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OpenOrienteering Map Back Online

Following a period of downtime, caused by the rapid increase in size of the OpenStreetMap database, OpenOrienteeringMap is now back online.

There are now two editions – a UK edition which receives the live updates from OpenStreetMap, so will normally show roads and paths that are added to OpenStreetMap within a few minutes of the edit – and a world edition, which no longer updates live, but uses a static database. This database hopefully will be rebuilt occasionally to bring it up to date, although this will result in 3-4 days of downtime each time. The lack of updating, and the update downtime, is due to the limited resources I have at my disposal to run OpenOrienteeringMap. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee long-term availability or that the service will be around forever – my employer will want to reclaim the server eventually!

You can access OpenOrienteeringMap here, there is a new interstital which allows you to select the edition you want. Remember there are two versions, Street-O and “Pseud-O”. The image above shows the Pseud-O map for central Paris. Below is the Street-O map of part of Guayaquil in Ecuador.

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The orienteering OSM is fantastic, I am based in Ireland and I want to kow is there a way I can add / edit some of the details of can I download the orienteering OSM to a program like JOSM?

Also any information or tips you can give about using IOF icons and skins etc would be greatly appricated.


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