Barclays Cycle Hire – Using the Data

I presented today, to a meeting of the OBIS Project (a grouping of the cities around Europe that have or are implementing bike share schemes) some of the innovative ways that developers have used the data from the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme in London. I looked at some iPhone and Android apps and some visualisations and analysis, and also touched on data from schemes in other countries.

London’s Barclays Cycle Hire: Innovative Usages of Data by Third-Party Developers

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There was some interesting questions at the end – such as why I thought some cities might not want to release their cycle hire data for third party use and why TfL hasn’t yet released an API for the cycle data. Also, a comment on why cyclists in Lyon might pedal faster on Wednesdays – is it (perhaps faster) men pedalling to the mid-week football matches?

Thanks to TfL for organising the event, which was held at their lovely
Palestra offices, and the CTC for inviting me.

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  1. @oobr Nice that @adrianshort got a timeline mention on 2 July… but Cycle Hire Widget was live with live data by 9.45am on launch day :-p

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