I’ve had a Dopplr account for a while now. It’s a rather cool service for basically saying where in the world you will be. It’s a shame that not many people I know are on it, as like all social networking sites, it gets better and better as your network moves onto it.

One unexpected freebie that Dopplr did at the end of last year is take everyone’s historical data and create a personalised report of what they did in 2008. In the usual Dopplr style, it’s attractively presented and a little quirky – with the famous city colours (each city has a colour associated with it, based on a conversion of its name into hexadecimal).

Here’s mine for 2008 – it links to a larger version on Flickr:
My 2008 Dopplr Report

I only made two foreign trips last summer, and so far only have one planned this year, although it will be a lot further away than in 2008.

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