How Many Bikeshare Bikes and eScootershares are in London?

My current estimates are:

SystemDocking StationsBikes
Santander Cycles (Central)7817754
Lime-E [pedalecs]n/a~1500
JUMP [pedalecs]n/a>500
Freebike [pedalecs]263*353
Santander Cycles (Uxbridge)633
Bird [eScooters]n/a>50

Totals: 9750 manual bikeshare bikes, 2350 pedalec bikeshare bikes, 50 escootersshare scooters.

The numbers above don’t include private systems not open to the public, such as KU Bikes (university students) or IHS Markit Freebike (employees).

* Some docking stations are shared across providers – specifically, Freebike and Beryl share docking stations on the City of London, but not in the other areas they currently operate.

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