Orienteering Events Log

Event: Ambersham Common, Midhurst

OO Trophy at Ambersham Common (GO), 30th November 2003
301103_1584ambersham.jpgThe doom and gloom and hail and rain, predicted by the weather forecasters, failed to materialise for today’s colour-coded (or “district” to use the new terminology) event near Midhurst in the South Downs.

There were several hundred competitors for the Occasional Orienteers trophy, named after a now defunct club. The terrain was wet underfoot, but reasonably easy physically and technically. I made just one significant mistake – switching off and losing contact with the map in the easiest part of the course of all, causing me to overshoot – not more than a minute was wasted though.

It was nice to finish in the top half of the results list and run under 9 mins/km, but of course that was because all the really good people were running a course up…

Official results are here.

Date Event Physical Difficulty Technical
Weather Mins/km
(lower is
Winner’s mins/km
on top course
9 Nov 2003 SN Trophy: Long Valley
Moderate Moderate Rain 9.8 6.7
16 Nov 2003 The Mitre: Epping Forest
Easy Hard Sunny 10.7 6.1
30 Nov 2003 OO Trophy: Ambersham
Easy Easy Sunny 8.4 6.1

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