Orienteering Events Log

Event: Swinley Forest, Bracknell

15th February at Swinley Forest, Bracknell (BKO) – The Concorde Chase.
1964a.jpgThis was off the back of a large hangover from the Valentines’ Night bop at Oxford. Fresh off the train, I was feeling a bit rough. The area was, despite being very flat, rather uninspirational, and dare I say it even, boring. Indeed, I really gave up bothering to get a good time in, about half way around. Although perhaps that’s just the alcohol speaking. Or the fact we were using the ungainly EMIT bricks for the electronic punching, rather than the de-facto standard, and more user-friendly SportIdent system. Oxford were out in force too though, so I had plenty of splits to compare with for my course. They also kindly gave me a lift back to Ascot – cheers guys!

My result: M21S (7.3km, 50m climb): 65:56. 9.0 mins/km. I really should have done better, but… I just didn’t care today.

The map extract shows one of the more interesting sections of the course – Control 12 was up a steep slope here. The area in general however was more tedious than it looked – very bleak, very military.

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