Summer Plans

This summer, I’m aiming to take advantage of the rare confluence of a job with a good amount of holiday allowance, and the fact I’m earning, to do quite a bit this summer.

The plans so far are:

  • 28th May-3rd June: Trip to Vienna and Bratislava.
  • 2nd-11th July: Dolomites 5 Days (JWOC Spectator Races) in Trento, Italy. Unfortunately clashes with the State of the Map conference in Amsterdam.
  • 17th-26th July: One possible week for a Thurso-London 1400km bike ride I’m planning.
  • 2nd-8th August: Scottish 6 Days, this time near Perth.
  • September & October are looking like great months for City Race orienteering – London, Oxford, Cambridge and Chester are all planned for that time.
  • 6th-16th November: San Francisco Golden Gate Getaway.

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