEEDEE Summer Evening Event - Edge Hill campusEdge Hill Campus
Wed 22 Jun 2016Level DELOSprintELOpetbc
Wed 22 Jun 2016173 kmLevel DDVORosliston Forestry Centre Informal EventRosliston Forestery CentreGoogle / Bing
Wed 22 Jun 2016130 kmLevel DODOD Local Summer Evening Event Ryton Pools Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Wed 22 Jun 2016Level DEBOREBOR Summer LeagueEarswick
Wed 22 Jun 2016Level DBOKBOK Urban & Park OrienteeringChippenham
Wed 22 Jun 2016Level DDVOMatlock Summer Series, 40 Acre Wood40 Acre Wood
Wed 22 Jun 2016152 kmLevel DLEILEI Summer League 9Bradgate Park ParkGoogle / Bing
Wed 22 Jun 2016289 kmLevel DPFO(3/4) June Score (copy)Towneley Park & CollieryGoogle / Bing
Thu 23 Jun 2016Level DLOKLOK - London Park Race
Thu 23 Jun 2016192 kmLevel DLOGLincs Urban LeagueBoultham ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 25 Jun 2016Level CAIREThe Dales Town and Country Weekend / YHOA Urban LeagueSettle & Giggleswick
Sat 25 Jun 2016Level DELOELO Local Events in Edinburgh and the Lothians (copy)tbc
Sat 25 Jun 201671 kmLevel CSMOCSMOC Milton Keynes Urban and Keyne-OWestcroft/Howe Park WoodGoogle / Bing
Sat 25 Jun 2016Level DMORMOR Saturday & Schools LeagueOakenhead
Sat 25 Jun 2016Level DKERNOSummer Series 2
Sat 25 Jun 2016Level CGRAMPSOUL 5 Aberdeen WesthillWesthill
Sun 26 Jun 2016Level BAIREThe Dales Town and Country Weekend / YHOA SuperleagueYockenthwaite
Sun 26 Jun 2016Level CLEIEM Urban LeagueIbstock & Heather
Sun 26 Jun 2016Level DLOKLOK GLOSS Eventtbc
Sun 26 Jun 2016Level DNORNOR Summer Series
Sun 26 Jun 2016138 kmLevel BNGOCHarvester RelaysCleeve HillGoogle / Bing
Sun 26 Jun 2016154 kmLevel DBOKBOK Adams Avery & ASO RelaysDyrham ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 26 Jun 2016Level CMAROCGlen Fearder
Tue 28 Jun 2016206 kmLevel DWREWrekin Summer Series 9Wrockwardine WoodGoogle / Bing
Wed 29 Jun 2016165 kmLevel DODOD Local Event - Sutton Park Gates RunSutton ParkGoogle / Bing
Wed 29 Jun 2016Level DBLCumbria Schools ChampsHackthorpe New Wood
Wed 29 Jun 2016173 kmLevel DBOKBOK Urban & Park OrienteeringHarbourside, Ashton Park School and ParkGoogle / Bing
Wed 29 Jun 2016Level DDVOMatlock Summer Series, Farley MoorFarley Moor
Wed 29 Jun 2016Level DSWOCSummer Park Series 4Roath Park
Wed 29 Jun 2016287 kmLevel DPFO(4/4) June Score FINALECalf HeyGoogle / Bing
Thu 30 Jun 2016Level DNGOCSummer Street Challenge Abbeydale/Barnwood
Thu 30 Jun 2016238 kmLevel CMDOCMDOC Summer Evening Event (4)Brereton HeathGoogle / Bing
Sat 2 Jul 2016106 kmLevel DSOCSOC Summer Series 7Telegraph WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sat 2 Jul 2016Level CEPOCYHOA Superleague including YHOA Schools ChampionshipsFarnley Tyas
Sat 2 Jul 2016Level CWIMWIM SEOUL Urban Event - FordingbridgeFordingbridge
