North Downs Way Relay

I ran in the annual North Downs Way Relay for the third time, last Saturday, covering the leg from Charing to Hollingbourne. This year’s race was in very hot weather and the team suffered injuries, hospitalisations and several people getting lost – however somehow we still managed to get the win – albeit in one of the slowest times ever. The race is a relay running along the length of the North Downs Way from Dover to Farnham. Sometimes, including this year, the race is split into two halves, with two simultaneous mini-relays running from the ends to a central finish at the Vigo Inn.

This year’s leg winners were each presented with a hand-painted mug showing their leg on it, as well as some of the sights on the way. Having won my leg (one of the shorter and easier ones at 13km with not too much climbing) I was pleased to be awarded my mug at the prizegiving, which was in the pub garden of the inn.

Here’s my leg:

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