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Converting OS Eastings/Northings to Grid References in Python

[Updated] I needed to programatically convert a series of Ordnance Survey easting and northings (e.g. 325940, 673060) to “six-figure” grid references (e.g. NT259731) for a project I’m currently working on. It’s a pretty straightforward conversion – no reprojection, just a different way of expressing the same position on the British National Grid.

The specific use is that the 1km x 1km tiles from NPEMap are coding according to eastings & northings, but the calibration files required by TimSC‘s warp-gbos require grid references for the corners and calibration points.

Such a procedure is already well catered for in Perl, PHP and Javascript. Here is a straightforward conversion of some Javascript I found here into Python:

# Derived from # def getOSGridReference(e, n): import math # Note no I gridChars = "ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ" # get the 100km-grid indices e100k = math.floor(e/100000) n100k = math.floor(n/100000) if e100k6 or n100k12: return '' # translate those into numeric equivalents # of the grid letters l1 = (19-n100k)-(19-n100k)%5+math.floor((e100k+10)/5) l2 = (19-n100k)*5%25 + e100k%5 letPair = gridChars[int(l1)] + gridChars[int(l2)] # strip 100km-grid indices from easting & northing, # round to 100m e100m = math.trunc(round(float(e)/100)) egr = str(e100m).rjust(4, "0")[1:] if n >= 1000000: n = n - 1000000 # Fix Shetland northings n100m = math.trunc(round(float(n)/100)) ngr = str(n100m).rjust(4, "0")[1:] return letPair + egr + ngr # test print getOSGridReference(96000,906000) # NA960060 print getOSGridReference(465149, 1214051) # HP651141  

[Update – fixed a bug that gave the wrong grid references for the Shetland Islands – their northings have seven figures, and similarly places in the far west or south that only have five figure easting or northings respectively :oops:]

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I’m getting the following error on Python 3.5.2:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Users/user/Documents/Models and data files/Python/”, line 37, in
getOSGridReference(96000,906000) # NA960060
File “/Users/user/Documents/Models and data files/Python/”, line 14, in getOSGridReference
if e100k6 or n100k12:
NameError: name ‘e100k6’ is not defined

I haven’t looked closely, but suspect the script works in Python 2, but not 3.

Nice script, however my understanding of OS grid references is that eastings and northings should not be rounded by the conversion process so using the example in your introduction the correct OS six figure grid reference for 325940, 673060 is NT259730 not NT259731. The rounding effectively moves the reference the next one hundred metre square to the north

This may be too late for Tony but here’s a python script to convert the other way.

#!/bin/env python
Convert OS refs with letters to cartesian coords in meters.
import math

def os_cart(inref):
''' Return a tuple of two 7 digit OS numeric grid refs from an XXNNNN type reference.
Also returns the accuracy of the original OS ref since this is lost when
the data are padded to two 6 digit grid refs.
Example: os_cart("SN109112") returns (210900, 211200, 100)
#print inref
'''get numeric values of letter references, mapping A->0, B->1, C->2, etc:'''
inref = inref.replace(" ","") #Strip all spaces out
# Deal with the letters
l1 = ord(inref[0].upper())-ord("A")
l2 = ord(inref[1].upper())-ord("A")
# shuffle down letters after 'I' since 'I' is not used in grid:
if l1 > 7: l1 -= 1
if l2 > 7: l2 -= 1

e = str(((l1-2)%5)*5 + (l2%5)) #easting
n = str(int((19-math.floor(l1/5)*5) - math.floor(l2/5))) #northing

# Now the numbers
gridref = inref[2:]
e += gridref[:int(len(gridref)/2)]
n += gridref[int(len(gridref)/2):]
# Pad short refs with correct number of zeros for postGIS
# This does imply a greater accuracy then the original data suggest
# however and should be used with caution, see next line.
a = 1 * int(math.pow(10,6-len(n))) # Calculate the accuracy of original coordinates in metres.
n = int(math.pow(10,6-len(n))) * int(n)
e = int(math.pow(10,6-len(e))) * int(e)
return int(e), int(n), int(a)

if __name__ == "__main__":
''' Run some test code id called directly from command line'''
OSREF = "SN109112"
point = os_cart(OSREF)
print OSREF, point

Do you have or know of a python script to do conversion the other way, OS Grid -> eastings/northings

Tried to reverse engineer the linked javascript but failing miserably 🙁

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