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I’ve been looking for a while for an online service that would post my recent race routes to Facebook, for my friends to see when I’ve been running, orienteering or cycling. This proved to be surprisingly difficult to do, but I have finally found a service that meets my specific requirements, Endomondo.

My requirements are:
* Post a map of my route
* Map to be decent sized, i.e. not tiny unreadable thumbnail.
* Post to only my friends on Facebook, not the whole world there.
* Post the map (not just the stat) if posting on a subsequent day
* Use the correct day of the race, in my Facebook timeline.
* Accept TCX or GPX files that I have downloaded from my Garmin.

I also tried the following, which didn’t work out in various ways:

* MapMyRun – only posts a tiny map:

* RunKeeper – doesn’t post a map if it’s for a previous day:
…also I had a lot of problems with it saying it had posted to Facebook and then the post didn’t go through. Finally, once it did, it insisted on posting it as world-viewable on Facebook – for brand visibility I suppose, but I only want my friends to see my routes!

* Strava – this seems to work well now with Facebook but it was having issues when I tried back in April:

* ViewRanger – like MapMyRun, doesn’t post anything more than a thumbnail on Facebook.

(Thanks to Alan McG et al for helping me with the research into solutions.)

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