Sat 2 Jul 2016Level DDFOKDFOK North West Kent Series 5Lesnes Abbey
Sun 3 Jul 201627 kmLevel BHHYvette Baker Trophy FinalWormley WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sun 3 Jul 2016Level CEPOCYHOA Urban LeagueHudderfield
Sun 3 Jul 2016Level CCLOKNorth East Urban League (NEUL) eventBarnard Castle
Sun 3 Jul 2016Level DGOGO Come and Try ItNewlands Corner
Sun 3 Jul 2016Level DPOTOCWMOA Urban League 3Leek
Sun 3 Jul 2016Level DMVMV GLOSS EventNonsuch Park
Sun 3 Jul 2016Level DSARUMMoonraker Relay
Sun 3 Jul 201699 kmLevel DSUFFOCSUFFOC CATINowton ParkGoogle / Bing
Mon 4 Jul 2016Level DWSXWessex Club Night
Tue 5 Jul 2016223 kmLevel DWREWrekin Summer Series 10Shrewsbury Town CentreGoogle / Bing
Tue 5 Jul 2016Level DSROCSROC sprint seriesLancaster university
Tue 5 Jul 2016Level DDFOKDFOK Park Race SeriesBeckenham Place Park
Wed 6 Jul 2016150 kmLevel DODOD Local Summer Evening EventBrueton ParkGoogle / Bing
Wed 6 Jul 2016182 kmLevel DBOKBOK Urban & Park OrienteeringPortisheadGoogle / Bing
Wed 6 Jul 2016Level DDVOMatlock Summer Series, Bottom MoorBottom Moor
Wed 6 Jul 2016Level DDEE Summer Evening Event - ErddigErddig Country park
Wed 6 Jul 2016Level DDEEDEE Summer Evening Event - ErddigErddig Country Park
Thu 7 Jul 2016Level DLOGLincs Urban League
Sat 9 Jul 2016Level BMDOCMDOC Sprint/Urban Weekend (UKOL)Stockport
Sat 9 Jul 201621 kmLevel DHHHH Saturday League & GLOSSHaberdashers' Aske's SchoolsGoogle / Bing
Sat 9 Jul 2016Level DWIMBadbury Rings Try OrienteeringBadbury Rings, Kingston Lacy Estate
Sat 9 Jul 201650 kmLevel DSAXSumer SeriesDunorlan ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 10 Jul 2016Level BMDOCMDOC Sprint/Urban Weekend (UKOL)Manchester City
Sun 10 Jul 2016InternationalJunior World Orienteering Championships 10-18 July
Sun 10 Jul 2016Level DSOSSOS Two-round sprintsThe Naze
Sun 10 Jul 201676 kmLevel DSMOCSMOC Keyne-O Great Linford (TBC)Google / Bing
Sun 10 Jul 2016Level DMWOCMWOC League Event - 5Allt y Crib
Sun 10 Jul 2016Level DWSXWessex Hardy Relay
Sun 10 Jul 2016Level DKERNOSummer Series 3Cornwall College Camborne
Mon 11 Jul 2016Level DDVOJohn Port School Informal Event - S DerbyshireJohn Port School
Tue 12 Jul 2016217 kmLevel DWREWrekin Summer Series 11Attingham Park Google / Bing
Tue 12 Jul 2016Level DSROCSROC sprint seriesMyerscough College
Tue 12 Jul 2016Level DMVMV Summer Evening SeriesPolesden Lacey
Tue 12 Jul 2016243 kmLevel CMDOCMDOC Summer Evening Event (5)Alderley EdgeGoogle / Bing
Wed 13 Jul 2016137 kmLevel DODOD Local Summer Evening Event Memorial ParkGoogle / Bing
Wed 13 Jul 2016154 kmLevel DBOKBOK Urban & Park OrienteeringDursleyGoogle / Bing
Wed 13 Jul 2016Level DDVOMatlock Summer Series, Oker HillOker Hill
Wed 13 Jul 2016211 kmLevel DSWOCClydach Terrace Evening Event Clydach TerraceGoogle / Bing
