Map of Forthcoming Orienteering Races
     this week,      next week,      week after, etc
by Ollie O'Brien
Map data by OpenStreetMap contributors
Last updated: 03 Sep 2015 01:06
DateDistanceLevelClubEventAreaLocation Maps
TODAY551 kmLevel DSTAGSTAG Autumn Evening Event 3Tollcross ParkGoogle / Bing
TODAY193 kmLevel DLOGIndoor Championships University of LincolnGoogle / Bing
TODAY405 kmLevel DWCOCAutumn Park Series - MirehouseMirehouseGoogle / Bing
Sat 5 Sep 2015279 kmLevel BDEVONCaddihoe Chase Day 1Fernworthy ReservoirGoogle / Bing
Sat 5 Sep 201534 kmLevel CHHHH Saturday League and Jack of HertsBurnham BeechesGoogle / Bing
Sat 5 Sep 2015Level CLOGLincoln City Race (EMUL)Lincoln
Sat 5 Sep 2015354 kmLevel DPFOPFO CAPRICORNHowgill FellsGoogle / Bing
Sat 5 Sep 2015Level CNWOCNI Colour Series 5Portstewart Strand
Sat 5 Sep 2015685 kmLevel CBASOCHighland WOLF Middle DistanceAnagach and HeathfieldGoogle / Bing
Sat 5 Sep 2015Level CBASOCHighland WOLF Urban Sprint, SOUL 6Grantown-on-Spey
Sat 5 Sep 2015684 kmLevel DINTScottish Junior Inter-Area RelayFree Church WoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 6 Sep 2015411 kmLevel BBLFaulds Brow B EventFaulds BrowGoogle / Bing
Sun 6 Sep 2015680 kmLevel BBASOCHIghland WOLF CompassPoint Scottish O League 7Loch Vaa NorthGoogle / Bing
Sun 6 Sep 2015224 kmLevel CSYOMiddle Distance Regional EventBowden HousteadsGoogle / Bing
Sun 6 Sep 2015279 kmLevel BDEVONCaddihoe Chase Day 2Fernworthy ReservoirGoogle / Bing
Sun 6 Sep 2015352 kmLevel CCLOKCLOK Regional EventSouth Gare dunesGoogle / Bing
Sun 6 Sep 2015Level CLEILEI (EM Urban League) Loughborough
Mon 7 Sep 2015131 kmLevel DWIMWIM/WSX Monthly Evening Event - Hyde/GorleyHyde CommonGoogle / Bing
Wed 9 Sep 2015544 kmLevel DGRAMPWestburn Park - Urban Sprint LeagueWestburn ParkGoogle / Bing
Wed 9 Sep 2015Level DSBOCSBOC Local EventMumbles Hill, Swansea
Wed 9 Sep 201585 kmLevel DSOSSOS Summer Series, Highwoods UrbanHighwoods urban areaGoogle / Bing
Thu 10 Sep 2015555 kmLevel DSTAGSTAG Autumn Evening Event 4Bellahouston ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 10 Sep 2015409 kmLevel DWCOCAutumn Park Series - WhitehavenWhitehavenGoogle / Bing
Fri 11 Sep 20152 kmLevel CSLOWImperial College Night SprintImperial CollegeGoogle / Bing
Sat 12 Sep 20154 kmLevel BSLOWLondon City RaceCity of London (East)Google / Bing
Sat 12 Sep 2015173 kmLevel DBOKBOK Saturday Winter SeriesLeigh WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sat 12 Sep 2015537 kmLevel DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansLauriston CastleGoogle / Bing
Sat 12 Sep 2015209 kmLevel DPOTOCPOTOC Leisure and Training EventDowns BanksGoogle / Bing
Sat 12 Sep 2015183 kmLevel DDVODarley Park Informal EventDarley ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 12 Sep 2015130 kmLevel DSOCSOC Level D - HinchesleaHinchesleaGoogle / Bing
Sat 12 Sep 2015Level DLVOClub Autumn Trophy 1Woodburn Forest
Sat 12 Sep 2015333 kmLevel DSROCSROC autumn series 1Williamson ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 12 Sep 2015292 kmLevel DAIREAIRE Wharfedale Autumn OliteHeber's GhyllGoogle / Bing
Sat 12 Sep 2015249 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC Park Event (1)Bramhall ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 12 Sep 2015Level DFERMOAutumn Series 1Florencecourt
Sun 13 Sep 201574 kmLevel BSOPeter Palmer Junior Team Relay. Lancing Manor. ** DIRECT TRAINS FROM LONDON AFTER CITY RACE **Lancing Manor & Lancing RingGoogle / Bing
Sun 13 Sep 2015219 kmLevel CSWOCWelsh League Event 2015LlangynidyrGoogle / Bing
Sun 13 Sep 2015Level CCLARORegional EventHanging Moor
Sun 13 Sep 2015217 kmLevel DWREThe John Bennison Long O Long Mynd Google / Bing
Sun 13 Sep 2015366 kmLevel DNNNN Local EventBishop Auckland ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 13 Sep 201571 kmLevel DWAOCWAOC Colour CodedWimpole Hall EstateGoogle / Bing
Sun 13 Sep 201573 kmLevel DSMOCKeyne-O, Campbell ParkCampbell ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 13 Sep 20157 kmLevel CLOKLOK UltrasprintWaterlow ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 13 Sep 2015327 kmLevel CKERNOForest League 1Davidstow Moor Google / Bing
Sun 13 Sep 2015634 kmLevel CGRAMPScolty Level CScoltyGoogle / Bing
Sun 13 Sep 2015380 kmLevel CLOCLOC Cumbrian GaloppenLingmoor and ElterwaterGoogle / Bing
Sun 13 Sep 2015555 kmLevel DFVOFVO CAT Event - Falkirk Wheel Falkirk WheelGoogle / Bing
Tue 15 Sep 2015Level DSLOWSLOW Night Street O SeriesClapton
Tue 15 Sep 2015Level DHALOAutumn Pub League 1: Kirton in LindseyKirton in Lindsey
Tue 15 Sep 2015227 kmLevel DSYOEvening eventBingham ParkGoogle / Bing
Wed 16 Sep 2015Level DGRAMPBalgownie - Urban Sprint LeagueBalgownie
Wed 16 Sep 2015Level DSBOCSBOC Local EventSingleton Park, Swansea
Thu 17 Sep 2015553 kmLevel DSTAGSTAG Autumn Evening Event 5Pollok Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 17 Sep 2015Level DSAXSAX Kent Night Cup Tudely Woods
Thu 17 Sep 2015399 kmLevel DWCOCAutumn Park Series - Derwent HillDerwent Hill Outdoor CentreGoogle / Bing
Sat 19 Sep 2015320 kmLevel AAIREDales Weekend Day1/Northern Championships(UKOL)/Senior Home Internationals IndividualMonk's Road (Malham Tarn to Arncliffe)Google / Bing
Sat 19 Sep 2015Level DMORMOR Saturday & Schools League - CulbinCulbin - Hill 99
Sat 19 Sep 2015Level DSNSN - Saturday Series 1Alice Holt
Sat 19 Sep 2015284 kmLevel DPFOMarl Pits - Event 1 of 4Marl Pits Leisure CentreGoogle / Bing
Sat 19 Sep 201542 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series Kingswood KingswoodGoogle / Bing
Sat 19 Sep 2015Level DSOSO SOG A1. Stanmer Park, Brighton
Sat 19 Sep 2015Level DDFOKDFOK Kent Orienteering LeagueJeskyns
Sat 19 Sep 2015Level DHALOSaturday League 1: Havelock Havelock Academy
Sun 20 Sep 2015319 kmLevel BAIREDales Weekend Day 2(UKOL)/YHOA ChampionshipsHawkswick ClowderGoogle / Bing
Sun 20 Sep 2015319 kmLevel BAIRESenior Home Internationals RelaysHawkswick ClowderGoogle / Bing
Sun 20 Sep 2015163 kmLevel DNORNOR Colour CodedHorsford HeathGoogle / Bing
Sun 20 Sep 2015524 kmLevel DESOCESOC UltrasprintBush EstateGoogle / Bing
