Oops, I forgot that my Twitter account posted all my updates on this blog – hence all the recent posts aren’t very substantive.

Just a quick update on the City of London orienteering map work. Here’s the progress so far:

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The grey areas are the remaining bits, I’m hoping to get them done in June. Green are the nicest areas, red the worst.

Here’s the events I’m hoping to do soon:
13 May pm – SLOW Trail Challenge at Bushy Park (planning)
17 May – JOK Chasing Sprint at Bloom Wood (helping+running)
20 May pm – TVOC Summer Series at Park Wood
26 May – EBOR Park Race at York
5 June pm – LOK Local at Hampstead Heath
7 June – WRE Sprint at Shrewsbury
8 June – HOC National at Brown Clee
10 June pm – TVOC Summer Series at Wittenham Clumps

As always, my map of forthcoming orienteering events is an invaluable planning tool!

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