Thu 14 Jul 2016Level DNGOCSummer Street Challenge Longlevens or Bishops Cleeve
Thu 14 Jul 2016Level DLOKLOK - London Park Race
Thu 14 Jul 201650 kmLevel DSAXSummer SeriesDunorlan ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 16 Jul 2016Level DNGOCNGOC League 7Robinswood Hill
Sat 16 Jul 2016110 kmLevel DSOCSOC Summer Series 8RVCPGoogle / Bing
Sat 16 Jul 2016398 kmLevel DBLAlston UrbanAlston townGoogle / Bing
Sat 16 Jul 2016Level CFVOSprint Scotland 1Grangemouth am
Sat 16 Jul 2016Level CFVOSprint Scotland 2Grangemouth
Sat 16 Jul 2016Level CSNSN Urban EventGoldsworth Park
Sat 16 Jul 2016Level DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series placeholderTBC
Sat 16 Jul 2016Level DLOGLincs Urban Series
Sun 17 Jul 2016175 kmLevel CNOCEast Midlands Urban League (NOC)Nottingham CityGoogle / Bing
Sun 17 Jul 2016Level DDFOKDFOK GLOSS EventLloyd Park
Sun 17 Jul 2016Level DDEVONDevon RelaysBurrator
Sun 17 Jul 2016Level DNATONATO Local eventQEII Park
Sun 17 Jul 2016146 kmLevel DWSXSummer SeriesQueens ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 17 Jul 2016Level DSWOCSummer Park Series 5Thompson Park
Tue 19 Jul 2016221 kmLevel DWREWrekin Summer Series 12Lyth HillGoogle / Bing
Wed 20 Jul 2016151 kmLevel DODOD Local Summer Evening EventTudor Grange ParkGoogle / Bing
Wed 20 Jul 2016166 kmLevel DBOKBOK Urban & Park OrienteeringStockwoodGoogle / Bing
Wed 20 Jul 2016Level DDVOMatlock Summer Series, Whitworth ParkWhitworth Park
Wed 20 Jul 2016Level DDEEDEE Summer Evening Event - Calderstones ParkCalderstones Park
Sat 23 Jul 2016InternationalOringen 23 - 29 July
Sat 23 Jul 2016530 kmLevel DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansBlackford HillGoogle / Bing
Sun 24 Jul 2016Level BCroeso 2016 Day 1 (UKOL)Kenfig Burrows
Sun 24 Jul 2016Level DSLOWSLOW GLOSS Eventtbc
Mon 25 Jul 2016Level BCroeso 2016 Day 2 (UKOL)Kenfig Burrows
Tue 26 Jul 2016Level BCroeso 2016 Day 3Margam Forest North
Wed 27 Jul 2016Level DSWOCSummer Park Series 6Llandaff Fields
Thu 28 Jul 2016Level BCroeso 2016 Day 4Pen Rhiw Wen
Fri 29 Jul 2016Level BCroeso 2016 Day 5 (the final day)Craig Fawr, Margam Park
Sat 30 Jul 2016InternationalWorld University Orienteering Championships 30 Jul to 5 AugMiskolc
Sat 30 Jul 2016Level DWAOCSummer seriesCambourne
Sat 30 Jul 2016Level DINTPurple Thistle Day 1Balmacara
Sun 31 Jul 2016Level DINTPurple Thistle Day 2Balmacara
Tue 2 Aug 2016201 kmLevel DWREWrekin Summer Series 13Ludlow Town CentreGoogle / Bing
Wed 3 Aug 2016137 kmLevel DODOD Local Summer Evening EventRough Close Scout Camp, Tile Hill CoventryGoogle / Bing
Fri 5 Aug 2016InternationalWorld Masters Orienteering Championships 5-14 Aug
Sun 7 Aug 2016Level DPOTOCScore, BBQ and PresentationParkhall C. P.