Sun 20 Sep 2015168 kmLevel CODOD Tony Haw Score ChampsSutton ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 20 Sep 2015132 kmLevel CWIMWIM GaloppenIbsley Common, New ForestGoogle / Bing
Sun 20 Sep 2015265 kmLevel DMWOCMWOC League EventHafren ForestGoogle / Bing
Sun 20 Sep 2015194 kmLevel DNOCNOC Summer SeriesBerry HillGoogle / Bing
Tue 22 Sep 2015Level DMVMole Valley Street Orienteering SeriesAshtead
Tue 22 Sep 2015Level DHALOAutumn Pub League 2: Hull UniversityUniversity of Hull, Cottingham Road Campus
Wed 23 Sep 2015InternationalEuromeeting 23 - 26 Sept
Wed 23 Sep 2015642 kmLevel DGRAMPSeaton Park - Urban Sprint LeagueSeaton ParkGoogle / Bing
Wed 23 Sep 2015Level DTVOCTVOC Oxford Street-O Series
Thu 24 Sep 2015Level DSAXSAX Kent Night CupCrowborough
Sat 26 Sep 2015Level BJIRCs Weekend
Sat 26 Sep 2015Level CNATONATO Urban EventCramlington
Sat 26 Sep 201550 kmLevel DBKOBKO Winter Saturday Series (Yateley Country Park)Yateley Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 26 Sep 2015141 kmLevel DNGOCNGOC League 8SheepscombeGoogle / Bing
Sat 26 Sep 2015280 kmLevel DPFOStubby Lee & Moorland - Event 2 of 4Stubbylee & Moorland ParksGoogle / Bing
Sat 26 Sep 2015256 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC Park Event (2)Wythenshawe ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 26 Sep 2015284 kmLevel DAIREAIRE Wharfedale Autumn Olite Baildon MoorGoogle / Bing
Sat 26 Sep 2015Level DMVBeddington Park - Try OrienteeringBeddington Park
Sat 26 Sep 2015227 kmLevel DSYOLocal and schools eventEndcliffe ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 26 Sep 201519 kmLevel DCHIGCATI Roding ValleyGoogle / Bing
Sat 26 Sep 2015Level DFERMOAutumn Series 2Florencecourt
Sat 26 Sep 2015532 kmLevel DELOELO Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansNorth Berwick LawGoogle / Bing
Sun 27 Sep 2015Level BJIRCs Weekend
Sun 27 Sep 2015285 kmLevel BSELOCSELOC B eventHaslingden GraneGoogle / Bing
Sun 27 Sep 2015239 kmLevel CDVODVO EM League EventChinley ChurnGoogle / Bing
Sun 27 Sep 2015Level BSAXSAX Urban EventCanterbury
Sun 27 Sep 2015Level DDEVONDevon Club Championships EventWhitchurch Common
Sun 27 Sep 201533 kmLevel CHAVOCHAVOC Colour CodedThorndon SouthGoogle / Bing
Sun 27 Sep 2015469 kmLevel CRRBto SOUL 7 (Scottish Urban League)Jedburgh TownGoogle / Bing
Sun 27 Sep 2015162 kmLevel DBOKBOK and ASO EventWarmleyGoogle / Bing
Sun 27 Sep 201540 kmLevel DGOCome & Try It EventStoke ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 27 Sep 2015Level CINVOCINVOC "Achagour & Belivat"Achagour & Belivat
Tue 29 Sep 2015Level DHALOAutumn Pub League 3: BroughtonBroughton
Wed 30 Sep 2015Level DGRAMPOld Aberdeen - Urban Sprint League Old Aberdeen
Thu 1 Oct 2015Level DSAXSAX Kent Night CupAngley Wood
Fri 2 Oct 2015InternationalWorld Cup Round 4 2-4 Oct
Sat 3 Oct 2015344 kmLevel BCLOKOctober Odyssey Day 1Eston MoorGoogle / Bing
Sat 3 Oct 2015266 kmLevel BMWOCVeteran Home Internationals Individual & Welsh Championships ClassicLlynnoedd TeifiGoogle / Bing
Sat 3 Oct 2015Level DHHHH Saturday League & Youth LeagueOaklands College
Sat 3 Oct 2015167 kmLevel DNGOCPhoto OGorsleyGoogle / Bing
Sat 3 Oct 2015Level DMORMOR Saturday & Schools League Brodie Castle
Sat 3 Oct 2015Level DSNSN - Saturday Series 2Wisley
Sat 3 Oct 2015152 kmLevel CHOCWMUL HOC Urban - Redditch AreaRedditchGoogle / Bing
Sat 3 Oct 2015314 kmLevel DSROCSROC autumn series 2Beacon FellGoogle / Bing
Sat 3 Oct 2015287 kmLevel DPFOCalf Hey - Event 3 of 4Calf HeyGoogle / Bing
Sat 3 Oct 201560 kmLevel DWAOCTherfield Heath Night EventHeath Sports Club, Baldock Road, RoystonGoogle / Bing
Sat 3 Oct 2015Level DEBOREBOR Autumn SeriesCastle Howard Arboretum
Sat 3 Oct 2015217 kmLevel DQOQO Long-O Day 1Quantocks - Wilmot's PoolGoogle / Bing
Sat 3 Oct 2015287 kmLevel DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League Event 1 and come and Try it.Arrowe Park Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 3 Oct 2015Level DSAXSAX KOLBlean
Sat 3 Oct 2015149 kmLevel DLEILEI Winter League 1 Martinshaw and Ratby WoodlandsRatby WoodlandsGoogle / Bing
Sat 3 Oct 2015283 kmLevel DAIREAIRE Wharfedale Autumn Olite Nunroyd ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 3 Oct 2015Level DHALOSaturday League 2: CottinghamTBA
Sun 4 Oct 2015Level BCLOKOctober Odyssey Day 2 and North East ChampsSilton Forest
Sun 4 Oct 2015Level BMWOCVeteran Home Internationals RelaysLlynnoedd Teifi
Sun 4 Oct 2015Level CSOSO level C, Rewell Wood, Arundel. (event 6 of SO championships 2015)Rewell Wood
Sun 4 Oct 2015221 kmLevel CPOTOC POTOC 40th Anniversary (WMOA Champs & WMOA League 8)Whitfield ValleyGoogle / Bing
Sun 4 Oct 2015180 kmLevel CLOGLOG Level C (EM League)Burghley Google / Bing
Sun 4 Oct 2015125 kmLevel CSUFFOCSUFFOC Colour CodedRendleshamGoogle / Bing
Sun 4 Oct 2015403 kmLevel CWCOCCumbrian Galoppen - WhinlatterWhinlatterGoogle / Bing
Sun 4 Oct 2015Level CMAROCMAROC Wood of Easter Clune Wood of Easter Clune
Sun 4 Oct 2015Level DSLOWSLOW Trail Challenge & Half MarathonHam & Richmond
Sun 4 Oct 2015Level DMWOCPost VHI Score eventLlynnoedd Teifi
Sun 4 Oct 2015Level DQOQO Long-O Day 2Brendon
Sun 4 Oct 2015564 kmLevel DFVOFVO CAT Event - Barr WoodBarr WoodGoogle / Bing
Mon 5 Oct 2015146 kmLevel DWSXWSX Club Night and Night LeagueQueens ParkGoogle / Bing
Tue 6 Oct 2015Level DHALOAutumn Pub League 4: BeverleyBeverley
Sat 10 Oct 201536 kmLevel BGOBritish Schools Score ChampionshipsChobham CommonGoogle / Bing
Sat 10 Oct 2015279 kmLevel BDEEDEE Sprint Weekend - Forest Sprint (UKOL)Eastham Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 10 Oct 2015Level DDEEDEE Sprint Weekend - Night SprintGrosvenor Park
Sat 10 Oct 2015532 kmLevel DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansHolyrood ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 10 Oct 2015International25manna 10/11 Oct
Sat 10 Oct 2015Level CFERMONI Colour Series 6Castle Saunderson
Sat 10 Oct 2015Level CKERNOSt Ives SEOULSt Ives
Sat 10 Oct 2015139 kmLevel DWIMWIM Coaching and InformalAvon Heath Country Park Google / Bing
Sat 10 Oct 2015Level DSOSO SOG A2. Rivers Wood, Haywards Heath
