Injury Worries

My knee injury, which happened this time last year after I plunged my foot down a rabbit role while racing in a National, has recurred. The timing is unfortunate, as I’ve really come into fitness in the last few weeks, and seen my speed steadily increase. My injuries however always seem to happen after periods of relatively intense activity.

Unfortuantely I aggravated the injury further by attempting to run in the British Student Champs last week (more to follow on that.) The pain got too much after running down a bank and I had to bail out of a race I’d been looking forward to for several months. Even walking back to the start was exceedingly painful. Orienteering’s premier season really kicks off in a couple of weeks, so the timing just couldn’t have been worse.

Anyway I didn’t do any orienteering this weekend (I missed a club league event at Esher) and I’ve taken the last few days extremely lightly. I’m just hoping I’ll be able to run in the JK (Britain’s biggest event this year) over Easter. My form will have completely gone with no exercise in the build up, but that’s less important as long as I can actually make it into the forest!

C’est la vie.

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