x-England Part 3

Gilded (p0160)I did another leg in my cross-England cycle today, going from Staines to Putney in London, along the River Thames towpath for pretty much the whole way, except for a pleasant excursion through Richmond Royal Park. I was, as before, following National Cycle Route 4. It was a relatively short day (I started so late that I only had three hours of light) but quite nice. Photos are at the end of my Bedwyn to London set.

Remaining is another section through central and East London. I may do a convoluted route, finally coming off Route 4 and going from Wandsworth to Croydon to Greenwich, as this allows me to take advantage of two different marked cycle routes and do the Wandle Trail that I had planned to do before. Then from Greenwich, it would be Route 1 east, finishing up eventually in Canterbury. Probably two days needed for this Putney to Canterbury stretch. After all that, the first half remains – Bristol to Bedwyn – uphill all the way, and another two days.

And after that, I’m planning to do the South Downs Way by bike (it’s regional route 78) from Winchester to Eastbourne. This would probably take the form of a continous three-day journey – or maybe two days if I’m feeling fitter (the route is a lot more hilly that Route 4 though.) Any takers to join me on that? It should be superb.

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