Sat 10 Oct 2015Level DEBOREBOR Autumn SeriesEasingwold
Sat 10 Oct 2015Level DSWOCLlantrisant Forest Winter Series 1 & CoachingLlantrisant Forest
Sat 10 Oct 2015285 kmLevel DAIREAIRE Wharfedale Autumn Olite Danefield Estate (Chevin Forest Park)Google / Bing
Sat 10 Oct 2015Level DHALOSaturday League 3: Freshney & WillowsTBA
Sun 11 Oct 2015Level BDEEDEE Sprint Weekend - Urban Sprint (UKOL)Chester City Centre and Chester North
Sun 11 Oct 2015Level CEBORRegional Event
Sun 11 Oct 2015Level CNATONorth East Score ChampsBeanley
Sun 11 Oct 2015Level CSOSSOS Colour Coded & ESSOLBaddow Ridge
Sun 11 Oct 2015201 kmLevel CNOCNOC Regional Event (EM League)Shirebrook WoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 11 Oct 201576 kmLevel DSMOCKeyne-O, Great LinfordGreat LinfordGoogle / Bing
Sun 11 Oct 2015Level CSNSN Score Event ( with SE Score Champs)Long Valley North
Sun 11 Oct 2015544 kmLevel CESOCESOC - SoSOL incorporating ESOA ChampionshipsHopetoun HouseGoogle / Bing
Sun 11 Oct 2015168 kmLevel DBOKBOK Local EventMoseley GreenGoogle / Bing
Sun 11 Oct 2015Level CKERNOKerno GaloppenHayle Towans
Sun 11 Oct 2015120 kmLevel DSOCSOC Level D - MatleyMatleyGoogle / Bing
Sun 11 Oct 2015Level DCOBOCColour Coded
Tue 13 Oct 2015Level DSLOWSLOW Night Street O SeriesLondon Bridge
Tue 13 Oct 2015Level DHALOAutumn Pub League 5: BottesfordBottesford
Thu 15 Oct 2015Level DSAXSAX Kent Night CupMote Park
Sat 17 Oct 2015421 kmLevel DBLCarlisle ParksRickerby and Bitts ParksGoogle / Bing
Sat 17 Oct 2015175 kmLevel DNGOCNGOC League 9Highmeadow WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sat 17 Oct 2015224 kmLevel DWREFord Hall FarmFord Hall Farm Google / Bing
Sat 17 Oct 2015291 kmLevel CPFOTockholes Forest - Event 4 of 4Tockholes ForestGoogle / Bing
Sat 17 Oct 201574 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series Wittenham ClumpsWittenham ClumpsGoogle / Bing
Sat 17 Oct 2015Level DEBOREBOR Autumn SeriesLakeside
Sat 17 Oct 2015251 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC Park Event (3)Bruntwood ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 17 Oct 2015291 kmLevel DAIREAIRE Wharfedale Autumn Olite Ilkley MoorGoogle / Bing
Sat 17 Oct 2015336 kmLevel DSROCLaunch of Halton Permanent Orienteering CourseHalton villageGoogle / Bing
Sat 17 Oct 2015Level DHALOSaturday League 4: Humber Bridge Country ParkTBA
Sun 18 Oct 2015359 kmLevel ASROCCompass Sport Cup FinalHelsington BarrowsGoogle / Bing
Sun 18 Oct 2015Level DCHIGCHIG SWELL EventClaybury
Sun 18 Oct 2015Level DLVOClub Auturmn Trophy 2Carnfunnock Country Park
Sun 18 Oct 2015Level DLEILEI Club ChampionshipsHicks Lodge & Shellbrooke
Sun 18 Oct 2015Level DQOQO QOFL1
Sun 18 Oct 2015191 kmLevel DNOCNOC Winter Series & AGMHarlow WoodGoogle / Bing
Tue 20 Oct 2015Level DHALOAutumn Pub League 6: Hull WaterfrontKingston upon Hull
Wed 21 Oct 2015Level DSROCSROC night street league event 1Ramsbottom
Wed 21 Oct 2015Level DSWOCStreet Event 1 and AGMTBC
Wed 21 Oct 2015148 kmLevel DLEILEI Winter League 2 - WatermeadWatermead Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 22 Oct 2015Level DSAXSAX Kent Night CupPerry Wood
Sat 24 Oct 2015Level BNWOCJunior Home Internationals IndividualMagilligan Dunes
Sat 24 Oct 2015Level DTINTO28th Tinto Twin - Day 1Fir Park, Newbigging, Carnwath, NT 021466
Sat 24 Oct 201554 kmLevel BCUOCCambridge City Race 2015 (UKUL)CambridgeGoogle / Bing
Sat 24 Oct 2015Level DNNNE Night ChampionshipsDurham City
Sat 24 Oct 2015Level CNWOCNI ChampionshipsMagilligan Dunes
Sat 24 Oct 2015173 kmLevel DBOKBOK Saturday Winter SeriesAshton CourtGoogle / Bing
Sat 24 Oct 2015173 kmLevel DBOKBOK Western Night LeagueAshton CourtGoogle / Bing
Sat 24 Oct 2015138 kmLevel DODOD Warwick University 50 Control Anniversary EventUniversity of WarwickGoogle / Bing
Sat 24 Oct 2015Level DSOSO SOG A3. West Friston, between Seaford & Eastbourne
Sat 24 Oct 2015Level DEBOREBOR Autumn SeriesYork University
Sat 24 Oct 2015274 kmLevel DAIREAIRE Leeds Autumn Olite Woodhouse MoorGoogle / Bing
Sat 24 Oct 2015Level DSROCSROC Spook OSilver Helm
Sat 24 Oct 2015548 kmLevel DKFOKFO Try Orienteering Beveridge ParkBeveridge ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 25 Oct 2015Level BNWOCJunior Home Internationals RelaysMagilligan Dunes
Sun 25 Oct 2015Level BEPOCYHOA SuperleagueOgden Water
Sun 25 Oct 2015Level CTINTO28th Tinto Twin - Day 2Fir Park, Newbigging, Carnwath, NT021466
Sun 25 Oct 2015166 kmLevel CWSXDorset DelightWareham Forest NorthGoogle / Bing
Sun 25 Oct 2015Level CWCHWCH Colour Coded (WMOA League 9)Shoal Hill
Sun 25 Oct 2015Level CLOGGrantham Urban Race
Sun 25 Oct 2015Level CWAOCWAOC Colour Coded and EALBush Heath
Sun 25 Oct 2015Level CHHSt Albans City RaceSt Albans
Sun 25 Oct 2015Level CSAXSAX District EventScotney Castle Estate
Sun 25 Oct 2015Level CNWOCIrish Championships Middle (TBC)Magilligan Dunes
Tue 27 Oct 2015Level DMVMole Valley Street Orienteering SeriesBookham
Thu 29 Oct 2015Level DMVMole NightNut Wood
Fri 30 Oct 2015580 kmLevel DTAYTAY Halloween 'Scare' eventDunning Golf CourseGoogle / Bing
Fri 30 Oct 2015292 kmLevel DAIREVampire OMiddleton WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sat 31 Oct 201575 kmLevel BBADOBADO Urban raceHatch Warren & BeggarwoodGoogle / Bing
Sat 31 Oct 2015Level CSTAGSTAG Weekend Race 1 of 3 - Bto SOUL 8 SprintCumbernauld
Sat 31 Oct 2015Level CSTAGSTAG Weekend Race 2 of 3 -Middle DistanceCumbernauld
Sat 31 Oct 2015230 kmLevel CSYOYHOA Night LeagueRamsley MoorGoogle / Bing
Sat 31 Oct 2015272 kmLevel DSELOCSELOC Park Series, 06/2015 Outwood, RadcliffeGoogle / Bing
Sat 31 Oct 2015396 kmLevel CNATONorthern Night ChampsSlayley Hall EstateGoogle / Bing
Sat 31 Oct 2015150 kmLevel DODOD Local Event Brueton ParkBrueton ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 31 Oct 2015Level DQOQOAD 1TBA
Sun 1 Nov 2015132 kmLevel BSOCSOC November ClassicBurley West, New ForestGoogle / Bing
Sun 1 Nov 2015218 kmLevel CSYORegional EventRamsley MoorGoogle / Bing
Sun 1 Nov 2015204 kmLevel CWREHigh Vinnals (WMOA League 10)High Vinnals Google / Bing
Sun 1 Nov 2015396 kmLevel DNATONATO Local EventSlayley Hall EstateGoogle / Bing
