Vienna: Previewing GEMMA

At State of the Map EU I presented a preview of GEMMA, my current UCL CASA funded project, focusing particularly on the OpenStreetMap Feature Highlighter, that will be one of our key data sources – it being an OpenStreetMap conference, I thought this would be of most interest to the audience. GEMMA is more than […]


Primary Roads

Britain’s “top” primary roads – the A1, A2, A3… to A9 – are arranged in a particular pattern, with the A1-A6 radiating out clockwise from London and the A7 to A9 similarly radiating around Edinburgh. I used Gemma, an old UCL CASA project that Steve and I worked on back in 2011, to draw, from […]


I was lucky enough to spend an amazing four years (from July 2010 to August 2014) as a researcher/software developer at CASA, a multi-disciplinary research & development (R&D) lab at UCL, where I had flexibility and resource to be able to produce all kinds of geographic visualisations. Bike Share Map: 2010 A novel way of […]


WhereCampEU 2012

I was at the third WhereCampEU “unconference” which took place in Amsterdam over the last weekend of April, following previous editions in London and Berlin which I was also at. The meeting was an ideal opportunity for me to feature CityDashboard which I unveiled at the CASA Smart Cities conference a week before, and to […]

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Run Every Street in Edinburgh – in Strict Alphabetical Order

…it sounds like one heck of a lot of running. But Murray Strain, one of Scotland’s top terrain runners, is counting on it for his basic training. He’s logging the whole venture, which is based on his trusty Edinburgh A-Z. If two adjacent streets with very similar names are nonetheless separated in the A-Z index […]

Bike Share Data Graphics London

Don’t Zone-1 It When You Can Boris Bike It

[Updated with new connections.] Ever thought what the tube network would look like if you took out the expensive Zone 1? Me neither, until this morning, when I was wondering if it was possible to utilise my current “Boris Bike” bikeshare 24-hour membership to save a bit of money on commuting in to work. Transport […]

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Main Street UK

GEMMA is the project I’ve been working on for the last six months, it’s one of the JISCgeo projects and it is now released – although consider it to be beta as there are lots of bugs and UI quirks that we are aware of. More about GEMMA can be found on the project’s blog. […]

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WMS and SVG Input with Mapnik and Cairo

A rather techy post from me, just before the Final Project Post for GEMMA (my current project at CASA) is submitted, summing the project and applications up. Why? I wanted to share with you two rather specialist bits of GEMMA that required quite a bit of head-scratching and trial-and-error, in the hope that, for some […]


The Ease of Monitoring with Munin

I’m currently using Munin to keep an eye on the various services running on my main server at UCL CASA. Munin is a monitoring package. It is simple to install (on Ubuntu, sudo apt-get install munin on your primary server, sudo apt-get install munin-node on all servers you want to monitor), and brilliantly simple to […]

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Vienna: State of the Map EU

So – I was at the State of the Map EU (SotM) conference in Vienna last weekend – a European-focused conference on the OpenStreetMap project. I travelled with my colleague Steven Gray and presented some screenshots from the GEMMA project I am currently working on at UCL CASA – more about that in a later […]