Welcome to Yep Sport

I’ve launched this site today – most of the previous entries you see here are copied from my main weblog. My orienteering articles will all appear here going forward, as I look to split out the O content and increase my output.

The name is of course a play on “Nope Sport“, launched late last year by some Edinburgh students, which has with surprising speed become the place for the younger orienteering population of the UK to gossip, post and vent. After many doomed attempts to start up boards on various UK O websites (such as the BOF one) it’s great to see the nopesport forum take on a life of its own. And crucially for an O-website, and something most other O-web designers seem to have overlooked… it looks good. Damn good.

Anyway I hope they don’t mind me being inspired by their name!

I’m aiming for this site to be an events and training diary. Now, those who know me know also that I do diddly squat in the way of exercise. Hopefully having this website will encourage me to go do some this season. All I need to
do now is convalesce!

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