Sun 1 Nov 2015Level CLEIEMOA League Event - Burbage CommonBurbage Common
Sun 1 Nov 2015Level CSTAGSTAG Weekend Race 3 of 3 - Bto SOUL 9 UrbanCumbernauld
Sun 1 Nov 2015Level DHAVOCHAVOC Colour CodedBedfords Park
Sun 1 Nov 2015Level CINVOCINVOC "Anagach"Anagach
Sun 1 Nov 2015Level CNORCity Urban EventNorwich
Mon 2 Nov 2015Level DSARUMWessex Night LeagueSalisbury City
Wed 4 Nov 2015Level DSROCSROC night street league event 2Morecambe
Wed 4 Nov 2015Level DEBOREBOR Autumn SeriesCastle Howard Arboretum
Sat 7 Nov 2015360 kmLevel BLOCLOC Middle Distance Event (UKOL)Simpson GroundGoogle / Bing
Sat 7 Nov 2015Level DHHHH Saturday League & Youth LeagueStanborough
Sat 7 Nov 2015Level CLVONI Colour Series 7Tyrella
Sat 7 Nov 2015Level DNGOCNGOC League 10Trellech
Sat 7 Nov 2015Level DSOSO SOG A4. Selhurst Park, Goodwood, Chichester
Sat 7 Nov 2015Level DSWOCWenallt Winter Series 2 & CoachingWenallt
Sat 7 Nov 2015Level DDFOKDFOK Kent Orienteering LeagueJoydens Wood
Sat 7 Nov 2015278 kmLevel DAIREAIRE Leeds Autumn Olite Hall Park & Hunger HillsGoogle / Bing
Sat 7 Nov 2015257 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC Park Event (4)Chorlton Water ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 7 Nov 2015Level DHALOSaturday League 5: East Park, HullTBA
Sun 8 Nov 2015Level BLOCLOC event (UKOL)Bethecar Moor
Sun 8 Nov 2015203 kmLevel CNOCNOC Regional Event (EM League)Thoresby NorthGoogle / Bing
Sun 8 Nov 2015272 kmLevel CDEVONGaloppen and Devon League No.1HaytorGoogle / Bing
Sun 8 Nov 2015219 kmLevel DPOTOCPOTOC Leisure and Training EventLadderedge Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 8 Nov 2015116 kmLevel DNWOFour Colour (YOGB) Fyfield DownGoogle / Bing
Sun 8 Nov 2015Level CSMOCPriory Park Colour CodedPriory Park
Sun 8 Nov 2015Level CMORAldroughty and Quarrelwood - Level CAldroughty (TD 4/5); Quarrelwood (TD 1-3)
Sun 8 Nov 2015518 kmLevel CELOSoSOLLothian EdgeGoogle / Bing
Sun 8 Nov 201574 kmLevel CBKOBKO Level C & SCOA league event (Bucklebury Common) Buckleberry Common Google / Bing
Sun 8 Nov 201570 kmLevel CGOGO Middle Distance EventPuttenham CommonGoogle / Bing
Mon 9 Nov 2015161 kmLevel DWIMWIM/WSX Monthly Evening event ShillingstoneShillingstone Church HallGoogle / Bing
Tue 10 Nov 2015Level DLOKLOK Street-OWest End
Tue 10 Nov 2015155 kmLevel DLEILEI Winter League 3 Grange WoodGrange and Battram WoodsGoogle / Bing
Wed 11 Nov 2015Level DEBOREBOR Autumn SeriesThe Hawkhills
Thu 12 Nov 2015558 kmLevel DSTAGSTAG Dark Park 1Victoria ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 12 Nov 2015162 kmLevel DHOCHOC Night Street League King George V Fields, WorcesterGoogle / Bing
Sat 14 Nov 201534 kmLevel CHHSE Night ChampionshipsSherrards Park WoodGoogle / Bing
Sat 14 Nov 2015537 kmLevel DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the LothiansRoyal High School and Davidson's Mains ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 14 Nov 2015Level DBritish Schools Training Event
Sat 14 Nov 2015409 kmLevel DBLHigh StandHigh Stand Forest near CotehillGoogle / Bing
Sat 14 Nov 2015Level DNGOCWestern Night League Sallowvallets
Sat 14 Nov 2015Level DSNSN - Saturday Series 3Lower Bourne
Sat 14 Nov 2015103 kmLevel DODOD Local Event Spiceball Park, Banbury Spiceball ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 14 Nov 2015Level DSROCSROC autumn series 3Lancaster University
Sat 14 Nov 201572 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series Brill CommonBrill CommonGoogle / Bing
Sat 14 Nov 2015Level DSOSO (Level C) SOG A5. Great Walstead & Henfield Wood, Lindfield. (event 7 of SO championships 2015)
Sat 14 Nov 2015275 kmLevel DAIREAIRE Leeds Autumn Olite Roundhay ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 14 Nov 2015Level DQOQOAD 2TBA
Sat 14 Nov 2015Level DFERMOAutumn Series 3Castle Archdale
Sat 14 Nov 2015289 kmLevel DPFOTowneley Park Snook-O - Event 1 of 2Towneley Park - Main car parkGoogle / Bing
Sat 14 Nov 2015339 kmLevel DKERNOLanhydrock Night EventLanhydrock Google / Bing
Sun 15 Nov 2015Level BBritish Schools Orienteering ChampionshipsSandringham
Sun 15 Nov 2015268 kmLevel CAIREAire Regional EventMiddleton ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 15 Nov 2015Level CCLOKCLOK Regional EventGoathland Moor
Sun 15 Nov 2015Level CDVOMatlock Urban Event
Sun 15 Nov 2015117 kmLevel CSARUMSARUM Galoppen & SCOA LeagueFoxbury Woods, nr West Wellow, HantsGoogle / Bing
Sun 15 Nov 2015270 kmLevel DMWOCMWOC League EventHafodGoogle / Bing
Sun 15 Nov 2015639 kmLevel CGRAMPRaemoir Level CRaemoirGoogle / Bing
Sun 15 Nov 2015Level BSAXSAX South East League eventHindleap
Sun 15 Nov 2015Level DWCOCCopeland Chase 2015TBA
Tue 17 Nov 2015Level DMVMole Valley Street Orienteering SeriesWorcester Park
Wed 18 Nov 2015Level DSROCSROC night street league event 3Longton
Wed 18 Nov 2015Level DEBOREBOR Autumn SeriesYork University
Wed 18 Nov 2015Level DSWOCStreet Event 2TBC
Thu 19 Nov 2015Level DSTAGSTAG Dark Park 2Hogganfield Loch Park & Lethamhill Golf Course
Thu 19 Nov 2015Level DSAXSAX Kent Night CupSeal Chart, Ightham
Sat 21 Nov 2015Level CLOKSouthern Night ChampsHolmbury
Sat 21 Nov 2015Level DMORMOR Saturday & Schools LeagueAberlour
Sat 21 Nov 2015Level DLVOClub Autumn Trophy 3Hillsborough Forest
Sat 21 Nov 2015139 kmLevel DWIMSWOA 50th Anniversary EventMoors Valley Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 21 Nov 2015Level DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League Event 2 and come and Try it.High Town Dunes
Sat 21 Nov 2015Level DDEENorth West Night League High Town DunesHightown Dunes
Sat 21 Nov 2015Level DNGOCWestern Night League Parkend Walk
Sat 21 Nov 2015276 kmLevel DAIREAIRE Leeds Autumn Olite Bramley FallGoogle / Bing
Sat 21 Nov 2015356 kmLevel DSROCSROC night eventSizergh CastleGoogle / Bing
Sat 21 Nov 2015289 kmLevel DPFOBrun Valley Snook-O - Event 2 of 2Thornton Arms car park.Google / Bing
Sat 21 Nov 2015570 kmLevel DFVOFVO CAT Event - Polmaise & FVO Club ChampionshipsPolmaiseGoogle / Bing
Sun 22 Nov 2015152 kmLevel BLEILevel B event Bradgate and SwithlandBradgate & SwithlandGoogle / Bing
