Tube Flow Update: 2009 Changes

Transport for London have published the 2009 data for numbers of people entering/leaving the stations on the tube network. I’ve updated my visualisation/map with the new data.

Some interesting trends have emerged. Blackfriars sees the biggest decrease (i.e. biggest red circle) – no surprise, as the station has been closed throughout 2009. The other big decreases are at Canary Wharf, Finsbury Park and Wimbledon. The former is on the Jubilee Line, and many of the stations on the line have seen a drop in usage – presumably something to do with various sections of the line being closed most weekends throughout last year. The station for the O2 is doing well though. Many of the Victoria and Metropolitan line stations have also seen a big drop. Indeed in general, the network has seen a drop in usage, the map being predominately red.

The biggest increases are Temple and Mansion House, presumably spillover from the Blackfriars closure, Euston, maybe due to increased use of the Eurostar services new higher-speed services to NW England, and Barking – lots of new build flats here?

Within the overall pattern, there’s a cluster of decreases (red) in West London Zone 2 (Shepherd’s Bush), and a a cluster of increases (blue) around East London Zone 1/2 (Aldgate) and North London Zone 2 (Camden).

The map does not include DLR, rail or London Overground usage.

See it here.

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Hi Ollie- really good!

I think the 2008-2009 change might be a good proxy for job losses and less business in general, especially change in weekday AM peak exits. Will talk to you about it later.

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