Sun 7 Aug 2016Level DKERNOSummer Series 4Davidstow Moor
Tue 9 Aug 2016212 kmLevel DWREWrekin Summer Series 14Onny Meadows Google / Bing
Tue 9 Aug 2016Level DMVMV Summer Evening SeriesNonsuch Park
Wed 10 Aug 2016151 kmLevel DODOD Local Summer Evening EventHillfield ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 11 Aug 2016Level DSTAGSTAG's Pure Dead Brilliant Series No.1Northside Woods
Sat 13 Aug 2016Level DBLCarlisle ParksThe Sands Centre, Carlisle
Sun 14 Aug 2016Level CLOGEMUL LeagueLincoln City
Sun 14 Aug 2016Level DNGOCNGOC League 8Gloucester City Centre
Sun 14 Aug 201669 kmLevel DSMOCSMOC Keyne-O Caldecotte LakeGoogle / Bing
Sun 14 Aug 2016Level DKERNOSummer Series 5Hayle Towans
Sun 14 Aug 2016Level DWIMFurrow Hoppers Relay EventPotterne Park, Verwood
Tue 16 Aug 2016217 kmLevel DWREWrekin Summer Series 15Plush Hill Google / Bing
Wed 17 Aug 2016124 kmLevel DODOD Local Summer Evening EventCawston GrangeGoogle / Bing
Wed 17 Aug 2016207 kmLevel DSWOCPwll Ddu Evening Event Pwll DduGoogle / Bing
Thu 18 Aug 201638 kmLevel DSAXSummer SeriesTrosley CPGoogle / Bing
Thu 18 Aug 2016Level DSTAGSTAG's Pure Dead Brilliant Series No.2Greenhead Moss
Sat 20 Aug 2016InternationalWorld Orienteering Championships 20-28 Aug / World Cup Rd 3
Sat 20 Aug 2016Level DDVOForemark Reservoir Infromal Event - S DerbyshireForemark Reservoir
Sat 20 Aug 2016Level DMORMOR Saturday & Schools LeagueTBN
Sat 20 Aug 2016Level DWIMMoors Valley Country Park Try OrienteeringMoors Valley Country Park
Sat 20 Aug 2016398 kmLevel DNATOPark SprintLeaves ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 21 Aug 2016Level CLOKLOK - SE Sprint ChampsBloomsbury
Sun 21 Aug 2016Level CNATOUKUL, North East Urban League (NEUL) and Orienteering League (NEOL) eventNewcastle
Sun 21 Aug 2016Level DKERNOSummer Series 6National Trust Trelissick
Sun 21 Aug 2016Level CGRAMPGlen Dye Level CGlen Dye
Tue 23 Aug 2016219 kmLevel DWREWrekin Summer Series 16Pole Cottage Google / Bing
Wed 24 Aug 2016160 kmLevel DODOD Local Summer Evening EventPooley Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Wed 24 Aug 2016Level DDVODVO Try Orienteering Event - LongshawLongshaw Estate
Thu 25 Aug 2016Level DSTAG's Pure Dead Brilliant Series No.3Strathclyde Country Park
Thu 25 Aug 2016Level DSTAGSTAG's Pure Dead Brilliant Series No.3Strathclyde Country Park
Sat 27 Aug 2016Level BEBORWhite Rose WeekendDalby Forest
Sat 27 Aug 2016148 kmLevel DWSXSummer Series Slades FarmGoogle / Bing
Sat 27 Aug 2016669 kmLevel DBASOCGlenmoreGlenmoreGoogle / Bing
Sun 28 Aug 2016Level BEBORWhite Rose Weekend & YHOA SuperleagueDalby Forest
Sun 28 Aug 2016Level CMVMV Urban Event