Sun 22 Nov 2015Level BSLOWOK Nuts Trophy SE League eventWinterfold
Sun 22 Nov 2015Level CSBOCWelsh League Event 2015Merthyr Mawr
Sun 22 Nov 2015Level CCLAROYHOA SuperleagueBrimham Rocks
Sun 22 Nov 2015108 kmLevel CSUFFOCSUFFOC Colour CodedKing's Forest EastGoogle / Bing
Sun 22 Nov 2015397 kmLevel CWCOCCumbrian Galoppen - Greta GorgeGreta GorgeGoogle / Bing
Sun 22 Nov 2015Level CKFO2015 Scottish Score Championships incorporating Scottish Inter Club ChampionshipsPitmedden Forest
Sun 22 Nov 2015370 kmLevel DKERNOForest League 3Polly JokeGoogle / Bing
Sun 22 Nov 2015244 kmLevel DDEVONSWOA 50th Anniversary and Devon League Event 2Killerton National Trust propertyGoogle / Bing
Sun 22 Nov 2015Level DBOKBOK 50th Anniversary Orienteering ExperienceTo be confirmed
Sun 22 Nov 2015Level DNGOC'SWOA 50' Celebration EventParkend Walk
Tue 24 Nov 2015Level DSLOWSLOW Night-O SeriesWimbledon Common
Wed 25 Nov 2015Level DEBOREBOR Autumn SeriesMalton
Thu 26 Nov 2015Level DSTAGSTAG Dark Park 3Dawsholm Park
Thu 26 Nov 2015Level DSAXSAX Kent Night CupFaversham
Thu 26 Nov 2015Level DHOCHOC Night Street League Weoley
Sat 28 Nov 2015Level CCLAROYHOA Night LeagueKillinghall Moor
Sat 28 Nov 2015Level DBKOBKO Winter Saturday Series (Black Park) Black Park Country Park
Sat 28 Nov 2015Level DNGOCNGOC League 11Blakeney Hill
Sat 28 Nov 2015284 kmLevel DSELOCSELOC Haigh Hall Level D EventHaigh HallGoogle / Bing
Sat 28 Nov 2015Level DDEVONDevon&Cornwall Night EventTBA
Sat 28 Nov 2015248 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC Park Event (5)Brabyns ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 28 Nov 2015Level DFERMOAutumn Series 4Castle Archdale
Sat 28 Nov 2015Level DHALOSaturday League 6: Bradley WoodsTBA
Sun 29 Nov 2015217 kmLevel BDVORegional B Event (EM Champs)Birchen Edge & Gardoms Edge - DVO Google / Bing
Sun 29 Nov 2015Level CSOSO level C, Broadstone Warren, Forest Row. (event 8 of SO championships 2015)Broadstone Warren
Sun 29 Nov 2015Level DNATONATO Local EventHigh House
Sun 29 Nov 2015Level CSOSSOS Colour Coded & ESSOLChalkney Wood
Sun 29 Nov 2015168 kmLevel CBOKBOK SWOA GaloppenNew BeechenhurstGoogle / Bing
Sun 29 Nov 2015Level DINVOCINVOC "Evanton Woods"Evanton Woods
Tue 1 Dec 2015Level DMVMole Valley Street Orienteering SeriesWalton on Thames
Wed 2 Dec 2015Level DSROCSROC night street league event 4Avenham
Thu 3 Dec 2015555 kmLevel DSTAGSTAG Dark Park 4Bellahouston ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 3 Dec 2015Level DSAXSAX Kent Night CupBedgebury
Sat 5 Dec 2015Level DHHHH Saturday League & Youth LeagueVerulamium Park
Sat 5 Dec 2015298 kmLevel DPFOPFO Clitheroe Night Event (NWNL)Nick O PendleGoogle / Bing
Sat 5 Dec 2015124 kmLevel DNWONight EventCherhillGoogle / Bing
Sat 5 Dec 2015Level DSNSN - Saturday Series 4Hindhead
Sat 5 Dec 201523 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series Big WoodBig Wood S OxleyGoogle / Bing
Sat 5 Dec 2015Level DSOSO SOG A6. Slindon Woods, Fontwell, Arundel
Sat 5 Dec 2015239 kmLevel DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League Event 3 and come and Try it.Rease Heath CollegeGoogle / Bing
Sat 5 Dec 2015Level DHOCHOC EventArrow Park, Redditch
Sat 5 Dec 2015Level DLEILEI Christmas Novelty EventIn a very dark forest with lots of Reindeer
Sun 6 Dec 201563 kmLevel CSAXSAX eventAngley WoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 6 Dec 2015Level CSWOCWelsh League Event 2015 Caerphilly Mountain Caerphilly Woodlands
Sun 6 Dec 2015235 kmLevel CSYORegional EventWharncliffeGoogle / Bing
Sun 6 Dec 2015132 kmLevel CODOD Event Brandon Wood (WMOA League 11)Brandon WoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 6 Dec 2015Level CWAOCWAOC Colour CodedRowney Warren
Sun 6 Dec 2015Level DDEVONDevon League Event No.3Core Copse
Sun 6 Dec 2015124 kmLevel DNWOFour Colour (YOGB) CherhillGoogle / Bing
Sun 6 Dec 2015Level DTAYTAY Christmas ScoreGlenalmond School
Sun 6 Dec 2015298 kmLevel CPFOPFO Clitheroe Day EventPendle HillGoogle / Bing
Sun 6 Dec 2015124 kmLevel CSOCSOC Level C & SCOA LeagueKings Garn GutterGoogle / Bing
Sun 6 Dec 2015Level DQOQO QOFL2
Mon 7 Dec 2015147 kmLevel DWSXWSX Club Night and Night LeagueBoscombe Chine and Gardens Google / Bing
Tue 8 Dec 2015Level DSLOWSLOW Night Street O SeriesKensington
Wed 9 Dec 2015Level DSWOCStreet Event 3TBC
Thu 10 Dec 2015553 kmLevel DSTAGSTAG Dark Park 5Pollok Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 12 Dec 2015Level CHALOYHOA Night LeagueSwinemoor
Sat 12 Dec 2015385 kmLevel DBLHackthorpe New WoodHackthorpe Village Car ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 12 Dec 2015Level DNGOCNGOC League 12Knockalls Inclosure
Sat 12 Dec 2015152 kmLevel DBOKBOK Saturday Winter SeriesBathampton Down & Bushey NorwoodGoogle / Bing
Sat 12 Dec 2015Level DMORMOR Saturday & Schools LeagueGrant Park
Sat 12 Dec 2015138 kmLevel DWIMWIM Informal and MTBO eventNorth Ringwood Forest by EbblakeGoogle / Bing
Sat 12 Dec 2015Level DSAXSAX KOLIghtham Common
Sat 12 Dec 201539 kmLevel DGOCome & Try It & Xmas PartyNewlands CornerGoogle / Bing
Sun 13 Dec 2015Level CHALORegional EventBeverley Westwood
Sun 13 Dec 2015Level CWCHWCH Colour Coded (WMOA League 12)Badgerslade
Sun 13 Dec 2015Level CMVMV SE Families & Veterans ChampsSheepleas & Effingham
Sun 13 Dec 2015Level CCLOKCLOK Regional EventCod Beck & Coalmire
Sun 13 Dec 2015124 kmLevel CNORNOR Colour CodedLynford ForestGoogle / Bing
Sun 13 Dec 2015Level CTVOCTVOC Regional Event & SCOA LeagueBradenham
Sun 13 Dec 2015222 kmLevel CDVOEM League Event - LongstoneLongstone MoorGoogle / Bing
Sun 13 Dec 2015Level DMWOCMWOC League EventAberystwyth (Urban)
Sun 13 Dec 2015416 kmLevel CKERNOForest League 4Craddock MoorGoogle / Bing
Tue 15 Dec 2015152 kmLevel DLEILEI Winter League 4 Swithland WoodsSwithland WoodsGoogle / Bing
Wed 16 Dec 2015Level DSROCSROC night street league event 5Wigan
Thu 17 Dec 2015Level DSAXSAX Kent Night CupKnole Park
Sat 19 Dec 2015Level CEPOCYHOA Night LeagueNorland Moor
Sat 19 Dec 2015180 kmLevel DHOCHOC Club ChampsCallow HillGoogle / Bing
Sat 19 Dec 2015Level DSOSO Brighton City RaceBrighton
