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  • How to “Boris Bike” to the Olympic Park

    Yes! It is possible! There may not be any Barclays Cycle Hire docking stations in the Olympic Park itself, possibly due to “Barclays” not being the official financial services provider of the Olympics but more likely because of the logistics of rebalancing flows to/from major events and the safety aspects of a crowded space, but […]

  • Olympic Torch Relay – The Unofficial Map

    The organisers of next year’s Olympic Games in London, LOCOG, have unveiled their map of the 1000+ places that the Olympic Torch Relay will pass through. The data that the map is built from is readily accessible (as a JSON file that gets downloaded to your computer when you view the map) so I’ve taken […]

  • The Changing London Olympic Park – 2006 to 2010

    Inspired by Andrew Kesper’s ABC before/after photos of the Japan tsunami destruction, I have created a “scrubber” photo of the London Olympic construction site in the east of the capital, using the imagery available in Google Earth. The aerial photography is copyright Google and Bluesky. You can the see the original imagery in Google Earth by using the program’s timeline slider, there are some other years also available there, even one from December 1945. Move your mouse over the picture, to swipe between the 2006 and 2010 imagery.

  • New Aerial Photos of Central London in Google Maps

    Google Maps has today updated its aerial imagery for central London. The new imagery appears to be from sometime late last summer, and reveals the many new buildings and features that have appeared in the capital recently. Above is the Olympic Stadium (with the triangular lighting gantries casting shadows into the bowl) and the partially […]

  • Will you be buying tickets for the London Olympics?

    So are you coming to the greatest show on earth in London next summer? Or are you making a point of staying away? Perhaps even going to a rival sporting event? Answer my one-question survey below, and enter the first bit of your postcode, and a map will be drawn automatically, showing how the country’s […]

  • Orbit Rising – An Extrusion from the Ground

    The ArchelorMittal Orbit, a giant sculpture designed by Anish Kapoor and sited right next to the London 2012 Olympic Stadium, is starting to appear from the ground, looking, at the moment, like a giant-sized playground “mesh”. I like the momentary juxtaposition of the bright yellow cranes and bright red base-struture. The Athletes’ Village is behind […]

  • Everyone’s Putting London 2012 on the Map

    The Geographers’ AZ Map Company, makers of those iconic London atlases, got quite a bit of publicity earlier this week for putting out an extract of their latest map, showing the complete Olympic venues and Olympic Park layout, despite the event still being eighteen months away. Indeed the map will only be accurate during summer […]