A Census for Open Data in Cities

Tweet The Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) have produced a census for government open data availability for countries around the world, known as the Open Data Index. Each country is assigned scores for 10 attributes on openness and accessibility for each of 10 types of data (such as election results and pollution information). Currently the United … Continue reading A Census for Open Data in Cities

Talking Rabbits and Glowing Lamps – The Internet of London Things

Tweet At CASA we’ve always been keen on marrying the online with the tangible – such as the London Data Table (a real table, cut in the shape of London, showing live London data), PigeonSim (fly around a Google Earth view augmented with real-time information) and a couple of 3D printers, one of which was … Continue reading Talking Rabbits and Glowing Lamps – The Internet of London Things

A Periodic Table for London

Tweet Here is a webpage that uses my own CityDashboard API*, to build a Periodic-Table inspired “data artwork” of live London information, as a series of coloured square panels on a website. The squares update regularly with fresh information, and throb red (or blue) if there are particularly extreme values present. As an artwork, it’s … Continue reading A Periodic Table for London


Mentions of work by mainstream and specialist press, both locally and internationally. I have also included a limited number of social media links (mainly Reddit) where mentions on these generated an interesting discussion. named Daily Mail Telegraph The Mirror Metro Yahoo News Konbini Independent i100 The Next Web CityLab Wales Online Sussex Courier North Devon … Continue reading Media