Sun 20 Dec 2015Level CEPOCRegional EventNorland Moor
Sun 20 Dec 2015Level BSNSN Trophy Event
Sun 20 Dec 2015Level DWREWrekin Club Championships 2015
Sun 20 Dec 2015Level DNATONATO Festive FrolicsPlessey Woods
Sun 20 Dec 2015177 kmLevel CNOCNOC Regional Event (EM League)Bramcote Hills & The HemlockstoneGoogle / Bing
Sat 26 Dec 201517 kmLevel CLOKLOK/HH Boxing Day Score EventTrent ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 26 Dec 2015Level DNNNN Charity Score EventChopwell Woods
Sat 26 Dec 2015138 kmLevel DWIMWIM Boxing Day CanterMoors Valley Country Park - East SideGoogle / Bing
Sat 26 Dec 2015Level DWCHBoxing Day Score Event
Sun 27 Dec 2015Level DNATONATO Hogmanay HooeyBolam Lake
Sun 27 Dec 2015Level CLEIEMOA League Castle HillCastle Hill
Sun 27 Dec 2015235 kmLevel DDEVONDevon Christmas Novelty EventEscot ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 27 Dec 2015Level CSOSO (Elizabeth Brown memorial) Christmas Score Event, Stanmer tbc
Sun 27 Dec 2015Level DSWOCXmas ScoreGaer Fort
Mon 28 Dec 2015Level CEBORRegional EventBishop Wood
Mon 28 Dec 2015142 kmLevel DODOD Local Event Christmas Relay - Rough Close Rough Close Scout Camp, nr CoventryGoogle / Bing
Fri 1 Jan 2016204 kmLevel CWRELaurie Bradley Memorial Score Event - TelfordTelford Town Park Google / Bing
Fri 1 Jan 201638 kmLevel DSAXSAX new year score eventTrosley country parkGoogle / Bing
Fri 1 Jan 2016Level CDVOEM Urban LeagueAshbourne
Fri 1 Jan 2016Level DSOSNew Year NoveltyTBD
Fri 1 Jan 2016Level DSARUMNew Years Day ScoreCopehill Down??TBC
Fri 1 Jan 2016Level DNGOCNew Years Day Score Crickley Hill Country Park
Fri 1 Jan 2016349 kmLevel DSROCSROC New Year CrackerArnside KnottGoogle / Bing
Sat 2 Jan 2016Level DSOSO SOG A7. Lancing Ring, Lancing (between Worthing & Shoreham)
Sat 2 Jan 2016242 kmLevel DMDOCMDOC New Year Charity EventLyme ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 3 Jan 2016Level CNOCNOC Regional Event (EM League)Boundary Wood & Haywood Oaks
Sun 3 Jan 2016125 kmLevel DNWOFour Colour (YOGB)Webb's Wood (TBC)Google / Bing
Sun 3 Jan 2016553 kmLevel DSTAGSTAG Score 1Pollok Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 3 Jan 2016Level CTVOCTVOC Urban EventRAF Halton
Sun 3 Jan 2016Level DCLOKCLOK Team ScoreFlatts Lane
Mon 4 Jan 2016156 kmLevel DWSXPoole Town Night League and Club NightPoole Town CentreGoogle / Bing
Sat 9 Jan 2016Level CAIREYHOA Night LeagueMeanwood
Sat 9 Jan 2016Level DSNSN - Saturday Series 5Long Valley South
Sat 9 Jan 2016Level DSOSO SOG A8. Blacklands Farm, Sharpthorne, south of East Grinstead
Sat 9 Jan 2016176 kmLevel DBOKBOK Western Night LeagueStockhillGoogle / Bing
Sun 10 Jan 201642 kmLevel BGOGO SE League eventBlackheathGoogle / Bing
Sun 10 Jan 2016Level CDEVONDevon League Event No.4Virtuous Lady
Sun 10 Jan 2016Level DSTAGSTAG Score 2Drumpellier Country Park
Sun 10 Jan 2016Level CSOSSOS Colour Coded & ESSOLHilly Fields
Sun 10 Jan 2016Level CSYORegional Middle Distance EventCanklow
Sun 10 Jan 2016Level DNATONATO Local eventBroomley/Stocksfield
Sun 10 Jan 2016176 kmLevel CBOKBOK & ASO OrienteeringStockhillGoogle / Bing
Tue 12 Jan 2016Level DSLOWSLOW Night Street O SeriesRichmond
Wed 13 Jan 2016Level DSROCSROC night street league event 6Slyne
Sat 16 Jan 2016Level DBKOBKO/BADO Winter Saturday Series (Snelsmore Common) Snelsmore Common
Sat 16 Jan 2016Level CEBORYHOA Night LeagueBishop Wood South
Sat 16 Jan 2016158 kmLevel DODOD Local Event Kingsbury WaterparkKingsbury WaterparkGoogle / Bing
Sat 16 Jan 201623 kmLevel DTVOCTVOC Saturday Series PlaceholderGoogle / Bing
Sat 16 Jan 2016Level DNGOCNGOC League 1Bixslade
Sat 16 Jan 2016Level DWIMWIM Coaching and Informal plus MTBOHurn Forest
Sat 16 Jan 2016Level DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the Lothians
Sun 17 Jan 2016Level BCHIGCHIG South East League eventEpping North
Sun 17 Jan 2016Level CKERNOForest League 5Trelissick
Sun 17 Jan 2016Level CDVOEM LeagueEyam Moor
Sun 17 Jan 2016Level CSOCSOC Level C & SCOA League
Sun 17 Jan 2016Level DSTAGSTAG Score 3Strathclyde Country Park
Sun 17 Jan 201684 kmLevel DBADOSCOA League & BADO Colour CodedBlackwoodGoogle / Bing
Mon 18 Jan 2016418 kmLevel DBLMilton RiggWoodland Trust Car ParkGoogle / Bing
Tue 19 Jan 2016Level DMVMole Valley Street Orienteering SeriesEpsom
Wed 20 Jan 2016Level DSWOCStreet Event 4TBC
Wed 20 Jan 2016158 kmLevel DLEILEI Winter League 5 The OutwoodsThe Outwoods Google / Bing
Thu 21 Jan 2016Level DSAXSAX Kent Night CupSittingbourne
Sat 23 Jan 2016Level CEUOCEUOC Burns Weekend
Sat 23 Jan 2016Level DSOSO SOG A9. Abbots Wood (north), Polegate (near A22 / A27 north of Eastbourne)
Sat 23 Jan 2016183 kmLevel DBOKBOK Saturday Winter SeriesGoblin CoombeGoogle / Bing
Sat 23 Jan 2016Level DDFOKDFOK Kent Orienteering LeagueLullingstone
Sat 23 Jan 2016Level DNGOCWestern Night League Standish
Sat 23 Jan 2016Level DHHHH Saturday League & Youth LeaguePanshanger Park
Sun 24 Jan 2016Level CEUOCEUOC Burns Weekend
Sun 24 Jan 2016Level CAIREAire Regional EventFlasby Fell
Sun 24 Jan 2016114 kmLevel CNWONWO GaloppenWest Woods (TBC)Google / Bing
Sun 24 Jan 2016124 kmLevel CODOD Event Hartshill HayesHartshill Hayes Country Park, NuneatonGoogle / Bing
Sun 24 Jan 2016195 kmLevel DNOCNOC Winter SeriesRufford Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Tue 26 Jan 2016Level DSLOWSLOW Night-O SeriesBarnes Common
Wed 27 Jan 2016Level DSROCSROC night street league event 7Chorley
Thu 28 Jan 2016549 kmLevel DSTAGSTAG Dark Park 6 King's ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 28 Jan 2016Level DSAXSAX Kent Night CupHaysden
Sat 30 Jan 2016Level DSNSN - Saturday Series 6Eagle House
Sat 30 Jan 2016302 kmLevel DDEVONDevon&Cornwall Night EventSaltram National Trust PropertyGoogle / Bing
Sat 30 Jan 2016275 kmLevel DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League Event 4 and Come and Try it.Speke HallGoogle / Bing
Sat 30 Jan 2016Level DSWOCGarth Woods Winter Series 3 & Coaching Gwaleod y Garth
Sat 30 Jan 2016267 kmLevel DSELOCSELOC Night event, Alkrington- Northwest Night LeagueAlkringtonGoogle / Bing
Sun 31 Jan 2016Level BBKOBKO Concorde ChaseBarossa