Mon 29 Aug 2016Level CEBORWhite Rose Weekend RelaysDalby Forest
Mon 29 Aug 2016Level CTVOCTVOC Urban EventGrove
Wed 31 Aug 2016115 kmLevel DODOD Local Summer Evening EventBurton Dassett Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Wed 31 Aug 2016Level DDVODVO Try Orienteering Event - IlamIlam
Thu 1 Sep 2016Level DSTAGSTAG's Pure Dead Brilliant Series No.4Pollok Country Park
Sat 3 Sep 2016Level BVeteran Home Internationals
Sat 3 Sep 2016304 kmLevel BDEEThe Liverpool Big WeekendAinsdaleGoogle / Bing
Sat 3 Sep 2016157 kmLevel CBOKBOK Blast Sprint OrienteeringYateGoogle / Bing
Sat 3 Sep 2016Level CLVONI Long Distance ChampionshipsCassy Water
Sat 3 Sep 2016Level DHHHH Saturday LeagueBentley Priory
Sun 4 Sep 2016Level BVeteran Home Internationals
Sun 4 Sep 2016287 kmLevel BSELOCThe Liverpool Big WeekendLiverpool City CentreGoogle / Bing
Sun 4 Sep 2016177 kmLevel CBOKBOK Blast - SEOUL Urban OrienteeringWellsGoogle / Bing
Sun 4 Sep 2016Level CCLOKCLOK Regional eventSouth Gare
Sun 4 Sep 2016Level DESOCESOC Ultrasprint
Sun 4 Sep 2016107 kmLevel DSAXSummer SeriesBetteshangerGoogle / Bing
Sun 4 Sep 2016Level CMAROCCarlogie
Sun 4 Sep 2016Level DLVOAutumn Trophy 1Hillsborough Forest
Thu 8 Sep 2016Level DSTAGSTAG's Pure Dead Brilliant Series No.5Kelvingrove Park
Sat 10 Sep 2016Level BSLOWLondon City RaceCity of London
Sat 10 Sep 2016398 kmLevel DBLEycott HillEycott Hill, Nr BerrierGoogle / Bing
Sat 10 Sep 2016Level DSROCSROC autumn series 1
Sat 10 Sep 2016Level CBASOCWOLF - Glen Gynack, Middle DistanceGlen Gynack
Sat 10 Sep 2016Level CBASOCWOLF - Kingussie, Sprint, SOUL 8Kingussie
Sun 11 Sep 2016Level BLEIPeter Palmer Junior Team RelayRatby Woodlands
Sun 11 Sep 2016Level BBASOCWOLF - Uath Lochans, SOL5Uath Lochans
Sun 11 Sep 2016Level CSYORegional EventWombwell
Sun 11 Sep 2016219 kmLevel DWREJohn Bennison Long OLong Mynd Google / Bing
Sun 11 Sep 2016Level CNNNorth East Orienteering League (NEOL) eventThe Cragg Estate
Sun 11 Sep 2016Level DLOKLOK District EventHampstead Heath
Sun 11 Sep 201673 kmLevel DSMOCSMOC Keyne-O WillenGoogle / Bing
Sun 11 Sep 2016107 kmLevel DSAXSummer SeriesBetteshangerGoogle / Bing
Thu 15 Sep 2016Level DSTAG's Pure Dead Brilliant Series No.6Summerston & Maryhill
Thu 15 Sep 2016Level DSTAG's Pure Dead Brilliant Series No.6Summerston & Maryhill
Thu 15 Sep 2016Level DSTAG's Pure Dead Brilliant Series No.6
Thu 15 Sep 2016Level DSTAGSTAG's Pure Dead Brilliant Series No.6Summerston & Gilshochill
Sat 17 Sep 2016Level BPFOLancashire Hot Pot Weekend Urban (UKOL)Todmorden
Sat 17 Sep 2016123 kmLevel DSOCSOC Level D - Salisbury TrenchSalisbury TrenchGoogle / Bing
Sat 17 Sep 2016Level DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the Lothians
