Day 2 – The Great Glen

The first half of today involved getting to Inverness, which consisted of two sharp climbs and corresponding descents, and two stints along the A9 to cross bridges – not nice. Anna and I were struggling with the pace a little, after yesterday’s full day. At least the weather was much better – patchy sunshine and quite warm in places.

After a lunch stop in Inverness we headed along a quite road on the east side of Loch Ness. This section was very pleasant and quite flat, with great views across to Urqhuart Castle.

Things started to go wrong though as we started the biggest climb of the day. Anna and I stopped to visit the Falls of Foyers which were pretty high, and impressive after the recent days’ rain. However Dan shot ahead up the hill and we didn’t see him again. We, at a more leisurely pace, completed the gruelling climb up to 393m, in the only rain shower of the day, and then paced along the A82 to the end, stopping at the scenic Bridge of Oich.

No Dan at the end though, and no reply to his mobile. After driving back along the route, we eventually found him – he had stopped at Fort Augustus, the town at the bottom of the big hill, but we had bypassed it. Having been waiting for 90 minutes, he had given up and was on the way to Fort William to report us missing. We will formalise meet-up procedures for the remaining days…

We just made it in time to the Invergarry Hotel for dinner, having accidentally gone to the Invergarry Castle Hotel instead.

Tomorrow, Glen Coe and Loch Lomond.

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