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Event: Yellowcraigs, East Lothian

28th December 2003 at Yellowcraigs (ELO) – The Festive Frolic.
I’ve probably orienteering at Yellowcraigs the most of any map – perhaps 10 times (The Frolic’s an annual event, always on this map, and I’ve been orienteering for very nearly a decade now.) This year the event was a one hour
score, but you had to solve a riddle for each control, then visit them in alphabetical order (you could have visited them all randomly and then re-run in the correct order, but this would have doubled the race length.) The clues were pretty hard, and I didn’t get further than “P” before running out of time. The best strategy in retrospect would have indeed been to visit all the controls in tight order, note down their letters and then re-run the course in race order – while it would have been the winning strategy it would also have been very tiring! Needless to say, a former club contemporary and British Team member, Murray Strain, would have won this event easily, but for a technicality. Indeed this is probably the only event ever where I finished further up the scoreboard than he did…

My result: 16 controls in 59 minutes. The results are here.

No map extract I’m afraid as I’ve left my map at the family home in Scotland…

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