Orienteering Events Log

Event: Parham Woods, Pulborough

Parham Extract 1District Event (SO), 29 Feburary 2004 – This was on a map not used for 25 years, and what a gem it is. I was running Brown (the top course) and after getting covered in tree sap following an initial few legs through very rough coniferous forest, the area opened out into a very nice, “lost forest” section that we were lucky enough to run through twice. I didn’t make many significant mistakes (save the one highlighted below) and had another good run – after last week’s good run also, I was starting to feel I’d found my form for this season. (And then I go and get injured the following day, more on that in a later entry…) The really pleasant section is shown in the map extract on the right. As you can see, it isn’t all that technical at all, but there’s enough in there to make it

Parham Extract 2My result: 8.24km/115m – 67:53 (8.2 mins/km). Full results are here.

One annoying mistake I made (annoying as it was a careless one and was just a result of me starting to tired near the race end) was overshooting on the approach to number 22. For some reason I forgot to check my compass, hit the
marsh leading into 23, and proceeded along that, expecting to find 22. Of course, 22 is actually not really in a marsh at all – more of a slight ditch, and so I had to retrace my steps – 60-90s lost there.

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