I’m on a bit of a gadget spending spree at the moment. After my Trek 3900 bike, I went out an bought a Nokia N73 smartphone and a bluetooth GPS device. On yesterday’s bike ride I was tracking my route, the GPS in my rucksack beaming its location to my mobile phone which was running Nick’s NMEA Info python program.

Unfortuantely, I’m running the program on a Series 60 3rd edition phone, on which python is buggy – the text is unreadable and the application crashes on a regular basis. However, I was able to log a decent amount of data. On the map below you can see my logged route, starting with a wander around Bath (including up to Royal Crescent which looks over the city centre) and then heading out alongside the canal, towards Trowbridge and Devizes. You can see my detour down below the canal into Trowbridge, followed by a gradual climb of the canal towards Caen Hill and Devizes. There’s a bit of a gap later on, with just one point in Devizes town itself, and one point a bit further on – at this point, my mobile battery had had enough and I wasn’t able to keep logging, but I’m buying a memory card for the GPS so it can keep going in future.

I also had a go at GPS logging the train journey from Reading to Bath, but it was difficult to acquire a good signal. However, I noted the fastest speed we went at was 173km/h!

Bath to Devizes Track

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