Sun 31 Jan 2016Level CSYOSport Relief Regional EventBrodsworth
Sun 31 Jan 2016Level CLEIEM League Hicks LodgeHicks Lodge
Sun 31 Jan 2016Level DNNNN Local eventCong Burn
Sun 31 Jan 2016Level DQOQO QOFL3
Thu 4 Feb 2016549 kmLevel DSTAGSTAG Dark Park 7 Linn ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 4 Feb 2016Level DSAXSAX Kent Night CupHindleap
Thu 4 Feb 2016Level DHOCHOC Night Street League Redditch
Sat 6 Feb 2016Level CESOCScottish Night Championships
Sat 6 Feb 2016110 kmLevel DODOD Local Event Daventry Country Park Daventry Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 6 Feb 2016Level DSARUMSarum Saturday event & Wessex Night League Vernditch Woods
Sat 6 Feb 2016Level DSAXSAX KOLTudely
Sat 6 Feb 2016137 kmLevel DLEILEI Winter League 6 Brocks HillBrocks Hill Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 7 Feb 2016Level BMVMole Valley 50th Anniversary Ranking & SEL EventWhite Downs & Netley Heath
Sun 7 Feb 2016Level CEPOCRegional Event
Sun 7 Feb 2016170 kmLevel CBOKBOK Trot & ASO OrienteeringBrierleyGoogle / Bing
Sun 7 Feb 2016Level CESOCESOC Sprint-O incorporating Scottish Sprint Championships
Sun 7 Feb 2016Level CSOSSOS Colour Coded & ESSOLThe Broaks
Sun 7 Feb 2016Level CNATONATO Urban eventCramlington
Sun 7 Feb 2016206 kmLevel CNOCEM Score ChampionshipsClumber ParkGoogle / Bing
Sun 7 Feb 2016Level CWCHColour Coded
Sun 7 Feb 2016392 kmLevel CBLPenrith Beacon - Cumbrian GaloppenThe BeaconGoogle / Bing
Tue 9 Feb 2016Level DSLOWSLOW Night Street O SeriesSurbiton
Wed 10 Feb 2016Level DSROCSROC night street league event 8Bamber Bridge
Thu 11 Feb 2016Level DSTAGSTAG Dark Park 8Tollcross Park
Thu 11 Feb 2016158 kmLevel DLEILEI Winter League 7 Sence ValleySence Valley County ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 13 Feb 2016Level DNGOCNGOC League 2Cranham and Coopers Hill
Sat 13 Feb 2016156 kmLevel DWSXNight League Upton Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 13 Feb 2016Level DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the Lothians
Sun 14 Feb 2016Level CNOCNOC Regional Event (EM League)Thieves Wood
Sun 14 Feb 2016Level CTVOCTVOC Regional Event & SCOA LeagueChristmas Common
Sun 14 Feb 201679 kmLevel CSAXSAX District EventBlean WoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 14 Feb 2016Level CDEVONDevon League Event No.5Hound Tor
Sun 14 Feb 2016182 kmLevel CHOCHOC Event - WM LeagueLongdon, Wyre ForestGoogle / Bing
Sun 14 Feb 2016Level DCHIGCHIG SWELL EventHarlow Town Park
Sun 14 Feb 2016Level CCLOKCLOK Regional eventHutton Mulgrave & Skelder
Tue 16 Feb 2016Level DMVMole Valley Orienteering SeriesEwell
Wed 17 Feb 2016Level DSWOCStreet Event 5TBC
Wed 17 Feb 2016144 kmLevel DLEILEI Winter League 8 West Leicester ParksWestern ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 18 Feb 2016553 kmLevel DSTAGSTAG Dark Park 9 Pollok Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 18 Feb 2016Level DSAXSAX Kent Night CupWalderslade
Sat 20 Feb 2016InternationalInterland 20-21 Feb
Sat 20 Feb 201641 kmLevel DBKOBKO Winter Saturday Series (Swinley West)Swinley WestGoogle / Bing
Sat 20 Feb 2016102 kmLevel DNWOFour Colour (YOGB)Copse Wood (TBC)Google / Bing
Sat 20 Feb 2016Level DDVODVO Informal Event
Sat 20 Feb 2016Level DBOKBOK Western Night LeagueMoseley Green
Sat 20 Feb 2016168 kmLevel CUBOCBUCS Individual ChampionshipsMoseley GreenGoogle / Bing
Sat 20 Feb 2016Level DSWOCTBC Winter Series 4 & CoachingGwaleod y Garth
Sat 20 Feb 2016Level DSROCSROC spring seriesElnup and Birley
Sun 21 Feb 2016Level BHHHH SE League eventAshridge North
Sun 21 Feb 2016Level CEBORRegional EventCawthorne and Keldy
Sun 21 Feb 2016Level CKERNOForest League 6Penhale South
Sun 21 Feb 2016199 kmLevel CWRELizard Hill Lizard Hill Google / Bing
Sun 21 Feb 2016361 kmLevel CLOCLOC Cumbrian GaloppenHaverthwaite HeightsGoogle / Bing
Sun 21 Feb 2016Level CUBOCBUCS Relay Championships
Sun 21 Feb 2016Level CWIMWIM RegionalGodshill and Millersford, New Forest
Sun 21 Feb 2016553 kmLevel DFVOFVO CAT Event - Calendar ParkCalandar ParkGoogle / Bing
Tue 23 Feb 2016Level DSLOWSLOW Night-O SeriesWimbledon Common
Wed 24 Feb 2016Level DSROCSROC night street league event 9Lytham
Thu 25 Feb 2016549 kmLevel DSTAGSTAG Dark Park 10 Drumpellier Country ParkGoogle / Bing
Thu 25 Feb 2016Level DSAXSAX Kent Night CupBlean
Sat 27 Feb 2016Level ALEIBritish Night Championships (UKOL)Cademan & Thringstone Woods
Sat 27 Feb 2016Level DSNSN - Saturday Series 7Witley Common
Sat 27 Feb 2016173 kmLevel DBOKBOK Saturday Winter SeriesBlaise CastleGoogle / Bing
Sat 27 Feb 2016Level DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League Event 5 and Come and Try it.Rivacre Countre Park
Sat 27 Feb 2016Level CHHHH Saturday League & Youth LeagueSherrards Park Wood
Sun 28 Feb 2016Level ANOCMidlands Championships (UKOL)Sherwood Forest
Sun 28 Feb 201637 kmLevel CSAXSAX District EventIghthamGoogle / Bing
Sun 28 Feb 2016Level CQOQO Galoppen
Sun 28 Feb 2016Level CSOCSOC Level C & SCOA LeagueBratley
Mon 29 Feb 2016156 kmLevel DWSXNight League and Club NightBrownsea IslandGoogle / Bing
Thu 3 Mar 2016Level DHOCHOC Night Street League Birmingham City & Aston University
Sat 5 Mar 2016Level DBKOBKO Winter Saturday Series
Sat 5 Mar 2016Level CSWOCWales Middle Championships and 2016 Welsh League EventKings Wood
Sat 5 Mar 2016Level CCLOKNorth East Night ChampsHutton Lowcross
Sat 5 Mar 2016410 kmLevel DBLAughertreeNr CaldbeckGoogle / Bing
Sun 6 Mar 2016Level BSWOCWelsh ChampionshipsSugar Loaf
Sun 6 Mar 2016Level BRRScottish Orienteering League 1Elibank
Sun 6 Mar 2016Level CKERNOForest League 7Hustyn Wood
Sun 6 Mar 2016Level BDVODVO Level B
Sun 6 Mar 201649 kmLevel BDFOKDFOK SELeague eventChelwoodGoogle / Bing
Sun 6 Mar 2016Level CCLOKCLOK Regional eventHutton Lowcross
Tue 8 Mar 2016Level DLOKLOK Street-OHampstead
Wed 9 Mar 2016Level DSROCSROC night street league event 10Horwich
Thu 10 Mar 2016Level DSAXSAX Kent Night CupScotney Castle Estate
Sat 12 Mar 2016Level DODOD Local Event Coventry Memorial Park (tbc)
Sun 13 Mar 2016572 kmLevel BFVOCompassSport Cup Heat - Scotland, DumyatDumyatGoogle / Bing
Sun 13 Mar 2016Level BCLAROCompassSport Cup Heat
