A New Method for Creating Street Orienteering Maps

This is a poster that I will be presenting at next week’s GISRUK conference in Durham. It is a summary of my Masters dissertation that I wrote last summer. The dissertation itself focused on areas and data in London, however thanks to LivingWithDragons‘ (and others’) excellent data-gathering for OpenStreetMap, Durham is similarly well mapped, so I customised the example map to be Durham itself.

The background, by the way, is a faded greyscale version of the map for much of London, which came from a “Slippy” street orienteering map of the metropolis that I’ve created but never got around to releasing, however it does show the extent of OSM’s London coverage now – pretty impressive.


Click the graphic to see a larger version, but you’ll have to come to Durham yourself to see the original in its A1 glory.

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Seems like a pretty neat way of creating orienteering maps. Do you have a more detailed description of the toolchain you are using to create this mapping? I would like to give it a try to create an o-map of the city I am living in.

Kind regards,

Frederik Loeckx

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