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On-The-Fly Mapping Preview


A public preview of the on-the-fly mapping that is being used for the CensusGIV project is available at OpenOrienteeringMap (OOM).

The same mechanism that will be used to produce the varied choropleth maps of census data is being used to produce the “Street-O” and “Pseud-O” maps on OOM. The main differences are that the map image files, or tiles, are more aggressively cached – as there’s only two maps rather than millions – and the designs are in an XML file rather than being specified on the URL, as they are much more complex than simple thematic choropleth maps.


Further details of the construction are in a posting and information page on my personal blog.

Top: “Pseud-O” map of Furzton district in Milton Keynes. Bottom: Edinburgh Old Town “Street-O” map.

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