Sat 17 Sep 2016Level DMORMOR Saturday & Schools LeagueRoseisle
Sat 17 Sep 2016149 kmLevel DWSXSummer Series Bournemouth UniversityGoogle / Bing
Sat 17 Sep 2016Level DSOSO SOG A1Southwick Hill
Sat 17 Sep 2016173 kmLevel DBOKBOK & ASO Score OrienteeringAshton CourtGoogle / Bing
Sat 17 Sep 2016224 kmLevel DSWOCMerthyr Common SouthMerthyr Common SouthGoogle / Bing
Sun 18 Sep 2016Level BPFOLancashire Hot Pot Weekend Long Distance (UKOL)Hurstwood
Sun 18 Sep 2016Level DDEVONDevon Club ChampionshipsFire Beacon
Sun 18 Sep 2016Level DNATONATO Local eventDoctor Pit
Sun 18 Sep 2016Level CSTAGSTAG's 18th Glasgow Parks Championships - 3 Parks in 1 DayGlasgow
Sun 18 Sep 2016Level CGOGO Guildford City RaceBurpham
Sun 18 Sep 2016Level DPOTOCPOTOC Leisure and Training EventStone Common Plot
Sun 18 Sep 201664 kmLevel DWAOCWAOC Ampthill Park Colour CodedAmpthill ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 18 Sep 2016155 kmLevel DNORNOR Colour CodedUEA & Earlham ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 18 Sep 2016Level CWIMWIM GaloppenGodshill, New Forest
Sun 18 Sep 2016152 kmLevel CODTony Haw Score ChampionshipsElmdon ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 18 Sep 2016Level DMWOCMWOC League Event - 6Gilwern Hill
Sat 24 Sep 2016Level BMAROCJunior Inter Regional Championships Individual Cambus O May
Sat 24 Sep 2016Level DNGOCNGOC League 9Minchinhampton Common
Sat 24 Sep 2016Level DSOLWAYSolway Orienteers - Autumn Seriestbc
Sat 24 Sep 2016Level DWIMWimborne Try OrienteeringWimborne
Sat 24 Sep 2016Level DSOSO SOG A2Lancing Ring
Sat 24 Sep 2016284 kmLevel DPFO(1/3) Autumn Series Marl PitsMarl PitsGoogle / Bing
Sun 25 Sep 2016Level BGRAMPJunior Inter Regional Championships RelaysForvie
Sun 25 Sep 2016Level CCLAROYHOA SuperleagueHarlow Carr & Hill
Sun 25 Sep 2016241 kmLevel BDVODVO Level B - Chinley ChurnChinley ChurnGoogle / Bing
Sun 25 Sep 201696 kmLevel CSUFFOCSUFFOC Colour CodedIckworth NorthGoogle / Bing
Sun 25 Sep 2016Level CNWONWO Urban EventRoyal Wootton Bassett (TBC)
Sun 25 Sep 2016Level DKERNOForest league 1TBA
Sun 25 Sep 2016Level CSAXSAX District Eventtbc
Fri 30 Sep 2016InternationalJunior European Championships - Sprint
Sat 1 Oct 2016245 kmLevel BWSXCaddihoe Chase Day 1 (UKOL)Agglestone HeathGoogle / Bing
Sat 1 Oct 2016InternationalJunior European Championships - Relays
Sat 1 Oct 2016Level CLEIEM Urban League Dishley Grange
Sat 1 Oct 2016Level CNWOCNI Colour Series 4TBC
Sat 1 Oct 2016Level DMORMOR Saturday & Schools LeaguePhorp/Newtyle
Sat 1 Oct 2016Level DHHHH Saturday League & Youth LeagueOaklands College
Sat 1 Oct 2016Level DSROCSROC autumn series 2