Sun 13 Mar 2016Level BPOTOCCompassSport Cup Heat
Sun 13 Mar 2016Level BSOSCompassSport Cup HeatHatfield Forest
Sun 13 Mar 2016Level BBOKCompassSport Cup HeatCannop Ponds
Sun 13 Mar 2016Level BSOCSOC CompassSport Cup HeatDenny
Sun 13 Mar 2016248 kmLevel BDEECompass Sport Cup and Trophy HeatBickerton HillGoogle / Bing
Tue 15 Mar 2016Level DMVMole Valley Street Orienteering SeriesChessington
Wed 16 Mar 2016Level DSROCSROC night street league event 11Blackburn
Wed 16 Mar 2016Level DSWOCStreet Event 6TBC
Thu 17 Mar 2016Level DHOCHOC Night Street League Worcester Central
Sat 19 Mar 2016Level DSNSN - Saturday Series 8Frensham Heights
Sat 19 Mar 2016Level DDVODVO Informal Event
Sat 19 Mar 2016282 kmLevel DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League Event 5(including primary schools champ) and come and Try it.Sefton ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 19 Mar 2016Level DDFOKDFOK Kent Orienteering LeagueWhitehorse Woods
Sat 19 Mar 2016Level DNGOCNGOC League 3Standish
Sat 19 Mar 2016Level DSROCSROC spring series 2Worden Park
Sat 19 Mar 2016Level DWIMWIM Coaching and InformalBadbury Rings, Kingston Lacy Estate
Sat 19 Mar 2016Level DHHHH Saturday League & Youth LeagueFrithsden East
Sat 19 Mar 2016Level DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the Lothians
Sun 20 Mar 2016Level BSARUMSarum SaunterFonthill or Great Ridge
Sun 20 Mar 2016154 kmLevel CLOGEM LeagueGrimsthorpe CastleGoogle / Bing
Sun 20 Mar 2016Level CCHIGCHIG 50th Anniversary SprintChigwell School
Sun 20 Mar 2016Level DDEVONDevon League Event No.6tba
Sun 20 Mar 2016Level CNATONATO Regional eventRay Demesne
Sun 20 Mar 2016403 kmLevel CWCOCCumbrian Galoppen - Leaps BeckLeaps BeckGoogle / Bing
Sun 20 Mar 2016Level CWCHcolour coded (Abrahams Valley)
Sun 20 Mar 2016559 kmLevel DFVOFVO CAT Event - ColziumColziumGoogle / Bing
Tue 22 Mar 2016Level DSAXSAX Kent Night CupMillbank
Tue 22 Mar 2016Level DSLOWSLOW Night-O SeriesRichmond Park
Fri 25 Mar 2016274 kmLevel AJan Kjellstrom Orienteering Festival - Sprint (UKOL)Leeds UniversityGoogle / Bing
Sat 26 Mar 2016309 kmLevel AJan Kjellstrom Orienteering Festival Individual 1 (UKOL)Wass ForestGoogle / Bing
Sun 27 Mar 2016316 kmLevel AJan Kjellstrom Orienteering Festival Individual 2 (UKOL)KilnseyGoogle / Bing
Mon 28 Mar 2016256 kmLevel AJan Kjellstrom Orienteering Festival RelaysStorthes HallGoogle / Bing
Sat 2 Apr 2016Level BLOCLOC weekend - Middle DistanceTarn Hows
Sat 2 Apr 2016177 kmLevel DBOKBOK Saturday Winter SeriesAshton Hill WoodsGoogle / Bing
Sat 2 Apr 2016Level DHHHH Saturday LeagueChipperfield
Sun 3 Apr 2016Level BLOCLOC weekend - Long DistanceHolme Fell
Sun 3 Apr 2016Level CWSXWessex Galoppen
Sun 3 Apr 2016Level CMVMV District eventNorbury Park
Sun 3 Apr 2016Level CNOCNOC Regional Event (EM League)Sherwood Pines
Sun 3 Apr 2016Level DNATOMorpeth Gathering
Sat 9 Apr 2016Level CINTSOUL TBC
Sat 9 Apr 2016Level DSOCSOC Summer Series 1
Sun 10 Apr 2016Level BHALOYHOA Championships and SuperleaguePillar Wood
Sun 10 Apr 2016Level BINTScottish Orienteering League 2TBC
Sun 10 Apr 2016Level CNGOCGaloppenDanby Lodge
Sun 10 Apr 2016Level CLEIEM League & Regional YBT Heat Beacon HillBeacon Hill
Sun 10 Apr 2016Level DCHIGCHIG SWELL EventWanstead Park/Flats
Sun 10 Apr 2016Level CODOD Event Shuckburgh Hall (tbc)
Sun 10 Apr 2016384 kmLevel CBLWatermillock - Cumbrian GaloppenWatermillock CommonGoogle / Bing
Mon 11 Apr 2016Level DWIMWIM/WSX Monthly Evening event - VerwoodFordingbridge
Tue 12 Apr 2016Level DSLOWSLOW Night Street O SeriesFeltham
Sat 16 Apr 2016Level BCLOKNorthern Champs Weekend (UKOL) urbanWhitby
Sat 16 Apr 2016107 kmLevel DNWOFour Colour (YOGB)Savernake Forest (TBC)Google / Bing
Sat 16 Apr 2016183 kmLevel DDVODVO Informal EventBroomfieldGoogle / Bing
Sat 16 Apr 2016Level DSAXSAX KOLHargate
Sat 16 Apr 2016Level DESOCESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the Lothians
Sat 16 Apr 2016Level DESOCESOC Long-O
Sun 17 Apr 2016Level ACLOKNorthern Champs (UKOL)Mulgrave Woods
Sun 17 Apr 2016Level CKERNOForest League 8Inny Foot
Sun 17 Apr 2016Level CSOSO District event Level CAngmering East
Sun 17 Apr 2016Level CSBOCWelsh League Event 2016
Sun 17 Apr 2016Level CWCHcolour coded
Sun 17 Apr 2016Level DQOQO QOFL4
Sun 17 Apr 2016Level DSARUMWarminster Urban RaceWarminster Town
Tue 19 Apr 2016Level DMVMole Valley Street Orienteering SeriesDorking
Sat 23 Apr 201628 kmLevel DBKOBKO Winter Saturday Series (Langley Park)Langley ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 23 Apr 2016Level CLEIEM LeagueHanging Hill
Sat 23 Apr 2016280 kmLevel DDEECheshire and Merseyside Schools League RelaysCalderstones ParkGoogle / Bing
Sat 23 Apr 2016Level DNGOCNGOC League 4Highmeadow Woods
Sat 23 Apr 2016Level DSOCSOC Summer Series 2
Sat 23 Apr 2016Level DSROCSROC spring series 3White Coppice
Sun 24 Apr 2016Level BTVOCTVOC Chiltern ChallengeWendover Woods
Sun 24 Apr 201648 kmLevel CSAXSAX District EventHindleap WarrenGoogle / Bing
Sun 24 Apr 2016Level CEBORRegional EventWhite Horse
Sun 24 Apr 2016Level DDEVONDevon League Event No.7tba
Sun 24 Apr 2016Level CDVOEM League Event CalkeCalke Park
Sun 24 Apr 2016Level DNATONATO Local eventRyton Willows
Sat 30 Apr 2016Level ABritish Long Distance Orienteering Championships (UKOL)Brown Clee Hill
Sat 30 Apr 2016InternationalWorld Cup Round 1 30 Apr - 2 MayWroclaw
Sun 1 May 2016Level ABritish Relay ChampionshipsBrown Clee Hill
Mon 2 May 2016Level CWCHUrban Race
Sat 7 May 2016Level DDFOKDFOK Kent Orienteering LeagueLesnes Abbey Woods
Sat 7 May 2016Level DNGOCNGOC League 5Mallards Pike North
Sat 7 May 2016Level DSOCSOC Summer Series 3
Sat 7 May 2016Level DHHHH Saturday LeagueCroxley Moor
Sun 8 May 2016Level BINVOCScottish Orienteering League 3Affric
Sun 8 May 2016Level CAIREYHOA Middle Distance Championships & SuperleagueHarden Moor
Sun 8 May 2016Level CMWOCWales League Event 2016Aberedw (TBC)
Sun 8 May 2016183 kmLevel CNOC NOC Urban Event (EM Urban League)SouthwellGoogle / Bing
Sun 8 May 2016Level CNNNN Local eventBewick Moor South
Sun 8 May 2016384 kmLevel CWCOCCumbrian Galoppen - Muncaster FellMuncaster FellGoogle / Bing