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HEFCE Funding Map

This is the sixth in a series detailing the projects I have worked on at UCL in the last academic year.


This was a quick mashup to show on a map the latest HEFCE funding round – HEFCE is the government body that decides and awards research funding to the universities around the UK.

This is a vector-based mashup, once again using OpenLayers. For each point, representing a university’s “main” campus, I request a pie-chart from the Google Charts API, and use the resulting image as the marker for the point. There’s no simplification or other generalisation, so, for example, you’ll need to zoom in quite far if you want to make out the different universities in London.

It was cobbled together in about a day, the Thematic Mapping blog was particularly useful for getting the images working as markers.

You can see the mashup here.

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