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  • The site may break at any moment if BOF change their format.
  • Shaded events indicate events that are likely in the urban or sprint format (based on their name.)
  • Some events have entered incorrectly scaled distances or times. This website does not attempt to fix bad data.
  • Some major events (JK, Scottish, British) don't have a region listed. This website does not attempt to fix bad data.
  • Ranking score may not match the one on British Orienteering as it doesn't account for people changing clubs. I don't have access to BOF numbers.
  • The toughness scores are calculated using a secret sauce and may be completely inaccurate. They relate to the course, not how you did on it.
  • Results appear later than on the BOF site (as they have to be uploaded there first) but ranking scores are updated earlier (daily instead of weekly).
  • The website is updated daily at around 6:10pm - but check the date/time below in case the process has failed - it is unmonitored.
  • Many smaller (Level D) events dont have their results uploaded to British Orienteering and so won't be listed here.
  • Events which are hidden from the BOF results listing pages are not included. These can include one of the races in qualifier/final events.
Created by Oliver O'Brien from using data publically available on the British Orienteering website.
More information is available on my blog. Most recent data: