Olympic Update

I went for another circumnavigation of the Olympic site at the weekend. I was expecting to get some nice pictures as the sun came out just before sunset, with the air very clear as it had been raining early. For some reason though I struggled to take anything interesting in the park itself. The sunset itself was amazing though, and I noticed for the first time that the Gherkin is lined up perfectly with the Hertford Cut:

The Orbit continues to rise, it is now nine “tiers” high. The horizontal links will eventually I think be hidden behind a wrap, at least for the lower levels. It is interesting that there is still no scaffolding around the sculpture itself, with everything so far lifted in by crane and then bolted on by workers who are using the structure itself as the scaffolding. This presumably will not be possible to do once it gets much higher and starts to loop down and around:

It was also nice to see the salmon-pink Formans factory, itself a salmon processing plant, bathed in a salmon-pink sunset:

You can see all of the pictures in a Flickr gallery, including the previous Orbit ones.

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