Varsity Match History

This is a table of the individual and team winners of the annual Oxford vs Cambridge Varsity orienteering match. The earlier races are compiled from the VM archive page on the CUOC website. See also OUOC‘s website.

This table originally appeared here in early 2003. It is regularly updated to include results from subsequent years.

Men Women
Year Team Individual Team Individual Location
1972 Cambridge Cardiff (BUSF)
1973 Cambridge Newcastle (BUSF)
1974 Cambridge David Rosen Buckinghamshire
1975 Oxford Tak Sugiyama Hertford
1976 Oxford Tak Sugiyama Lancashire
1977 Oxford Hilary Beck Cambridge Allyson Reed Cannock Chase
1978 Cambridge Chris Hurst Cambridge Allyson Reed Surrey
1979 Oxford Chris Hurst Cambridge Allyson Reed Wiltshire
1980 Cambridge Chris Hurst Cambridge Mary Ockenden Surrey
1981 Cambridge Martin Elgood Cambridge Allyson Reed Sheffield
1982 Cambridge Dave Nevell Cambridge Allyson Reed Surrey
1983 Cambridge Quentin Harding Cambridge Karen Birkinshaw Surrey
1984 Cambridge Quentin Harding Cambridge Sarah Kelly Derbyshire
1985 Cambridge Quentin Harding Oxford Cathy Smith Hampshire
1986 Oxford Rob McMillan Oxford Rona Yard Lancashire
1987 Oxford Steve Nicholson Oxford Ann Heyworth Swansea
1988 Cambridge Steve Nicholson Cambridge Ann Heyworth Alderley Edge
1989 Cambridge Steve Nicholson Cambridge Jenny James Cleveland
1990 Cambridge Simon Bourne Cambridge Jenny James South Yorkshire
1991 Oxford Paul Warren Cambridge Heather Monro Sussex
1992 Oxford James Pearce Cambridge Heather Monro Coventry
1993 Cambridge James Pearce Oxford Moira Hadwen Birmingham
1994 Cambridge Tim Lenton Oxford Jenni Adams Cumbria
1995 Cambridge Keith Graetz Oxford Jenni Adams Cannock Chase
1996 Oxford Duncan Archer Cambridge Ann Collyer Fontainebleau, France
1997 Cambridge Eric Roller Cambridge Christine Ashton Cumbria
1998 Oxford Duncan Archer Cambridge Catherine Ashton Shropshire
1999 Cambridge Mark Bown Cambridge Rachael Elder Merthyr Mawr
2000 Cambridge Alex Rothman Oxford Rachael Elder New Forest
2001 Oxford Mark Bown Oxford Rachael Holmes New Forest
2002 Cambridge Mark Bown Cambridge Rachael Elder Stockholm, Sweden
2003 Oxford Ed Catmur Oxford Pippa Whitehouse North York Moors
2004 Oxford Ed Catmur Oxford Pippa Whitehouse Wimbledon Common, London
2005 Oxford Ed Catmur Oxford Cerys Manning Stockholm, Sweden
2006 Cambridge Alan Elder Cambridge Helen Gardner Leith Hill, Surrey
2007 Cambridge Joe Mercer Oxford Helen Gardner Wharncliffe Wood, Sheffield
2008 Oxford Joe Mercer Oxford Helen Gardner Uppsala, Sweden
2009 Oxford Ben Stevens Oxford Liz Bridge Epping Forest
2010 Oxford Matt Halliday Oxford Anne Edwards Penhale
2011 Oxford Peter Hodikinson Cambridge Mairead Rocke Supi Hora, Czech Republic
2012 Oxford Peter Hodikinson Cambridge Mairead Rocke Burnham Beeches
2013 Oxford Peter Hodikinson Cambridge Jessica Mason Tankersley
2014 Stockholm, Sweden
Totals 20 O-C 22 20 O-C 20 15 O-C 22 15 O-C 22 40 Matches

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Updated 2006-03-16 with the results from 2006: Cambridge win back the team trophies and the Men’s Individual (Alan Elder) while Helen Gardner retains the Men’s Women’s Individual for Oxford.

Updated 2005-03-22 with the results from 2005: Clean sweep for Oxford, with Ed Catmur & Cerys Manning as the winners. The event was near Stockholm, Sweden.

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