Sat 1 Oct 2016297 kmLevel DPFO(2/3) Autumn Series - Dean CloughDean Clough - south sideGoogle / Bing
Sun 2 Oct 2016Level BCLYDEScottish Orienteering League 6Aberfoyle
Sun 2 Oct 2016245 kmLevel BWSXCaddihoe Chase Day 2 (UKOL)Agglestone HeathGoogle / Bing
Sun 2 Oct 2016InternationalJunior European Championships - Individual
Sun 2 Oct 2016Level CHALORegional Event
Sun 2 Oct 2016Level CCLOKNorth East Urban League (NEUL) eventGuisbrough
Sun 2 Oct 2016Level CWCHWMOA League 8Shoal Hill
Sun 2 Oct 201675 kmLevel DSMOCSMOC Keyne-O Linford WoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 2 Oct 2016Level CHAVOCHAVOC Epping Forest SW and EAL
Sun 2 Oct 2016Level CLOCLOC Cumbrian GaloppenBirkett Common
Tue 4 Oct 2016Level DSOSO SONIC 1tbc
Sat 8 Oct 2016Level BNATOOctober Odyssey Day 1 incl. JHI
Sat 8 Oct 2016Level BLEIBritish Schools Score ChampionshipsBagworth Common and Woods
Sat 8 Oct 2016International25manna 8/9 Oct
Sat 8 Oct 2016123 kmLevel DSOCSOC Level D - New CopseNew CopseGoogle / Bing
Sat 8 Oct 2016Level CWAOCWAOC Ely City Urban RaceEly
Sat 8 Oct 2016221 kmLevel DWREBury DitchesBury Ditches Hill Fort Google / Bing
Sat 8 Oct 2016280 kmLevel DDEVONDevon&Quantock Long-O Day 1Belstone Google / Bing
Sat 8 Oct 2016173 kmLevel DBOKBOK Saturday LeagueBlaise CastleGoogle / Bing
Sat 8 Oct 2016215 kmLevel DSWOCLlangattockLlangattockGoogle / Bing
Sun 9 Oct 2016Level BNATOOctober Odyssey Day 2 incl. JHI, North East Champs, and North East Orienteering League (NEOL)
Sun 9 Oct 2016Level CNOCEast Midlands League (NOC)Byron's Walk
Sun 9 Oct 2016Level CSOSSOS Colour Coded & ESSOLWivenhoe Park & Woods
Sun 9 Oct 2016Level CODOD WMOA Urban League 4
Sun 9 Oct 2016Level CSARUMSARUM Galoppen & SCOA LeagueCollingbourne Woods
Sun 9 Oct 2016280 kmLevel DDEVONDevon&Quantock Long-O Day 2BelstoneGoogle / Bing
Sun 9 Oct 2016Level CSOSO District EventDevils Dyke
Sun 9 Oct 2016300 kmLevel CPFO(3/3) Nick O'Pendle Level CNick O'PendleGoogle / Bing
Mon 10 Oct 2016Level DWSXWessex Club Night & Night League
Fri 14 Oct 2016InternationalWorld Cup Round 4 14-16 Oct
Sat 15 Oct 2016532 kmLevel DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansHolyrood ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 15 Oct 2016385 kmLevel DBLAskham FellAskham Fell, Helton, Nr PenrithGoogle / Bing
Sat 15 Oct 2016Level DGOGO Come and Try ItFarley Heath
Sat 15 Oct 2016Level DPOTOCPOTOC Leisure and Training EventBiddulph Grange C.P.
Sat 15 Oct 2016Level CFERMONI Colour Series 5TBC
Sat 15 Oct 2016Level CEPOCEPOC Regional Event
Sun 16 Oct 2016Level ASYOCompassSport Cup FinalTankersley
Sun 16 Oct 2016Level DMWOCMWOC League Event - 7Bwlch y Garreg