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Inside the Olympic Park – Update

I’ve been on another bus tour of the Olympic Park – I last went on one in May last year.

Everything seems nearly complete now, and there’s a lot of landscaping going on. This year’s tour was much faster – under 40 minutes – and disappointingly we didn’t get to go up close to the Velodrome this year, but we did get close to the Aquatic Centre, which is currently getting its sides “filled in”.

New to the tour this year were a trip through the Athlete’s Village, with its many apartment blocks all designed slightly differently but yet looking the same, and to outside the new Stratford International DLR station which is due to open along with Westfield Stratford City in September. A newly tarmac-ed section of road at the north end of the park, with new security cameras, indicated a section of the Northern Retail Lifeline that will open along with Westfield, soon.

As to the stadium itself – well, you actually get a better view now from the elevated Greenway’s viewpoints, than from the bus. There also no sign of the stadium’s wrap being extended.

Here’s the photos:

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