Day 5 – The Borders

I took a rest day today as I was still shattered after yesterday. Dan, and Addy (who was joining us for the day) set off at about 10am. Soon after that it started to rain, and kept raining and raining and raining…

We dropped Anna off at Edinburgh for a train back to London – she had an injured knee which unfortunately meant she wasn’t going to be cycling anywhere soon. My mum then drove me over to Morpeth. It stopped raining pretty much as soon as we went south, and we arrived around half an hour before Dan and Addy. The route went past Jedburgh and over Carter Bar – Scottish Saltire on one side, Northumberland Flag on the other. After turning off the busy A68 and climbing one more hill, it was a straight but rolling descent right down to the town.

Morpeth is a very pretty place and both our B&B and the restaurant we’ve just been to are superb. It’s also sunny outside. It might even be sunny tomorrow. Hope I can get on my bike. It’s another hilly day as we hit County Durham and the North York Moors.

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We think you have all done brilliantly so far. For reasons that are never known to us before we start on any adventures is that various things can go wrong. Hence a bad day yesterday. Everyone is different and so no one person is going to do the same as anyone else. So heed those signs of weariness and don’t overdo things. Enjoy what is left of your wonderful holiday with it’s magnificent achievements. Let’s hope the sun comes out, stays out and the rain stays up here!!


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